Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Style Steal: Jennifer Lawrence's casual look.


Beauty Advice to my Younger Self TAG!

Hey my lovely!

I haven't seen this done anywhere else so I thought it would be fun to create a tag game and revealed our funniest beauty flops, because trust me, we all have them!

1. Don't wear makeup if you don't have to! I wish that I have avoided foundation for as long as possible. Maybe my skin would be clearer now.

2. Remove your bloody makeup!! Obviously it's not good for your skin to leave you makeup on overnight, but it's also not good for your sheets!

3. Do not pluck your own eyebrows. Leave them alone!! They will take a long time to become overgrown and you will over pluck them and end up with uneven slithers of hair!
4. Do not dry shave your legs in a motor home with your best friend for the first time ever, using Bic disposable razors and then go swimming in the sea!!!! Okay, so this one is very accurate but do not dry shave your legs it burns, a lot. Trust me.

5. Do not bleach your own hair at 15. You won't do it right and you will need two packets or for your mum to be on call to get more hair dye!!

6. Don't fake tan without moisturising. You will end up looking as scaly as a Velociraptor and a kind of weird colour.

7. Calm it with the blusher. It's a nice colour in the packet, let's leave some there!

8. Do not pierce your own anything, even if your friends big sister did it and it was fine. Ice and a sewing needle is no way to go.

9. Don't bite your nails and the skin around it. Eventually they will invent a photo sharing platform which will bring shame upon your chewed up stumps. Damn Instagram.

10. If it doesn't want out accept that. Don't squeeze your spots, they will scar, you will then pick it, it will bleed uncontrollably. If you pick your spots, you will get chlamydia and die, just don't do it, okay?

So I have once again internationally embarrassed myself, the things I do to entertain you. I am going to tag TheLavenderBarn, I can't wait to find out hers!!  

Peace and Love xx

Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Picturesque Pastels! Not on the high street.

I think we all know by now how addicted to homewares I am. I was casually browsing not on the high street this morning when I noticed they had a "pastel bedroom" section and me being me I couldn't resist a little peek. Now I am one of those people who looks on YouTube for tumblr inspired bedroom tutorials. I just love all the awesome colour combinations people come up with but if you don't have time for all the DIY stuff, most of the stuff I found isn't too expensive.

This was actually in the monochrome section. If you watch Zoe's videos I am sure you've seen these before and they are just super cute. They're made by the Old English Company and they're £25 which I think is kinda pricey for pillow cases but you can't argue at the cuteness.

I love this poster, I think it would be really sweet to have it opposite you bed. Especially if you struggle to sleep like I do. I think a pretty pink reminder might be a nice touch. This is mad by a company called Doodlelove and it's £14 which really isn't bad.

Copper on pink, is there any greater combination? I don't think so. There is something about this trend that reminds me of Gossip Girl and the subtle Venetian extravagance it exudes. I love the quote on this because it's positive and that can never be bad. It's made by Sarah and Bendrix and is £13.50.

Last but not least this adorable clock. I am not a huge fan of clocks because I don't like being reminded of time but as this doesn't look like a clock I would so buy it. Once again we have the copper on pastel combo which is too good to be true. I love that it is in the style of books as it could be nestled within your collection but I also like that it's a piece on it's own. I think this pastel and copper obsession is probably the Disney Princess in us all trying to get out by making grown up items princess colours! This clock is by The Contemporary Home and is £45.

You can find all this stuff by clicking here, there is so much more that I haven't included simply because this would be too long! I hope you all have a tantalising Tuesday! xx


Monday, 27 July 2015

Crazy Expensive Beauty Products.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but by the looks of these products it could kill your bank balance! I am one of those people that believes the more expensive the item, the higher the quality. However, there is no way on Gods sweet earth would you catch me buying any of these items, no matter how rich I may one day be. I'll stick to my Imperial Leather £1 shower gel thanks!

ROJA perfume, 100ml £1250. Now I should probably have reminded you earlier to BREATHE. Let's also point out this is simply a liquid that smells nice.
H&H rose gold nail £82. Yes, one nail. Which does have to be attached using a glue. Glue?! glue?! I'd araldite that bastard on, ain't no £82 of mine will be falling off my nail in a taxi!!
Estee Lauder Renutriv Recreation face cream 50ml £630. Now, I have to be fair, this is the fanciest name I think I came across. Is a name worth £630, I think not.
BYREDO bal d'afrique bath oil £88. So if you don't know what a bath oil is, it is essentially a body wash. That price only gets you 250 ml as well, just saying.
Suqqu Face Brush £168. Don't get me wrong, I love my face but my face is not worth that much money. There was me thinking MAC brushes were dear.
I need to warn you now to not have a panic attack when I tell you the price of this, in fact go and get a paper bag to breathe into please. Creme de la mer moisturising face cream £1340. Look, I warned you. That is a fair amount of dosh for what is essentially a fragranced tub of grease.
Giorgio Armani tinted moisturiser 50 ml £145. It's not even a foundation!!! Oh dear lord.

Just in case I didn't shock you enough, I totted it all up. That's £3703 of your well earned money on 7 products and there's not even a bag included to carry it all in. Sigh.


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Style Steal: Taylor Swift's casual look.

1. Navy Jumper £8 Boohoo 2. Brown Satchel Bag £18 Boohoo 
3. Stone Skinny Jeans £20 Boohoo 4. Tortoise Shell Wayfarers £6 Boohoo 5. Yellow Ballet Pumps £16 Topshop.
1. Gold Floral Alice Band £12 Accessorize 2. Blue Lace Insert Skater Dress £18 New Look 3. Long Gold Necklace £10 Accessorize 4. Blush Tote Bag £17.99 New Look 5. Pink Patent Peep Toe Heels £19.95 ShuWish.


Friday, 24 July 2015

Feeling All a Flutter with Kiss Lashes!

Ever get lash envy? I know I do, I am constantly on the hunt for good, believable falsies! So far I haven't done too well, from expensive high street lashes to shipping in from Japan! They always seem to look too plastic, too shiny and blunt. Like I've never found a set that blend in with my natural lashes they always seem to sit on top no matter how much mascara I apply.

I think summer is the best time to wear lashes, be it if you are a falsie virgin or a connoisseur of the lash summer means staying power! In winter your eyes water causing loose ends and it's dark so no one is really going to see your flirty fluttering peepers. Lashes just add that je ne sais qoui to your make up look, they can so easily be transformed from day to night, they can look dramatic or romantic you have so much choice!

So that brings me to Kiss. Kiss lashes started in the USA and now they have landed here! They are lashes like no others I have tried (and trust me I've tried a lot!) They're made with human hair, yep that's right just like your hair extensions! This makes them softer, less shiny and far more convincing. The best part about these lashes is that they have tapered ends (they go to a point) like your natural lashes do, most other lashes have blunt ends.

What does this mean for me? Well the joy of this technology is that with the tapered ends they blend so well into your natural lashes you wouldn't know they weren't use. They can be used with or without mascara and there are so many looks you can go for.

You could go fluttery and flirtatious with Posh or you could go super volume, glamour with Ritzy and if you're feeling subtle yet seriously sophisticated then you better grab Chic!

These lashes really are the perfect way to frame your eyes and complete your look. You've done us proud Kiss, don't stop doing you! xx

The Prettiest Products Ever!!

I like to think that I'm not swayed by packaging but let's be honest, we all are! I've been searching LookFantastic for the prettiest products that you wouldn't mind leaving out for people to see!

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