Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Update for Autumn with Love The Sign.

Hi Guys,

Autumn is upon us and as you may or may not know this is my absolute favourite season. I love embracing any and everything autumnal and thankfully home wares falls into that category. Now you all know how much I love home decor, finding new and exciting pieces to spruce up what you already have. I believe building a home is about collecting pieces you love and I definitely think with nights drawing in and snuggling down in the evenings, we all need something new in our homes to look at and keep our eyes amused.

I am always trawling home decor websites and find that a lot of them carry the same items or it's all stuff I've seen time and time again but has so many different designers and styles that I spent hours looking and selecting some beautiful pieces to show you.

So starting from top left and working our way across; This bobbly rug comes in at £201, I love the array of colours and the texture of this rug, I think it would be perfect for cold feet of an evening. Next we have the orb light, this light just sits casually on your floor creating a beautiful warm glow, it costs £137. Then of course we have a tea for one set, I love these, I think they're so cute and useful and who doesn't like tea?! £17.00. Going down from left to right again starts with this gorgeous geometric tray, costing £32 it is a great addition in the Autumn for tea and biscuits so you don't have to climb from your warm blanket all night! Next we have this amazing piping candelabra, I couldn't love this piece more. This style is beautiful, it holds two candles and it is so unique, I think it's a steal at £45. Then last but not least this beautiful wall art that simply remind you this is the season for comfort and self soothing and to enjoy, at only £26 your walls deserve it!

I really hope you enjoyed my selections, leave a comment below of your favourite pieces and go and have a look on LoveTheSign yourself to buy any of these items and to find some treasure yourself! xx


Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Kylie Jenner, casual look. Style Steal.

Kylie Jenner knows how to do casual-chic and it's a knowledge I envy. Whenever I try and do a casual look I tend to appear more homeless than Hollywood. I'm sure I'm not the only one so I decided to take some inspiration from the young K, Kylie.

I love this look and I love how she can so effortlessly pull off white, so check it out below because I've found this ensemble for quite a reasonable price. Tell me what you think :) xx


#makeitright with Three Rescue Festival Pack!!

Hey guys!
I wanted to give you a quick shout today about something that is a bit more lifestyle based but is relevant to ALL of us. Not long ago the lovely people at Three Mobile sent me a Festival Pack in the hopes that I could keep my phone safe and sound this festival season.

The pack was totally amazing so I do want to tell you what was inside! A huge bag arrived at my door and it felt like Christmas had come early, I used to work in the mobile phone industry so this kind of thing excites me far more than it should!

The #makeitright campaign is all about taking a stand against everything that sucks about the mobile phone industry. So Three have created their very own Three Rescue insurance which is fabulous because unlike a lot of other providers they pledge to protect existing phones and replace broken or missing handsets within 24 hours. We all know what a saving grace that is, I cannot tell you how many times I've broken my phone and waited weeks and weeks to get it back, I can't have that, my phone is my lifeline!!

As well as the insurance the #makeitright campaign includes loads of awesome stuff that Three have put together to make your mobile work to it's best. My faves include free 0800 calls, your Three phone is always unlocked and Feel at Home which means you can use your data in over 18 destinations. 

Pop over to Three Rescue or now to find out more and don't forget... when stuff sucks #makeitright :)


Saturday, 19 September 2015

How To: Chic Halloween! Make-up & Accessories

Okay, okay, it's a little too early for Halloween in most peoples opinion but I don't ever think it's too early!! My favourite holiday of the year is just around the corner and I could not be more excited. I love everything about Halloween, seeing kids running round as little monsters and being allowed to dress up when you're a grown up without being judged. The candles, the pumpkins, the cold nights and crunchy leaves, I want it now!! So in preparation I have found some really pretty bits for you to grab before it's too late! 

This is a bit of an eclectic mix but I could not resist this lilac theme. I am totally adoring this corpse bride-esque costume from Claire's Accessories, I think it's totally fabulous and I wish I could wear it every day! The signature Katy Perry candy wig is ever girls must have and if she says she doesn't like it then she is lying! It's also such a reasonable price at Claire's. Finally this gorgeously decadent Gothic choker, it's ornate and laced and just to die for!! (No pun intended!!)  

Next is the makeup, now I am not saying go all black because I am sure you want to mix it up a little but I find it quite hard last minute to find black makeup. It's one of those things that's always there when you don't want it but it's gone when you need it!!! First is these all black contact lenses, I love these and I have done ever since MCR's video. They give such an awesome look and they're just great. Next is the staple black lip, this can be a bit of an investment really because it is very in this autumn to rock a black lip. Then we have some black dazzle dust, you probably haven't bought one of these since you were 14 but they go a long way so share with friends and use sparingly for some drowned out deadly contouring! Then we have black nail polish, now I don't know about you but I suck and painting my nails with dark colours and this is why I have included Little Ondine, it's peel off but stays on long enough to have an awesome night chip free.

Find all the things you need here:

Corpse bride costume.
Katy Perry wig.
Gothic choker.
Dazzle Dust.
Contact Lenses.
Peel off nail varnish.


Monday, 14 September 2015

All the Fun of the Festival @ Boomerang Hickstead!

It's nearly the end of Festival season here in the UK but you should never underestimate the end of season Festivals in September. I was lucky enough to rock along to the festival to see what it was all about. I went along on Sunday and the lineup didn't disappoint including The Vamps, Jessie J and Nathan Ball to name a few.
Images courtesy of Boomerang Hickstead Instagram,

There was loads to do and it was a really family friendly atmosphere, kids running around everywhere throwing their yellow boomerangs while the teens were kitted out head to toe in The Vamps merch. There were a really good range of bars and food trucks around ranging from Bratwurst to Ice cream and from Veggie to Cakes. If drinking wasn't your thing there were plenty of places to grab a cooling soda or fresh roasted coffee.

With the showground being so huge there is plenty of room to break away to get some peace if you're like me and tend to feel overwhelmed, not to mention a specially built platform close to the stage for disabled visitors to sit and park wheelchairs without feeling in the way.

The staff and security were absolutely superb, there was always someone around to answer your questions and the security were all over the place and made you feel especially safe.

With music on between sets and families sat on blankets to watch the acts there was never a dull moment and there was just a fantastic vibe all round.


Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Pure Perfection with Pink Parcel

Welcome my lovely friends to one of the most exciting posts I have had for you in a while. I would like to introduce you to the Pink Parcel. I am so in love with this subscription box and I was so excited when it arrived. Your first parcel only costs £5.95 and is £9.99 per month after that. It seems expensive but when you see what is inside and think about the sheer joy you will get when you receive it, it makes it worth so much more.

So let's have a look inside...

Obviously the important part for me is the cosmetics! I mean I am a beauty nut after all. I decided to not research the brand too much before this arrived because I wanted to be surprised. I knew the concept but had no perception of the generosity! So when I cracked open the box I went straight for the "for you" box. I was in awe, the first thing I saw was a full size L'Oreal Glam Bronze bronzer in such a gorgeous gold shimmery tone, the colour would be perfect on every skin tone which I though was really well thought out. There was also a full size Bella Pierre lipstick in a beautiful coral, orange tone. To my amazement there was also a mini L'Occitane Almond Shower oil and a Unani moisturiser. I felt totally spoilt and thought this is perfect for every month when all you want is the feeling of being spoilt. It was also all really colourful and cute and instantly brightened my day.

Okay so in the grand scheme of things this is the important part. The box comes with your choice of tampons or towels and your choice of brand, which I think is awesome because we all have our own preference. You get given a really cute discreet fabric bag to keep in your handbag with some tampons in and then two additional boxes in the parcel. All in all you receive 25 sanitary towels or tampons which I thought was a huge amount and literally would be all you need. The packaging was so feminine, yet classy and really discreet. The lovely idea people at Pink Parcel also decided to have some comfort options so they always include something sweet to curb cravings, mine has a chocolate covered fudge bar and sour jelly beans (lush) and a tea bag for a comforting cuppa when you're feeling low. Tea makes everything better!

Considering the amount you get inside of this box including full sized cosmetics and the sanitary products themselves I think this is well worth the money and more. You will feel like you are getting a present every month at your lowest point and it will perk you up. I also think this is a fabulous idea for mums or boyfriends to sign up to as a nice surprise and treat at that time of the month. They will really appreciate it and it really looks like you care! To sign up click the link below xx

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