Wednesday, 25 November 2015

The Best of Black Friday 2015

Hello my little shopaholics!

It's that time of year again. Spend spend spend! Black Friday is quite a new concept in the UK with most retail stores only embracing the idea last year, this year though our favourite retailers are out in full force trying to grab our pounds! 

This is one of those events where you need to be clever. Personally I would not face any shops during this event but that's my anxiety speaking. If you are brave, do it. But please don't get hurt!

I've decided to compile a little blog on where you can find the best deals so you don't waste your time rifling in sale rails that aren't worth it. Let's do this shall we?

1. Amazon (obviously)
Our favourite US retailer has lured us in with the promise of cheaper goods once again but it really does pay off. Amazon started their deals on Monday and are having a weeks worth of Lightning Deals. These are updated every ten minutes and if you are a prime customer you can get into some of the offers early. Be sure to follow the hashtag #AmazonsBiggestEverDeals to be ahead of the rest.

2. Argos

Argos have started early with their deals this week and they have some absolutely awesome price cuts. They'll be offering deals every Friday preceding the 27th November.

3. Boots

Could there be a more perfect retailer for Christmas gifts? I think not and Boots have got some ridiculous savings on their gifts this year for example • Michael Kors Woman Eau de Parfum (50ml), was £56.50, now £39.55.


Thank the lord for all the good things! YES, ASOS will be gracing us with their Black Friday presence. They have kicked of Outlet deals with up to 70% off and expect more on the day!!

5. Superdrug

They've started already and they are practically giving stuff away. It is the one and only Superdrug. They have deals on beauty, electronics, the lot. This is a great one for the early bird!

I really hope this helped with your attack on the high street this year. I also recommend taking a bottle of water and some painkillers out with you so you can leave there in one piece.

Happy Shopping! xxx


Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Gifts for Him. Christmas 2015.

Men, men, men. The worst people to buy for ever! Well mine is at least. If you have a practical man in your life I am sure you will understand. They have everything they need, they never buy themselves anything for you to take inspiration from and when you ask they say nothing. Fabulous.

Well fear not, I have compiled some things that I have bought my boyfriend including links so we can sail through this shopping horror together!

All of the above items are 3 for £20!

I really hope I've managed to help you with some stocking fillers and main presents! Most of all it's the thought that counts so don't spend too much and don't stress!!! xx


Mask Me Anything with Bbeauty Limited Masks.

Hey my fabulous friends!

Today I wanted to talk to you about some awesome masks that I came across on my travels. They are from a small company called Bbeauty Limited which is a family run business but I really think you should keep an eye out for them, they'll go far.

I was lucky enough to get my hands on some at the Olympia Beauty event where I picked up the wine, pearl and coconut oil masks.

They feel amazing on your face, super refreshing which after a long day in town is often well needed. They are packed full of serum so you feel like you are getting a real spa treat.

The masks themselves are the fabric kind which I adore because they don't go everywhere. I always get masks in my hairline!!

They are only £2.49 per mask which I think is a total steal and they can be found here. My absolute favourite was the pearl mask. It really brightened my skin as I have combination/absolute nightmare skin. It left my skin feeling totally refreshed, moisturised and clear and I have recommended it to everyone I know. 

The masks themselves come from Korea so all of the instructions are in Korean but the image instructions on the back are pretty self explanatory and nothing like an Ikea manual!!!

I like to keep the rest of mine in the fridge for a real cooling effect but I'm weird like that. They stay perfectly well out of the fridge.

I really hope you'll grab some and treat yourself through these dull months with some beautiful skin brightening.



Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Best Of Christmas Jumpers 2015!!

Hey my little elves on the shelves!

It's that time of year again! I am currently in my onesie on a fleecy blanket feeling awfully bloody festive. And one of my favourite things about this time of year is the brash array of festive threads.

I again scoured the internet and found my favourites of this years pile and they are listed below! xx

 1. £20 Tesco 2. £30 ASOS 3. £14 Primark 4. £10 Asda 5. £15 Boohoo

So, which one is your fave? Comment below! xx


Blueberry Sports, protein made with love!

Hey guys,

A bit of a different post today but awesome none the less. I was approached recently by a lovely company called blueberry sports who asked me to review their new protein range. Considering I'm awful at eating regularly I do tend to replace meals with protein shakes so I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell you fabulous people about it. After all strong is the new skinny. 

So they sent me all 3 flavours; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Pretty simple flavours but I prefer distinctive flavours over say 'apple cinnamon swirl' where really you have no idea what it will taste like until it arrives. 

The shakes are packaged in their own little individual bottles and all you have to do is add water to the marked line (I suppose you can use milk too. I tried both). The fact that they're in their own bottles is so useful if you're on the go. You can pop one in your gym bag and it takes up no space or weight at all. Awesome.

The flavour and consistency of the shakes is lush. So yummy and creamy and that's with water. For me I put a little less water in because I like it thicker but that's all preference. The only one downfall I would say is that sometimes you can't get all the powder from the bottom of the bottle but that can be easily rectified with a straw. 

The nutritional side of these shakes make for really interesting reading. The formula is almost perfect in my opinion. They are low carb but they contain more protein than your average 'just add water' shake. The calories correlate with the protein so a little higher than most but the benefit of higher protein is well worth a raise in calories. 

I would highly recommend these to all my gym buds. I love them. If you are a meal skipper like me you will massively benefit from these as well. I couldn't rate them any higher. They're yummy, handy and awesome nutritionally. No wonder Amy Childs in an ambassador. 

You can get a pack of 12 for £24.99 or buy individually at £2.49 each. Follow the link to buy and check out their other great products! Buy here!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Stationary Haul with Paperchase!!

Hey Y'all, let's do a haul!

#sorrynotsorry. This is going to be a very picture heavy haul, mainly because looking at stationary is like my version of porn and I know i'm not alone!!

I was lucky enough to receive a lovely package from my long term lover, Paperchase. I have always loved their products and especially their range of different notebooks and journals. Paperchase is such a lovely shop to visit and their online store is equally as beautiful, so let's have a little peak and what I got!!

First off is this gorgeous calendar/journal. This has a beautiful gold polka dot cover and is only £10.00. It's a great size as well and has not only ruled but gridded pages as well including a calendar from 2015-2017 so you can have this little friend in your life for a while to come!

Next is this awesome list book. As a stationary addict, I do like a list and this book makes list writing a total doddle. It has a cute glittery front cover with vivid coloured polka dots and is only £8. This is fab for anyone super organised because it includes sticky to do lists, post it notes and a notebook on the right hand side. Fab!

Then we have this glam Silver Holographic Leather Diary at an awesome £18.00. I have always loved Paperchase diaries and this is no exception. The pages are high quality with plenty of space to write per day. So for me this is a total must. Then finally we have this adorable floral post it note book which is £5.00. Because of you're anything like me you lose post it note pads so have a book of sticky notes makes it far easier to find and they are really sweet and would make a great gift for the organiser in your life!

So there we have it. I really hope you liked this blog. I adored writing it and looking closely at all the fab stuff I was given. If you'd like any of this for yourself click here!

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