Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Smith&Sinclair Cocktail Pastilles, Posh Sweets just for Grown-Ups!

You may have seen in my A-Level results party post that I mentioned these alcoholic cocktail pastilles from a company called Smith and Sinclair. Well I thought they were so interesting that I managed to get my hands on some for a review and oh my gosh are they worth it!

I received 3 packs of 2, this doesn't sound much but as a start to an evening or dinner party one is enough, although of course you could have more!

I just thought they looked so beautiful on a plate, my camera didn't capture the colours very well. They look like big gummy jewels with shimmering sugar coating them. So so tempting and so easy to display them in a pretty way, which I am all about!

Below pictures are the flavours I received...

I think the packaging is so nice and in the little boxes these would be perfect wedding favours to go alongside fruit pastilles for the kiddies!

When they came they were so much bigger than I expected, around the size of a £2 piece but four times as deep. I thought they would be the size of a regular fruit pastille, I was wrong there! The flavours are so exact to the cocktail they are which I found amazing and they are quite soft, so easy to eat without being embarrassed! 

All in all I absolutely loved these and will definitely be getting some for any parties I have, they are so cool, so unique and so delicious and if nothing else they are a conversation piece for sure!!


Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil, Pure Liquid Brilliance!

Introducing Retin-Oil, this oil is quickly becoming my BFF. 

Retin-Oil is a body and face oil that claims to reduce wrinkles and pores. It is used for stretch marks and uneven skin tone as well as ageing dehydrated skin. It claims a lot I know.

First of all I want to discuss the packaging, follow the usual Hand Chemistry theme the packaging is clean and stylish as well as being simple to understand (I love this packaging). The bottle inside isn't huge, 100 ml to be precise but due to it being an oil it goes a really long way.

I have always had large pores and uneven skin tone but this has genuinely minimised those problems a lot. The burst capillaries around my nose are so much less red than they used to be which for me is amazing! 

I am also super pale so if I get the odd stretch mark (we all have 'em) they tend to come up really red against my skin tone which is just awful but having used this oil for a good few months now they have toned down quite dramatically, I think this stuff is better than Bio-oil for that actually.

If your skin is dry, like mine often is, it soaks in super quick and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. The smell is beautiful, it's got a slight citrus-floral scent which I really enjoy. 

It clears up dry skin really quickly and one application makes you feel 100% more hydrated. Hand Chemistry have actually made this product with the most effective Retinoid complex on the market without a prescription. It also includes Vitamin C which is key to helping collagen reproduction and improves the damage of sun induced ageing. 

Now being 22 I don't feel I have the experience to comment on the anti-ageing, wrinkle claims of this product but what I do know is it is well worth the money and I will be buying again once I run out!


Saturday, 22 August 2015

Food Faves... Cocoba Chocolate.

Not too long ago I received a lovely little package from Cocoba, they are an amazing chocolate company based in Bluewater shopping center. Their chocolates are so reasonably priced and they are packaged so nicely. I thought I would show you a few of my faves to get your taste buds going!!

Cocoba are famous for their hot chocolate, which you can recreate with these delicious milk chocolate spoons. All you have to do is mix in with hot milk and you can indulge in the most chocolatey, creamy, hot chocolate you've ever had. So delicious!! 
At only £2.75 I think these would be a great addition to the end of a dinner party or girls night as it's coming into Autumn.

This cheeky chocolate bar contains whole Oreo pieces, including the creme!! At £3.50 this is such a lovely Saturday night treat. Crunchy and creamy this bar is so moreish. I'm more of a rich chocolate girl so I have to say this was a little sweet for me but my 12 year old niece didn't seem to mind taste testing further for me. She loved it!!

These are literally mouthfuls of heaven. This has to be the yummiest chocolate concoction I have ever tasted. I would say these are a little more grown up. They are essentially cocoa dusted, melt in your mouth chocolate with crunchy little bits of sea salt toffee. Totally to die for. They contain coconut oil which comes through slightly and along with the sea salt cuts through the richness of the toffee and chocolate. Whoever came up with this recipe is a genius and I bow down to them. These will be on my Christmas list forever!!!
£6.95 for a fair sized bag, I think they are a bargain. Once you taste them you will not care if they cost £1500 you will buy more!!!

To see the full range of chocolates or to buy these products please click the link below! x


Saturday, 15 August 2015

My Beauty Journey... The Early Years

I am pretty sure my Beauty Journey started the same as most 22 year old girls in the UK. I thought I'd show you mine as a trip down memory lane for me and a bit of a laugh for you!!

Butterfly clips were the ultimate accessory when I was 6. The more you could get on your head at one time the better. They were glittery and butterfly shape. What's not to like?
Obviously every girl needs a compact (that wasn't so compact!) Long before I knew of urban decay and nars, this was my introduction to the good ol' smoky eye and classic red lip. My friends and I would do makeovers on each other (they were never subtle) and sometimes we'd get bored and make each other look like vampires instead. 

Nail art factory!!! Because when you are 8 everything you buy is in 'factory' form. This would come with false nails to decorate (that you weren't allowed to wear). It had shimmery stickers and peel off nail varnish and a dome that blew air and glitter all over your fingers!! My nails were on fleek and Instagram girls now just don't know where it's at. 

Back in my younger years companies like GALT were the height of couture fashion! I would spend hours choosing and changing each paper fashion item to secure the perfect outfit. Fit for the school disco in no time! 

I had a Barbie lipgloss factory...and what? It was the messiest, yummiest most fragranced way of creating something worse than Chapstick. Pretty pointless but super fun!

Have you noticed how it's our generation that perfected the top bun, the messy bun, the braid bun. All the buns. Do you know why? Well it's because the only thing we had to practise on was the Girls World styling head. Yes it came with clip on beads, coloured clip on layers and much more. All you could do that looked half decent on it was a bun. This my friends is where generation bun was born. 

As a young girl I desperately aspired to be a member of the spice girls (maybe nerdy spice, intellectually sound yet sociably inept spice). Anyway, the best way to become a spice girl was to smell like a spice girl so this was my fragrance. I loved this stuff and pretty much marinated in it. 

And where did I get all these cool ideas and OMG AMAZING styles. Mizz magazine of course. 20 odd pages that taught you who was cute, how to cope with periods and what to decorate your room with (the glossy posters duuuuh!) 

Then, when your hair is in braids with butterflies and your face is smeared with weird colour lipgloss and you smell like a spice girl. Then and only then should you whisper your secret password into your girl tech password journal and write about how you can't wait to get your period and how cute that guy at school was. 

And that my friends was the first 11 years. 


Friday, 14 August 2015

Throw the Ultimate A-Level Celebration Party with NotOnTheHighstreet!!

A-levels are over! Woohoo, now it's time to throw an awesome "We Did It" girls night! You've been working hard for a long time and now you can really chill, so this is a selection of products from Not On The High Street to throw your ultimate girls night in party!

£7.50 Giant Balloons!

A celebration is not a celebration with out balloons. These picture perfect pastel balloons are ace for decorating you lounge and they are so instagram ready!

Frozen Cosmopolitans £7.99 for 2

Get in the summer mood with some cheeky frozen cocktails, everyone will love these and they're a classy yet fun way to start a party!

Cocktail Pastilles 12 for £16.95

Sweets or booze, hmmm tricky. Why bother deciding when Smith and Sinclair make both! Perfect for indulging on during a movie or as an alternative to drinks on a girls night. Surprise the ladies when they realise these have alcohol in them!!

Personalised Marshmallows £9.99

There is no better way to display all your college memories than to print them on yummy marshmallows, eat all your embarrassing moments. Shame can be delicious!

Shot jars £2.15 each

Get really messy when you get the shots out, these jars are super cute. They can be prepared in advance and given as party favours or you can keep them and take them off to uni with you, you'll be needing them!

I also recommend cracking out the ol' laptop and going through all the funny memories you and your girls made together. It's the end of an era ladies but let it go out in style.

Oh and by the way... congratulations! You did it! xxx 


Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What I See on Graphic T's (forever21)

All can be found at Forever21 (if this post doesn't put you off!)
Limited Edition T £15
"Yeah, right, that's why there were more than 20 in stock right?"

YOLO T £11.50

"You only live once, so buy better T-Shirts."

What I Love T £12

"I love T's without pretentious french writing and lists"

I Do Not Care T £7

"No, of course you don't care. You care so little that you bought a T-shirt about it."

I had to do this because I find Graphic T's so funny. They say things about the person wearing them. I just thought I'd put these opinionated bits of fabric in their place! 

disclaimer: I have nothing against Forever21, I quite like them. They just have a large range of graphic t's!

Sunday, 9 August 2015

How To: Dress for Work but Remain Comfortable!!

Believe it or not, I used to work in an office. I have never been one for tailoring nor clothing with a high acrylic content and unless you can afford a designer suit, this is often the reality that you are faced with.

There became a point in my office career where I'd had enough of being itchy, hot and frumpy. So I worked out a way of dressing that was not only smart but almost ironing free and comfy! I got away with this in a strict office with an extremely limited colour code.

The outfits I am going to show you might be a bit daring for your office, I will try and keep it as plain as possible but variations of these items in loads of colours are everywhere, you just need to look for them. I found all of these items on ASOS.

One thing I have noticed whilst writing this post is that you cannot trust what companies list under "work wear". ASOS for example had a number of crop tops, bright patterns and jeans. Now that maybe okay in the ASOS office but it certainly is not in most offices in the UK. When it comes to work wear it really is better to be safe than sorry. Your company is not going to make exceptions for you and work wear can be pretty pricey so if you're unsure, leave it at the door!!

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Subtle Ways To Introduce Cats Into Your Decor, Thanks To ModCloth!

Thanks to ModCloth, it is now even easier to fill your home with feline flair! I have found my favourite pieces and they ship to the UK (praise the cat gods!) Click here to see for yourself. It's a puurrfect example of a crazy cat woman's dream!!! 

Cat Mugs, Cat Measuring Cups, Cat Bum Magnets and Cat Wine Glass Charms. There is no way to avoid the beautiful kitchen cat-astrophe you will create!

Invite guests into your hairy home with this wonderful selection of coffee table books. Informative and evocative of your passions, let visitors indulge!

Make your life easier and far more comfortable with these little gems. A phone stand which is great for when you need two hands to give your feline friend attention. A cosy cushion for when you settle down and dream of the fun you and your cat will have tomorrow and a pussy bank, perfect for saving the pennies to buy Mr.Whiskerson more treaty weaty's!!

And if you didn't make your obsession clear enough to everyone around you, don your cat mask to greet the postman and slip into your sweater when people visit but don't ask how Fluffy is getting on!


Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Choccywoccydoodah. A Sweet Addiction!

This week I have been a very lucky girl! If it's not already fabulous receiving lovely beauty bits in the post I received this!

Two boxes of beautiful truffles from Choccywoccydoodah. If you haven't heard of these guys you may have been living under a rock, because what started as a small chocolatiers' shop within the Brighton Lanes has expanded into a luxury laden empire!! The Choccy's have their own TV show and have make bespoke cakes for the likes of Richard Branson, Whoopie Goldberg and Wesley Snipes!! 

They have not too long ago opened a shop in Carnaby Street in London. You must remember though that Brighton is the birth place of this eccentric, marvelous, indulgent manifesto of chocolate. 

There is something about choccy, be it people taking photographs of the windows, the huge effort that goes into every season or the lovely people who work there, you have a feeling of family. Mumma Christine looking over Dave and the gang and you really do feel like they have the best jobs in the world.   

The truffles I received thanks to the other Christine are so divine! I got them delivered before 11am and couldn't stop my self having one! I was sent the Marc de Champagne collection and the Cocktail Cabinet box too!

As the days in the South here have ended up rainy I couldn't help having some posh chocs. Especially boozy ones, this has started that festive feeling in my tummy already!! I think these are a fantastic edition to any girls night in or to be displayed at the end of a dinner party with coffee, best hostess ever!

The packaging is in true Choccy style and totally gorgeous with big bold stripes and their signature emblem, you know when you've been to this gorgeous little place. They each have their own little casings so look adorable on a plate and very Parisienne and you can tell they're handmade with their little chocolate swirls, just exceptional. I do have to say I have one problem with these chocolates (sorry Christine's!) They're too gorgeous, I opened the second layer on my Marc de Champagne box to see a pink, pearlescent little square of beauty. Too pretty to eat! But really, these chocolates are divine and I could not recommend this company to you anymore. Beautiful people, beautiful products, what more could a girl wish for? 


Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Beauty Hacks, All Girls Should Know!

When colouring your hair, put Vaseline around your hairline so you don't stain your skin!
Want the perfect manicure at home? Put sellotape around your nails to create a neat, clean line.

Is your foundation too dark? Mix some moisturiser in to lighten it.
Put Vaseline on your pulse points to take your perfume last longer.

Want to do some nail art? Straighten out a bobby pin to make a great nail art tool!
Run out of eye makeup remover? No problem, just use baby oil.
No dry shampoo? Use baby powder. (Babies rock!)

You can use conditioner if you've run out of shaving cream.

Apply PVA glue under glitter nail polish for easy removal!!

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