Friday, 18 December 2015

How to cope with Family at Christmas!

Hi there,

Now if your family looks at little less like this...

And a little more like this at Christmas...

Then congratulations, you are part of the millions of people who wake up in the morning to the REAL world (and no, do not expect a certificate).

Christmas is a time for sitting in a stuffy living room with people you often wouldn't choose to spend time with otherwise while someone is clearly pissed off at not getting a certain present and most of you want to go home. While usually the poor mother of the family (she actually has the best job with a sanctuary away from everyone else) slaves away in the kitchen over a meal hoping that she's made your favourite dish just right. Because after all, it's Christmas.

What you need to remember is, it's just one day. As simple as that sounds, everyone needs an arsenal of coping strategies to get through 12 hours of an emotional roller-coaster. Expect sarcasm, laughter, bickering, someone being ungrateful, someone getting upset, someone creating an atmosphere, someone not understanding that there is an atmosphere therefore making an inappropriate joke, someone who isn't part of the family so is therefore feeling very awkward and the drunk.

So now, here is a list of tips and tricks to make Christmas that little bit more enjoyable (even if it is just for you).

1. When an argument erupts keep your eyes down and your mouth shut. For the love of God don't laugh. I've found that it doesn't seem to help.

2. It's Christmas, you can drink from the second you wake up so use this to your advantage and turn the day into a drinking game. Someone got you socks? One shot. Mum burnt something? Two shots and so on.


3. Don't offer to help unless you actually want to. You will 'yes ' as a response and you don't want to start a row by moaning about something you've offered to do.

4. Find excuses to get out for 5 minutes. Now I'm not suggesting taking up smoking, this will be my first proper year having quit and I'm terrified. Good ideas are things like, let the dog out, say you've left something in your car, pretend you have a phone call.

5. Don't audibly compare this Christmas to last Christmas or Christmas at so and so's. It won't go down well.

6. Don't suggest the cook 'tries that' or do what 'Delia said'. Unless you want to spend Boxing day in A and E.

7. Look after the outcasts. If you can see someone is quiet or just not into it then talk to them. Include everyone, they are probably thinking the same things you are.

8. Do something! You'll be far less bored if you potter about tidying wrapping away but don't get annoying with it.

9. Suggest something! Even if it gets turned down at least you've tried. If the day is feeling a bit stagnant then suggest a game or a walk or something. It will make it enjoyable for you.

10. RELAX and ENJOY. It's one day a year and if you don't get involved in the silliness you can actually have a rather nice day.

Only a week to go, I hope you all have a fabulous time if I don't post until then. I want to hear all about it so tell me in the comments! xx


Thursday, 17 December 2015

The Future is Now, 2016 Predictions.

Hi Gorgeous,

Being able to tell the future is of course am impossible task. Luckily the world is filled with clever people who analyse all sorts of tiny details that you or I would over look in order to predict what will be happening in the year ahead. I have decided therefore to consolidate these predictions and also find some cool products to go alongside so we can all be a little bit ahead of the times!

In beauty...

Beauty is having a bit of a natural revival this year. With many brands opting for raw ingredients and no chemical processing, many small UK brands have been tapping into the market early so you can already jump on board with any of these companies; Liha, The Beauty Kitchen, Mother Dirt.

Freckles, love them or hate them they're going to be in. With Topshop, Rag & Bone and Edun's SS16 Catwalk shows all featuring sun kissed faces this is looking to be a big trend in 2016. Do not fear though, if you are not adorned with the evidence of a full make out session with the sun on your face they are products that will give you unquestionably natural yet temporary freckles like Topshops Freckle Pencil or even Freck Yourself freckle transfers

Beauty foods. Be that using superfoods as an ingredient for a product or simply eating your way beautiful from the inside out, beauty foods are predicted to be a huge trend in 2016. Everything lately is all about eating fresh and healthy in a more extreme way than we've ever seen before. For example the rise of the KALE. 2016 will be the year to expect Flax in your eye cream and Melon in your cleanser. Your fridge will become your bathroom cabinet. To find yourself a fridge facial check out The Body Deli.

I hope this post has enlightened you and maybe you'll get some fake freckles in your stocking this year, who knows? xx


Saturday, 12 December 2015

Farfetch App and £400 Voucher Giveaway!!!

Hi Guys,

How are you doing? Well I hope. I have something very exciting to show you today. Farfetch ( is a fashion and lifestyle shopping app with luxury brands and top designer pieces. I was asked to create a wishlist of my favourite things and I thought I would show you. There is also some very exciting news, in this post I will be holding a competition to win £400 to spend on the app!!! You lucky folks, so keep reading to find out how to win!!

My Wishlist, including Versace, Vivienne Westwood, Philipp Plein, Marco De Vincenzo, Dolce and Gabbana, Faith Connexion, Alexander McQueen and Monies.

My review of the App is below (all opinions are my own!)

  Sleek, chic and oh so unique.          

It's been a long time coming, finding an app that suits all styles and budgets. This app works brilliantly. The interface is clean and polished and it's fun to use. If you are anything like me you will get lost in amazing handbags and shoes, the likes of which are hard to find on any high street, let alone while snuggled up in bed. From Fendi to Alexander McQueen with our old favourite Vivienne Westwood making an appearance for good measure. You can immerse yourself in a world of brands you've never seen before and discover the items you thought you'd dreamed up because you couldn't find them anywhere. I love that this brand caters to all genders and styles plus did I mention the 'lifestyle' section. Oh my lord. The sheer joy that came over me while looking at Fornasetti plates. I was like a child in Hamleys for the first time.

I literally couldn't rate this app any higher. Making high fashion accessible to small town girls like me is such a gift. I'm off now to look some more!!! X

Now to the part you've all been waiting for, the giveaway!!! Just enter the Rafflecopter giveaway below for your chance to win a £400 gift voucher to spend on whatever you'd like on Farfetch App!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Festive Make-up Inspiration ft. Demi Lovato!

As we all know, Demi Lovato is B-E-A-U-tiful and none more so than at this years American Music Awards where Demi rocked her classic Hollywood Glamour wavy bob and her makeup? Well my lord it was FESTIVE AF. She'll looked stunning, off setting her pale complexion with a beautiful deep velvet red lip and effortless smokey eye. My thoughts; I want this look for Christmas!! So I hopped onto Superdrug to the MUA section (one of my current favourite brands) and thought I would find all the bits to recreate the look.

1. MUA Smoke Screen Eyeshadow trio £2.50 2. MUA Jet Black Kohl Eyeliner £1.00 3. MUA Pro Brow £3.00 4. MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet Blush in Ritz 158 £3.00 5. MUA LUXE Whipped Velvet Lipstick in 414 Majestic £3.00 6. MUA Matte Perfect Shine Control Foundation £2.00.

What do you think of this look? If it's not for you, who's look will be inspiring you this Christmas? I'd love to know xx
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