Wednesday, 27 May 2015

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Food Faves: Ice Breakers Sours!!

Hey Guys,

Here is my first edition of food faves, in these blogs I will let you know of new food, sweets, drinks I have discovered of recent. Because, well why not?

So today's fave was courtesy of Tesco and they are Ice Breakers Sours. Now I am crazy about the taste of Watermelon so this was right up my street. I was unsure about Tangerine (orange sweets normally suck) but oh my lord, so yummy! I like the Apple too but it's my least favourite of the three.

If you haven't tried these bad boys before they are a hard candy, kind of like a mint. They aren't that sour (I don't think the US has the same threshold for sour things as we do in the UK) but they are PACKED full of flavour and make your mouth water. Kind of like the old thirst quenchers, remember those?

You get a very generous pack for your money, there's loads in there. Maybe because you only need one to satisfy a sweet tooth. I am sugar crazy (unfortunately) but these are super sweet and sugar free which is awesome and at only £1.50 from Tesco I think they're worth it. Normally American sweets cost loads so I think that's pretty reasonable.

Are there any food faves you've discovered lately? Comment below!

On a side note, I am ecstatic to say I have reached 1000 Instagram followers! If you want to follow my link is below or just search @HolleeDaze .

Thursday, 21 May 2015

I just have to say...

Hey Guys,

Just something quick and not all together that interesting but I'm still awake at 1.20am and I got to thinking about my blog. I have been working so hard on this and to bring you posts that are relevant and enjoyable and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has visited this page and have commented because it really means a lot to me (more than you guys probably know.) 

I appreciate every single view and share and comment because it shows me I'm doing something right with this so just a massive thank you and a huge YAY YOU! xxx


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

IKEA Garden and Home Inspiration 2015

I was having a little peek on IKEA last night and came across some awesome stuff I wanted to show you. It is all totally my style for transforming your home and garden for Summer 2015. Let me know what you think! 

1. Floor cushions £9 // 2. Bed spread from £35 // 3. Flat woven rug £5 // 4. Geometric rug £120 // 5. Bed spread from £10 // 6. Copper lined light shade £25 // 7. Carrot Plushie £7 // 8. Yellow rug £160

1. Scented candles £3.50 // 2. Gazebo with curtains £85 // 3. Easy chair £25 // 4. Apple Solar floor lamp £15 // 5. Solar lights £10 // 6. Paper pom poms £10

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Haul and Reviews Featuring Nip+Fab, Lucy B's & Too Faced.

 Hey Guys,
So, I may have done a little bit of shopping. Oops! Zak and I went to Tunbridge Wells today for the food festival and I ended up buying cosmetics obviously! So let's get started...

 So I bought this cute little lip tint today from Too Faced, having picked it up on impulse I was greatly surprised to find it was a plumping formula!! It's quick highly pigmented with a nice gloss on it. The plumping tingle isn't as strong as S&G's Motherpucker. It's more like a slight vibration that lasts around 5-10 minutes.

I really like this, you can apply more coats for a desired colour which I think is awesome. Some days you want just a light brush of colour and this will do that for you. Highly recommend.


Say hello to Nip+Fab's Dark Spot fix. Now this is not me admitting to you that I'm actually a 78 year old woman with Liver spots, no. I grabbed this because I have very uneven skin tone and if it is possible that I could look good without foundation I need to even it out. This says it targets pigmentation and that you will see a result in two weeks. Oh I do love a promise. I applied it for the first time this evening and it's a light thin serum which soaks in well. I am not going to review this just yet because I am taking the two week challenge. Come back to find out!

Next up again from Nip+Fab is their Dry Leg Fix. Now my legs are like those of a lizard, they are SO dry and such a pain. When I scratch them they become ashy, so anything that can help that (especially in this weather) is a must! So the product claims instant results and 24hr moisture. I had a bath, shaved my legs and then gave this ago. Normally if I moisturise even a couple of hours after shaving I will get a rash but not with this (awesome). Due to the fact that the tube is small I didn't use too much and I'm glad. It went a really long way, soaked in and wasn't sticky. I'm pretty sure it's fragrance free, or I could just smell the face serum. I will update you in the comments tomorrow to whether or not they're still moisturised but so far so good. I, so far, will recommend this.

This is the first time I have used anything by Lucy B's Apothecary and it will not be the last. This stuff is made in Australia and there is a huge range of products. I went with the roll on oil perfume to save me lugging about full perfume bottles in my handbag and this is the prettiest, cutest, little thing ever! So the scent I went for was pink frangipani, now you will either love this or say "that smells like sun cream". I love it!! It smells really summery and not too floral and if it smells like sun cream to you it would be some kind of high end sun cream that I can't afford! I really recommend buying this, it's fab and I think because it's a oil the smell lasts and lasts, awesome!! I'm going to try loads of other products from this brand, it may become a love affair!


Saturday, 16 May 2015

When I Was Your Age...90's Kids!

Hey Guys!

I know loads of people do these posts but I think different people remember different things so it's fun to look at all of them, these are my memories of childhood. Comment what stuff you remember :)


This place was our Mecca, so many colours!!!

and these guys were our friends, our mums fought to get them in Toys R Us.

You would buy any magazine that had these in for free. They would never stay stuck and you would find them EVERYWHERE.

You felt like a giant wearing these and sounded like a donkey but it sucked when they eventually cracked.

You felt like an absolute legend when your teacher gave you one of these and you wore that bad boy with pride.

THIS is where you rented you're videos and got a cheeky packet of monster munch for the drive home.

It was a damn good day if you got one of these and the blue raspberry was the best flavour.

You wished you could climb inside your Mimi and the GooGoos fun park, alas, you could not.

As you got a bit older, you had to make your own lipgloss duhhh. Thanks Barbie.

This was the best piece of technology ever, instant photos? No more long waits for snappy snaps to call.

This movie was considered scary.

This was considered a planet, and no one argued about it.

and finally...
This didn't exist. Think about it.



Thursday, 14 May 2015

How to: Cope with Exam stress!

Hey Guys,

First of all I want to wish you luck in your upcoming exams. I also want to say, do not worry you will be fine. Let me tell you my little tricks to keeping my head about water when I had my tests.

I'm going to list my tips below, remember this is just my advice and use what you like...

1. Turn off your phone!

I know I know, it's crap but telling yourself you won't check it is a lie. You will, it's as simple as that. You need to avoid distractions, make sure you have no excuses to procrastinate. That way you are focused and the most entertaining thing to do will be to study!

2. Get off the internet.
If I recall correctly all of your revision should be in text books or already written down. Fabulous. Avoid logging on, social networking etc. You do not want to get caught up in drama this close to your exams and that is all the internet will cause. If you do need to use the internet, use it for exactly what you need it for and then put your laptop/tablet etc in another room when you are done.

3. Treat yourself!

Whatever anyone says you are working, and you are working HARD. So you deserve a treat, a fun way of doing this is to place a sweet under every paragraph you have to read. What an incentive. Or if you prefer have a little treat every time you finish a subject.

4. Drink loads of water.
Boring, gross etc etc. It will keep you alert, hydrated and concentrating. I would recommend taking 5 minute breaks every 20 minutes to half an hour. Pee, have a drink, get your head together and crack on again.

5. Put Lavender Oil on your pillow.

Lavender oil smells great but it also calms and relaxes you. When you fall asleep with the scent you should get a fabulous nights sleep and clear your head from all that fuzzy stress and worry.

6. Have a relaxing bath.

You will have been hunched over books all day and you will feel stiff and moody. Get a nice bath in, candles on, bath bomb, bubbles, the lot! Not only will it relax your muscles but it should clear your head and get you in the perfect state for bedtime.

7. No Energy Drinks!

They're pretty much a lie. I drink them I will be totally honest but they will give you a temporary high and a massive crash. It will be difficult to concentrate with a bad headache and feeling tired. This is the same with Coffee or anything caffeinated. Like I said, water is your friend. Not much else.

and last but not least...


Genuinely you will be fine, put in the work to get the results. Remember this is a very short amount of time in your life. I know it sucks but it will end. So put in your absolute best but also be kind to yourself. You can only do the best you can do and besides you don't get your results straight away anyway. So before you start a test, take a deep breath and say I will be great and when it's finished, big deep breath and tell yourself another one bites the dust.

I will be thinking about all of you. Promise me at the end of the day you will get your slipper socks on, get a cup of cocoa and watch your favourite TV.

Good Luck and share your tips below to help out others.



Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Youtubers Style: Then and Now ft. Myharto, Zoella, Tyler Oakley and SprinkleofGlitter.

Hey favourites,

I was having a little mooch about on Youtube and suddenly noticed how much all of our favourite Youtubers have changed in the last 6 years! It's really crazy so I thought I'd do a little post on it! These are a small few of my faves but if there is someone here you want to see in this feature, leave a comment :) x

Let's go!!!

1. Hannah Hart (MyHarto)

Author of My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah joined Youtube in 2009 and has had a special place in our Harts (get it?) ever since. Hannah has always had a unique style of her very own but since 2009 it has come a long way. Check this out...

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Here we have '09 Hannah, rocking her natural hair and a cute plaid shirt which ironically is so in right now. I believe Hannah now sports contact lenses swapping them for her thin frames. She was plain back in 2009, plain beautiful!

Image courtesy of Aceshowbiz

And now? Well platinum hair eat your Hart out (I'll stop). Hannah has really come into her own, awesome hair and I have to say I've never seen a woman rock a trouser suit better. She's so damn cool!!

2. Louise Pentland (SprinkleofGlitter)

We all love Louise, who doesn't? She came on our Youtube radar back in 2010. So a bit more recent but boy, has she changed in those 5 years. Not only did she become a baby mumma to the gorgeous Darcy but she has totally come into her own style wise. Let's have a look!

Image courtesy of Sprinkleofglitter

Back in 2010 Louise was rocking the look that I think we all were then. Hair bows, Icy eye makeup and Pearls (I think we can thank New Look for that one). Louise was a lot plainer then and not as daring as now but she has always been beautiful and a support of confidence for girls everywhere.

Image courtesy of Sprinkleofglitter

Oh my gosh, right? I had to include Darcy, she's too cute to leave out. So here we have the beauty that is Louise today. With her signature pink dip dye, which I personally adore. Cobalt maxi skirt and a fitted top. Louise is like ballerina chic. I have taken a lot of style inspiration from her. I think with a lot of the beauty bloggers their makeup improves over time due to working with it all the time. Louise you're our Elsa :) 

3. Tyler Oakley

Back to the states for this one. Tyler graced our screens in 2007 and we all said "woof!" Back in the day when he was only in college Tyler rose to fame but what rose more was his sense of style!

Image courtesy of Raannt

This is our Queen of hearts in 2007, pretty plain glasses and hair. Still a really good sense of style but again pretty plain and nowhere near how awesome he looks now. This transformation is huge, he's like a different person...

Image courtesy of Pinterest

YAY! There's our Tyler. What with the signature "Geek Chic" glasses and scraped back hair, this guy should inspire men everywhere. This is how you do it. Tyler today changes his hair all the time but is currently sporting platinum blonde which looks awesome. I love the fact that he stuck with glasses because they suit him so well. How can I forget the button down shirts? In all patterns and colours, Tyler rocks a short sleeve button down like no one else we know.

4. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Girlie screams bursting eardrums. Yes Zoella opened her account in 2007 after blogging for a long time we got to see her in video during a Primark haul and let me tell you, their profits have risen since!

Image courtesy of Zoella

Back in the day Zoe was incredibly experimental with her style. Her hairstyle changing all the time. A running theme with Zoe was almost that she had a little bit of Scene Girl running in her veins with her heavy fringes. Her makeup quite similar to Louise of the time, was often blue and icy but she changed that up quite regularly. She's always known how to dress, her style has just flourished. So now?

Image courtesy of Glamour Magazine
English rose! Zoe's style is so classic yet modern. She recently cut her hair to past shoulder length and she looks amazing. Her makeup looks are never too heavy or dark, I feel she epitomizes femininity. Her signature disco leggings and cute tops have taught us all how to dress up the simplest of staples. England's fave girl, she's done so well.

So that's it I suppose, what is your fave transformation? xx 

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