Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Update for Autumn with Love The Sign.

Hi Guys,

Autumn is upon us and as you may or may not know this is my absolute favourite season. I love embracing any and everything autumnal and thankfully home wares falls into that category. Now you all know how much I love home decor, finding new and exciting pieces to spruce up what you already have. I believe building a home is about collecting pieces you love and I definitely think with nights drawing in and snuggling down in the evenings, we all need something new in our homes to look at and keep our eyes amused.

I am always trawling home decor websites and find that a lot of them carry the same items or it's all stuff I've seen time and time again but has so many different designers and styles that I spent hours looking and selecting some beautiful pieces to show you.

So starting from top left and working our way across; This bobbly rug comes in at £201, I love the array of colours and the texture of this rug, I think it would be perfect for cold feet of an evening. Next we have the orb light, this light just sits casually on your floor creating a beautiful warm glow, it costs £137. Then of course we have a tea for one set, I love these, I think they're so cute and useful and who doesn't like tea?! £17.00. Going down from left to right again starts with this gorgeous geometric tray, costing £32 it is a great addition in the Autumn for tea and biscuits so you don't have to climb from your warm blanket all night! Next we have this amazing piping candelabra, I couldn't love this piece more. This style is beautiful, it holds two candles and it is so unique, I think it's a steal at £45. Then last but not least this beautiful wall art that simply remind you this is the season for comfort and self soothing and to enjoy, at only £26 your walls deserve it!

I really hope you enjoyed my selections, leave a comment below of your favourite pieces and go and have a look on LoveTheSign yourself to buy any of these items and to find some treasure yourself! xx


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