Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My New Years Eve Make-up! MOTD.

So it's NYE 2013 and I am sure all us girls are running round like nutters getting the dress, the shoes, the bag, our hair, nails and OMG my face!!!

Well calm down, I am going to show you what I have done to maybe give you some inspiration, so this is my 2013 NYE make up look!

What I used...

NARS sheer glow foundation in mont blanc,
NARS concealer,
Sleek contouring kit,
Benefit pressed powder,
Benefit Pore-Fection,
Bare Minerals eyebrow powder,
Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara,
MAC eyeshadow duo,
L'oreal Blackbuster Superliner liquid eyeliner,
Bare lips for now but maybe something later most likely MAC Rebel.

To get this look I first applied my concealer and foundation as usual, I then applied the contour highlighting the oval of my face and contouring around, focussing on my nose and eyes to make them look more defined. I then applied my pressed powder to take some shine away.

On my eyes (after contouring) I applied my eyeshadow the first a light pinky (almost white) all over my lids and then a deep purple to accentuate the crease and blended into the outsides to create a cats eye effect. I then applied my eyeliner, hoping it wouldn't go on too thick being very careful to give a classic cats eye flick in the corners.

I applied more mascara than I normally would (It's NYE after all!)

Finished off by filling in my eyebrows with my favourite eyebrow powder and angled brush!

I hope this has helped some of you!

Show me your makeup looks! 
Happy New Year!


I just received my GoSmile Smile Whitening system!

I have been so excited about receiving this cheeky package, I have read such awesome reviews about this stuff and I've wanted to whiten my teeth for so long but I found it such a grey area trying to find something that 1. works and 2. won't leave me in agonising pain! My teeth are sensitive already so I searched long and hard for a system that won't make them unbearably worse! I wanted to try home whitening first as I think the dentist is so expensive and if I can do it at home it saves the waiting room nerves and the smell of latex gloves (Yum!)

The Go Smile whitening system comes with 14 ampoules. It is a weeks course and you use 2 a day one in the morning, one in the evening after brushing and flossing. The packaging tells you exactly what to do and it says to avoid your gums to avoid sensitivity.

I tried my first one this morning and I have to say it is an odd experience, not bad, just odd. You flip the capsule so the cotton sponge end is showing, you then pop the capsule and the serum with dampen the sponge ready for application. You have to rub it on in a circular motion. 

How does it feel?

Weird. It's cold for a start (I sound like a child applying savlon!) once you get over the cold, which ends up being quite refreshing, it starts tingling! It feels like you're putting plumping lip gloss on your teeth. Once capsule has enough serum to cover all your teeth and (although I wouldn't have it for breakfast) it doesn't taste too bad, it's minty. Once applied I kept my mouth open for a couple of minutes so it dries, it goes a bit sticky but not unpleasant you just have to make sure you don't dribble!!

You can't eat or drink (or probably smoke etc) for 20 minutes after application and you don't have to rinse it which is handy, it slowly dissolved throughout the day.

After my first application I can actually see a hugely noticeable difference! Either this means my teeth were really gross or this stuff is awesome! (I hope it's the latter)

I'll keep you updated on how it goes and photograph the finished results but for now here's the box...


Monday, 30 December 2013

It's been too long!

Hi all!

Long time no see and I am so so sorry!

I have been super busy but I won't go on about it too much...
I now have my driving license by the way. I have a block fringe which I love!

And it's Christmas. I'm hosting this year for 6! How scary! I hope I'll be okay I'm trying to keep calm and tell myself it's only a roast!

I will be blogging a lot more often and hope I get some lovely pressies I can review for you too!

Missed you! Xxx

Oh lord almighty

It's is pouring down here in the leafy UK I'm about to set off for a 2 and a half hour driving lesson. Lets hope I'm back in one piece!
When I come home though I am hoping to get a cheeky video up. Depending on whether I can figure out how to film onesself on a canon 500d!!! Any suggestions?
I will also be doing a couple of reviews here too. So keep your eyes peeled and wish me luck! Xxx

Review: Maybelline Baby Lips, Hydrate & Mint Fresh

I bought these two bad boys on a whim. I'm not normally a lip balm person but I figured as the months are growing colder I'll have a go. And they were buy one get one half price in Superdrug. So what could go wrong?
Nothing! They're brilliant. Super moisturising and they leave such a lovely gloss on your lips! I don't know how maybelline have done it but they're not greasy at all! They give a slippery silky feeling. Me likey!
I think I prefer the mint fresh over hydrate but I think that's literally personal preference. I love anything minty. The hydrate has got an almost lemonade flavour to it. Which is quite nice but the mint makes your lips tingle and I've noticed it gives them an almost bitten look bringing out the natural colour in them.
They are also super over lipstick to give you a mega gloss effect. They're not expensive at I think £2.99 each. So you really can't go wrong!

I've joined BlogLovin'

Follow my blog with Bloglovin
Hey guys,
I've decided to join blog lovin' for an easier way for you cheeky lot to follow my blog...xxx

A few faves, OOTDS and Selfies!


Changing the rules: Red Tip Frenchy!

Just a little glimpse into something a bit new. Trying a frenchy with red tips for autumn/winter this year...
I love it. What do you think? Xxx

Home Decor, My Style!

I am currently living in a rented flat in the South of England, so I unfortunately can't do much to it! Alas, I have tried to dress up my victorian pad with a few cheeky tweaks. A lot of my accessories are shabby chic themed but I think they're a bit edgy too!
I will post where you can get the products under each image...
Let me know what you think! x
This gorgeous vintage style bird cage is perfect for a chunky pillar candle! As you can see mine has melted down tremendous amounts since autumn kicked in! A lot of my products including the one is from The Lavender Barn. One of my favourite shops in the world, amazing products, amazing service and such good value! www.thelavenderbarn.co.uk.
This tea light holder is so so sweet and I couldn't get a photograph to do it justice! The holes in the heart make the light twinkle out like glitter! It is by far my favourite tea light holder and once again it's from The Lavender Barn
This is one bad ass candle! from Homebase it has such a beautifully homely scent of baking! Yum! Even better it was only £4.00, love it! I really like jar candles as they last forever and can be a more permanent decoration than the little ones, I find it such a shame throwing them away. This one is a goody! So that's www.homebase.co.uk.
I LOVE THIS WREATH! I really do it's amazing it was from TKmaxx. It's made of loads of stacked paper butterflies, in the most beautiful patterns. It's so colourful but not garish. It's my personal jump into colour! Be a colour slob! www.tkmaxx.co.uk.
I'm upset with this photo! But this was a mirror I bought from The Lavender Barn, I had it as a mirror for a while but decided I wanted a bigger mirror and I needed a photo frame so I took the mirror out of it and filled it with my favourite photos and then stuck it on some satin ribbon as my walls are so high I have to lengthen every ribbon loop to make it look normal haha! I love it though! It's a cream metal frame with metal leaves and plastic crystals as the flowers, very shabby chic!
These tea light holders are what I meant by "edgy". I think they're super cool and unique and because the ceramic is so thin on them that the light gives a sort of gaussian glow. Beautiful, these again were from The Lavender Barn (yes it's a love affair).
This is meant to be a christmas decoration but it's so beautiful it's up all year round. I bought this in 2011 in Selfridges London. It's by Gisella Grahame and it's beautiful. One of my favourite things in my living room, it was a bit costly i think maybe £15. I'm hoping Selfridges stock more GG stuff this year as I love it! www.selfridges.co.uk.
This is so me! Bought as a gift from a friend once again from The Lavender Barn. I love the colour of the font it's so punchy and fresh and adds edge to the mainly cream interior. I have it on a shelf in the living room just so the boyfriend knows who's boss!
And that's all folks! I am sure I will do more blogs like this as I love home decor so so much.
Let me know if you liked it and do visit the websites as all the companies listed have ever changing stock and your sure to find little gems!

Goodbye Ciate, Hello Barry M!

sunday girl

Barry M Duchess Nail Effect Textured No 333

So yesterday I was having a boring sunday, instead of sitting at home watching the boyfriend play GTA I decided to go shopping and out the corner of my eye spotted this little treasure!
First and foremost don't be fooled by the perfect lighting in beauty stores, they made me believe this shade was pinkier than it has turned out! Regardless I tried it and LOVED it!
It only cost me £3.99 and I think this shade is going to be perfect for winter and so suitable for the Christmas (yes I said it!) season!!!
One coat was almost perfect...It has a thick consistency like most Barry M polish but just to be sure I used 2 coats!
Duchess has an amazing glitter in it, the glitter runs through the polish perfectly and you will get sparkle with every sweep!
It has come out a taupe/beige kind of colour but with the different sized glitter specks it gives your nails a frosted look.
Very Glam!
I would give the Barry M Duchess varnish a 10/10! It will last ages, super glam, perfect for this season and feels awesome. This is a product I would recommend! If you want to indulge yourself I have posted where you can get it below...

Sunday, 29 December 2013

Ciate Nail Caviar!

Hey you!

Long time no speak. I’ve been a terrible blogger. Having slight issues with the whole technical, picture sharing, downloading malarkey.
Anyhoo, I be blogging of my iPhone at the moment so bear with me. I don’t have access to my laptop.
Wanted to show you a quick pic of my first attempt with nail caviar. I’ll be honest. I was a caviar virgin. I think it went well. Two coats of the polish, left the second coat slightly wet and sprinkled the beautiful pearls. Patted them down and left them to dry for 15-20 minutes. And voila!
I’m super happy with the result. Three days later they’re still firmly stuck and they feel really nice!
I’ll post a picture… Let me know what you think! X


Just a Quick Video for my Autumn/Winter Shopping Haul!

I hope you enjoy this video, sorry it’s a bit long!
Please check out my YouTube page HolleeDaze! I will try and upload every video here.
Excuse my editing “skills” they are non existent!


A Clearer Purple (LIVE colour XXL Luminance UV purple)

This is my hair the day I coloured it with Live Colour XXL Luminance in UV purple! I now use it all the time, it has a lightener as well as colour so makes your hair so vibrant and with a darker original colour you will still get an effect you'll love! Also.... SUPER GLOSSY!


20 Questions Tag!

Thought I would play a little tag game… Let’s get to know each other a little better! ;)
1. Thing you cannot leave the house without?
Pretty standard on that one really, I’ll try not to be too boring but my keys (which i ten to forget anyway). My iPhone and a cardigan! Whatever the weather I always have to have a cardigan. People tell me off for this!
2. Favourite brand of makeup?
At the moment it’s a toss up between NARS and MAC as i’m only new to NARS i’m going to have to say MAC!
3. Favourite flower?
Probably a simple red rose… but if i’m lucky enough to receive any flowers I would not complain!
4. Favourite clothing store?
To be honest, I love fennicks, house of fraser, the kind of places where everything I want is under one roof!
5. Favourite perfume ?
I have a little love affair with Lolita Lempicka but at the moment i’m wearing Paco Rabanne one million.
6. Heels or flats?
Heels all the way, Slim your legs and they always make me feel glam!
7. Do you make good grades?
I’m out of school now but I used to be amazing in class but never in exams! I’d put too much pressure on myself and get so over stressed all knowledge would fall out of my ears! The best advice I could give for anyone in exams is don’t put too much hype on them, don’t cram and breathe. For the love of god remember to breathe!
8. Favorite colours?
I’m loving red at the moment, duck egg blue and lime green!
9. Do you drink energy drinks?
I think the question is; When do you NOT drink energy drinks!? :P
10. Do you drink juice?
11. Do you like swimming?
I love swimming, I love being in or even just around water. Pure bliss.
12. Do you eat fries with a fork?
That depends on where I am, in McDonalds obviously not but in posh restaurants of course dahhling!
13. Favorite moisturiser?
Soap and Glory body butters, all kinds the smell yum, they soak in and they make you feel silky!
14. Do you want to get married later on in life?
What girl doesn’t? I think Pinterest has backed this feeling up greatly. I love looking at others peoples DIY wedding ideas. #PinterestAddict.
15. Do you get mad easily?
Yeah… I just did to my boyfriend when asking “where’s the hashtag on this (macbook)” and being laughed at and told it’s a hash not a hashtag. Grrrrrrr.
16. Are you into ghost hunting?
Oh lord no, not on a monday anyway. Haha.
17. Any phobias?
How long have you got? Standard ones, failure, the dark, being embarrassed etc.
18. Do you bite your nails?
Yes. All the bloody time, wish I didn’t but it’s hard to stop when you don’t know you’re doing it!
19. Have you ever had a near death experience?
Ummmm no, not as far as I know of!
20. Do you drink coffee?
By the bucket load. Like seriously, I’ll post a photo of my mug later!
Think you know me better now? I want to challenge you to answer you’re favourite questions in the comments!

Eyeliner, Beehives and Purple Hair!

New season, new style!
I don’t like to stay the same for long so I have decided the red hair is out and purple will be my autumn/winter look 2013!
So after having this idea i popped straight out to boots and purchased 2 boxes of Live Colour XXL. I tried the new Luminance range in UV Purple and LOVED IT!
It’s a really vibrant colour and as my hair was red before it applied really well! It’s a lightener as well as colour!
I’ve massively gotten into eyeliner recently as well! Going with the 60′s flick and beehive look, thought i’d try and bring it back! Will be trying out some new eyeliners and maybe reviewing too! My favourite at the moment is the collection 2000 pen liner.
Here’s the new hair… let me know what you think!!!


It's Me!

New blog, liking to my new vlogging channel. Just a quick shot so you can recognise me :) 
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