Saturday, 27 February 2016


Hi Guys,

So this week I've been dabbling with alchemy! Well I say dabbled, I started using some new products from Grown Alchemist (that's kind of the same thing right?)

Grown Alchemist is an amazing brand from Australia, The Wizards of Aus you could say! They create amazing organic formulas that are derived from nature to redefine the approach to anti-aging and overall skincare.

Grown Alchemist create real beauty products with real results without the use of harmful artificial chemicals. The products are created in such a way that the molecular structure of them is instantly recognised by the body as a natural formulae rather than rejecting it as it would with synthetic and modified products.

So following the practises that Grown Alchemist are so well known for, I decided to cleanse, detox and activate. Let me explain why; Cleansing enables you to achieve deeper results with your skincare, using nothing but hands Grown Alchemist allows controlled exfoliation which can cleanse, balance and nourish the skin.

Detoxing with Grown Alchemist gives damaged skin the ability to act and behave appropriately, as well as blocking other substances from making this skin behave abnormally.

Activating with moisturisers and treatments creams provide the skin with assistance to prevent damage to the skins molecular structure.

It's all very scientific I know, but I simplified it as much as possible. So to the actual products that I have been using...

To cleanse I have been using the Hydra-Restore Cream Cleanser with Olive Leaf and Plantago Extract. This cleanser is super creamy and feel nourishing when applied to your skin, it is very thick and a little goes a long way. It has what I consider a very herbal smell, which I really like. You simply massage it on your skin with your fingers and rinse off when you feel cleansed. This cleanser leaves your skin feel squeaky clean, I have sensitive skin and it felt incredible gentle on my skin and once rinsed my skin felt more moisturised. I have dry skin and with this cleanser I already felt a noticeable difference.

To detox I have used the Detox Serum Antioxidant +3. This was a real surprise to use, it is a very light liquid that dries like alcohol, extremely quickly. The smell again was very herbal, heady and fragrant. It is oil free which I love and absorbs literally instantly. It leaves skin hydrated and without any free radicals.

To activate I then use Age Repair Serum Peptide-8 and Polysaccharide. Although being 23 I don't need anti-age I like the idea of starting the process young and getting my skin used to regenerating well. I used this serum, again a lot goes a long way and it completed brighten my skin. It took away any grey tones and made it feel completely hydrated and fresh. It felt like I had new skin and nothing has made my skin feel as fresh and bright as this has.

I then moisturised using the Hydra-Repair Day Cream with Camellia and Geranium Blossom. This is a fabulous day cream with a beautiful floral fragrance. It is light enough to be a day cream but the moisture it gives your skin feels more like a night cream. It dries almost instantly and leaves no sticky residue, just really fresh supple skin with a great base to apply your makeup onto. I would buy this day cream even if you don't want to use the entire programme as a standalone moisturiser it is one of the best I've used.

Grown Alchemist is a must have if you are concerned about aging, free radicals, carbon and nitrate damage.

Grown Alchemist is now available in the UK and have a range for all different skin concerns, click here to see what they have for your skin.


Thursday, 25 February 2016

Laura Geller The BAKED Collection Review

Hey lovely,

Now, if you haven't heard of Laura Geller yet, they are a beautiful cosmetics company from across the pond. They have a gorgeous range of cosmetics, there's something for everyone and each piece is as good as the last. Laura Geller herself believes that beauty is for everyone and should be uncomplicated, mistake-proof and fun. A philosophy I stand by whole heartedly. 
So today we're looking at the BAKED range. A fabulous collection of baked makeup which is handmade in Italy and a huge cult favourite.

 This is the first powder foundation I have ever used because the idea of it didn't appeal to me massively. I always thought I wouldn't get the same coverage as liquid but I hold my hands up, I was wrong.
This is such a beautiful, buildable powder that can really give you a great payoff. I'm very pale so I used the colour fair and it suits my skin incredibly well, it has a lovely cool undertone and balances the redness of my skin beautifully. They have a great range of 5 tones and it can also be used in combination with another base to give high coverage.

This foundation left my skin with a beautiful matte finish. My skin had a healthy glow to it and felt silky to the touch. I love this stuff and I would recommend this to everyone, it's really simple to use and it going to be my absolute summer staple. So much care goes into this collection, it originally starts as a cream and is baked for 24 hours on terracotta tile before being hand-finished in Italy, you really are getting a well made product with Laura Geller.

Next we have this beautiful powder blush. I cannot say enough good things about this blush. The pigmentation is amazing and a little goes a long way. With ten shades you really can play it up depending on your mood. I have Pink Grapefruit which is a really beautiful deep pink shade with a little shimmer which I love.

I love how long wearing this blush is and the colour payoff really is incredible. I think I will need to collect the other nine if this is anything to go by, the rest will be equally as incredible The size of this blush is perfect and isn't too chunky to carry around with you for a top-up. Both the blush and the foundation are paraben free and they contain anti-oxidants, so it's makeup that loves your skin back!

Have you tried Laura Geller before, what do you think? xx


Tuesday, 23 February 2016

My Fairytale Fit with Ted&Muffy.

Hey Monkey!

I have to tell you, my feet never felt more fabulous than they did this week. I had the most beautiful package come to the door and I cannot explain to you the beauty I was about to behold!

Ted&Muffy, if you haven't heard of them before are the most fabulous boutique boot designers based in the UK. They strive for the "Fairytale Fit" they are so well known for so your new shoes will be nothing less than perfect! They have a huge array of calf and width fittings so you can settle for nothing less than perfection!

Their shoes are the stuff of dreams, with amazingly vivid colours, varied fabrics and beautiful embellishments they will pull any outfit together and add a sparkle on top of the ordinary. They have types to fit all styles from tom boy to Hollywood glam and from cute to hardcore you will find something that will make your heart sing for sure!

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of "Peacock" sandals. They are a beautiful forest green suede, with edgy fringe detailing, a subtle gold buckle and a badass stacked heel. They are literally perfect for a casual spring day and can we worn right into the wine bar evenings.

The care and detail that went into these shoes are just enormous. The finish is of such a high quality and with a leather lining, I know they will last. They look stunning on, and off! I've had them opposite my bed, looking at me for the last week. Well you've got to have something to wake up for right?

Jump over to their website and tell me what you think of their range, you never know, you might just begin your own fairytale!

So what are you waiting for, your fairy godmother is already there! Ted&Muffy


Saturday, 20 February 2016

DIY Beautiful Copper Detailed Candles.

Hello you gorgeous bubble of love,

So as you may or may not know, along with skincare, makeup and fashion, I have a little penchant for DIY. I see loads of things online that I love whether it's from Urban Outfitters to Anthropologie, then I see the price tag and a little voice pops into my head and says "I could make that!".

Now don't get me wrong I am in no way a pro at this and I lust over the skills of some of the YouTube DIYers we all know and love. I can't put up a shelf but I can do little things. So today I am going to show you a little thing that worked out well.

This is a super cute DIY, perfect for any tumblr bedroom or just to jazz up some candles you have around the house. Since getting cats my candles are used less and less so I thought I'd make them a feature while they're not lit. This is a very cheap DIY and you might have everything you need around the house. So let's get started.

What you will need...
-Candles (Pillar candles work best you can find them here for cheap, mine had been used so that's okay too!)
-Metallic temporary tattoos (I got mine in sale but you can get them super cheap here.)
-A pair of scissors (for cutting out your transfers)
-Wet kitchen towel or a wet sponge. (Not too wet, remember you can always soak it again.)

Step 1...
Choose the transfers you want to use and carefully cut around them, try to get as close to the design as possible for a more seamless result.

Step 2...
With the plastic backing still on, work out how you want your transfers arranged on your candle. Once this is done I find it easiest to lay them out in front of me in that design. This way it's easier when it comes to applying.

Step 3...
Remove the plastic backing and adhere to the candle where you want the design to go. Because the candles are wax sometimes the transfer won't stick enough so use two fingers to hold down when you move only step 4.

Step 4...
Wet the back of your transfer. Try and hold it as secure as possible to avoid slipping or tearing. You need to make sure that the transfer is wet enough before removing. The best indicator of this is if you can see the design through the paper then it's probably done.

Step 5...
Carefully peel off the backing paper to reveal your design. If it has been wet enough this should be easy, if it seems tricky carefully lay it down and wet it some more. While the design is still slightly wet, very carefully tap down any creases. Be really gentle with this.

Step 6...
Leave it to try, it's best to leave it or about a minute so you don't accidently smudge or tear the design. Move on to another candle while you're waiting!

Step 7...
Enjoy! I used a rose gold colour transfer for mine but this works great with silver or gold and coloured. Place somewhere pretty and enjoy your candles, no one else has one like it!!!


Thursday, 18 February 2016

School, How To Cope With It & My Experiences.

Hey Bunnies!

So it's half term in the UK right now, which in itself is awesome but if you're anything like me you'll be counting down the days until you have to go back and dreading it with each passing day.

Look I've been there. I went to a private secondary school and trust me I didn't fit in at all (don't all bloggers say that?!) From year 7 I wanted out, I went about my fears in such a terrible way so I thought I would tell you about it so you can learn from my mistakes.

When I was at school I was ALWAYS ill. My poor mum had to put up with it every morning and looking back I feel awful. In hindsight I now know that the reason I felt ill was because I wasn't enjoying myself and my anxiety towards going to school culminated in stomach cramps and nausea. My school was really small so I didn't really find a group that I fitted in to.

I didn't help myself at all at school, because I felt like an outcast I decided to act like one. I used to put up a tough front like I didn't need anyone and didn't care about anything. When really all I wanted were friends and I was passionate about loads of things.

So there I was closed up like a clam. I was bullied about my weight and my greasy hair (Trying to keep up with the grease was like racing Mo Farrah) and was quite constantly called a lesbian (which I know now isn't at all an insult but at 13 it was!) Instead of brushing off the lesbian tag I told everyone it's because all the boys in the school were ugly, idiots. Well done Hollee, you've alienated yourself from half the school population haha.

Then there were the girls, because it was such a tiny school you knew the name of everyone in your year and would probably have a class with each and every one of them at some point. Now I'm not going to lie to you but some of these girls were nasty, like really spiteful. I could again have brushed it off but I decided to make my thoughts about them known. Cool so now that's like 70% of the school against me.

Eventually I had alienated myself so much that I came to terms with the fact that the damage was done, I had a small group of "friends", 4 other girls, one of which I know was talking about me to the rest of the group behind my back. But it meant I wasn't sitting alone at lunch and had people to talk and listen to but when the bell rang that's where it ended.

See I started school "knowing" I wouldn't like it. I never gave it a chance and I never gave myself a chance in doing that. I should have been nice to everyone, regardless. If people are awful, kill them with kindness. All the bullying should have been brushed off, although I don't think that would have started if I hadn't made myself a target.

One thing I have to say to all the girls, all of you. Don't bitch about each other. There are so many people in the world who would be happy to hurt you, don't hurt each other. You are all going through the exact same thing so why rip the shit out of each other about it?! STICK TOGETHER.

If you're a school hater heed this advice, it will end and you will make it. From day 2 of year 7 I was counting the days until I could leave that place and if you'd asked me on day 2 whether I would make it out alive with a bunch of GCSE's I'd have said no but I made it. And I'll be completely honest, it will end and when it does you won't look back and say they were the best days of your life, you'll be glad it's over and never to be repeated. The real world is pretty cool, I think you'll enjoy it. Just hang in there! xx


Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation review.

Hello my lovely people,

Today I wanted to talk to you about foundation, because, well why not? I recently started running low on my NARS sheer matte foundation, and being the little blogger I am, my bank account wasn't leaning me towards a refill so I had to have a think.

I really want to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation as currently I am in desperate need of coverage but during my dupe research I found Revlon Nearly Naked.

Now oddly enough I have never tried Revlon, like at all, that's weird right? So this really is a total new experience for me. I read that Nearly Naked is meant to be high coverage and fell into a lot of top charts for high coverage foundation. Amazing, I'll try it.

So I ordered it online, which I know can be a risky manoueuvre but being a pale panda I tend to be able to get away with the lightest to second to lightest shade. This was the case, they didn't have ivory in stock so I went with vanilla (shade no 2)

The shade was fantastic and matched my skin really well, I was actually really surprised by the range of shades they stock, I think 12 in total, which is incredible for a high street brand.

Initially when I put in on I made a bit of a mistake, the bottle doesn't come with a pump and it ended pouring out way too quick so be careful of that. The application of Nearly Naked was surprising to say the least, it felt really light! It is really easily blendable and despite some reviewers opinions I didn't think it was very oily at all.
The foundation is high coverage but buildable, don't expect flawless skin on one application. I built it up and most of my blemishes were covered.

I really liked the feel of the foundation as it felt really breathable and gave my skin a really pretty glowing/dewy finish.

If you're looking for something close to NARS or Estee Lauder but cheaper I highly recommend this foundation. It has great staying power and gives a really nice finish.

It usually retails or £8.99 but I got mine from Fragrance Direct for £4.99, at that price you should really give it a go. I'll link here!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

OGX Hair Care Review

Yo yo homeslice,

If you haven't heard of OGX before you are in for a treat! You have probably seen it while perusing the aisles of Superdrug but maybe it didn't catch your eye. Well today I am going to tell you about it because, well, it's become a bit of a love affair actually.

OGX is a highstreet brand but it is slightly pricier than your Garnier and Pantene although trust me it's well worth the price. It's as simple as a shampoo and conditioner but they have really done wonders for my hair. I am currently using the Brazilian Keratin Therapy, it smells incredible. The wonder ingredients include coconut oils, keratin proteins, avocado oils and cocoa butter.

 Now my hair is really damaged from bleaching but OGX has been a saving grace, when i'm out of the bath my hair brushes through really well and still feels soft when dried. When, at this point it should feel like a birds nest with 3 chicks nesting in it with the amount of bleaching I've done recently.

A true tell of a high quality conditioner to me is the thickness, you could mistake this for a hair masque it's so thick. What with the combination of smell and texture of OGX it's actually a pleasure to wash my hair for once. The product also lasts a really long time as a little goes a long way, I have very thick quite long hair so I imagine if your hair is short it will last you forever.

I also invested in the Awaphui Ginger Rapid Recovery Mask and Anti-Breakage Keratin oil. Literally the mask smells just like a salon product, I had just bleached my hair a few days before so decided to leave it in overnight. The consistency was silky not sticky and when it came to washing it out, it was a breeze. I have tried so many hair masks that are a nightmare to wash out the next day and leave your hair feeling heavy but not this one. I washed it out and when my hair was dry it felt really light and super super soft. The ends of my hair felt really nicely conditioned. I love it.

The oil is now also a permanent fixture in my hair routine, I use it whenever I blow dry my hair. I tend to spray it on towel dried hair but I have been known to use it for flyaways and to put a spritz on the ends when they're looking dry. The oil is in a really light mist so you'd have to be seriously trigger happy for it to look greasy and the smell it leaves in your hair literally lasts all day. I would use it just for the fragrance!!

I usually buy all my OGX stuff from Superdrug as they seem to be the cheapest seller and they often have good offers on, I'll link it here!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have you used OGX before? What's your favourite product?


Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How to have the BEST Valentine's Day ALONE!

Hey Beautiful,

So Valentine's Day is fast approaching and some of you are single. No big deal. Trust me, it's okay. Now I want to point this out as a disclaimer before we begin. I am not single, I'm in a very happy relationship but, I have had my fair share of lonely nights in and to be honest I don't see much difference.

So, yes, it's Valentines Day. Love is all around but you are the loneliest pickle left in the jar. So let's not get sucked into a ball of couple hating misery let's love ourselves (not in that way, unless you deem it appropriate). Now Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year so there's more time to think therefore you need to keep busy. I recommend taking yourself on a nice shopping trip to buy all the essentials you will need for tonight.

What we are aiming for is the ultimate evening of relaxation and bliss, the plan is a bath, then snuggled up on the couch with a movie. But with a bit of a luxurious twist.

The first thing I recommend you do is tidy up. You want to be able to relax in a tidy cosy surrounding so if you've been a mucky pup then clear up, if not skip this step and pat yourself on the back.

So the place is tidy great, now have a bath! You want to have a bath for relaxation not for cleanliness as such so avoid the razor! Don't get into shaving your legs and being all practical just chill. Take your makeup off first and get your cleanest cosiest pj's prepared for when you get out. Put on an awesome Spotify playlist that makes you feel good, not all mopey. Run a hot bath, now I would say you want either a bath bomb or some bath oils or bubble bath. If you're super lonely and fragile do all three.

For your bath and PJ's I recommend...

Bath time is over, get dry and throw on your PJ's and don't forget the slippers, maybe a dressing gown. It's your night so do it your way.

Next we want to prepare for our evening so to the kitchen! I think it's always super nice when you're chilling and watching a movie to have all your favourite snacks around you but instead of cooking, why not make yourself a personal afternoon tea. Sounds a bit much but it's super easy. Go to somewhere like M&S and grab some nice sandwiches that you can cut into fingers, some yummy cupcakes, some scones, maybe even some macaroons. It's up to you. Present them nicely, I know it's only you eating them but when the prep is done and you're cosied up you will enjoy it and hey, whatever makes a good instagram pic right? I also recommend making a pot of tea, this way you don't have to keep getting up and tea's nicer when it's done properly.

Now to the living room, bunch together some of your favourite candles and light them. Make the room really cosy, low lights, candles flickering and a blanket. A blanket is a must have!

For candles try these...

Time to choose your movie, at this point avoid the rom-coms they'll make you feel worse instead watch a Disney film or some kind of comedy. Or failing that put on your favourite box set.

So there we are we're in our PJ's with a side table full of our favourite foods, sniggled under a blanket to candle light watching the Lion King. Literally what could be better?

I think sometimes you should really make evenings alone an occasion, I love spending time alone now and I make it an event because it happens so little. If you were in a relationship you'd make a ton of effort for your loved one, so why not do it for yourself and plus it's always better when it's done by you because you know exactly how you like things.

Happy Valentines my friends. Enjoy it!


Friday, 5 February 2016


---------- NOW CLOSED --------

Hi Lovely!

If you read that title right you'll be extremely excited right now! I am!

This year I have felt all the love from my beautiful readers and social bunnies so I decided it was a great opportunity to give some love back to you, you gorgeous lil thing!

From now until the 11th I am running the Ultimate Valentine's Day giveaway. I have handpicked some of the perfect things to have the ultimate Valentine's night in. Well to be honest it's a total pamper fest! 

Whether you're single or coupled up this year there's plenty for one and enough for two! Let me show you exactly what we've got here, all the regulations will be at the bottom of the post. Please ensure you qualify before entering.


So we've got (going round clockwise)...

Green Tea and Nanocolloid Face Masks from BBeauty ltd.
Diamante Double Heart Hair Clip from Tegen Accessories.
Milk Chocolate Spoon from Cocoba.
Day and Night Cream from Skincere.
Valentine's Day Ground Coffee from Hope & Glory.
Fruit Loop Card from Lazy Mice.
Cellulose Eye Mask and Apple Collagen Face Mask from Timeless Truth.
I'm Turning Pro Brush Kit and Strokes of Genius Brush Kit from L.A.B 2.
Mason Jar Drinking Cups and Super Soft Grey Blanket from Elimile.
4 Organic Sparkling Fruit Drinks from Berrywhite.
Get Your Glow On REN Skincare Set from Beauty Boutique.
Gelousy Peel Off Gel Kit from United Beauty

Remember give these guys a follow and show them some love!


Right so there are a few ways you can enter...

1. Follow and RT the Competition Tweet on TWITTER.
2. Follow and Regram the Competition Picture on INSTAGRAM.



Good Luck! xx


Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Don't Cast It Off. Sports Direct Edition.

Hi Guys,

Now I don't know about you but I search to the ends of the internet to find awesome fashion pieces and if I can get them at a low price then all the better. I've decided to share with you some weird places you've probably never thought to look for fashion but can really pay off.

This edition is Sports Direct. I can't exactly say the clue is in the name here because it really isn't. Although despite what the name says Sports Direct can offer some awesome clothes, shoes and accessories that you often don't sell anywhere else. Let's call it a diamond in the rough! So here are my picks.

Sunglasses SoulCal £4.00, Kardashian Necklace £3.99, Fur snood SoulCal £9.99, Jumpsuit Rocks and Rags £13.00.

Tartan Coat Firetrap £30.00, Shift Dress Firetrap £7.49, Pleat Skirt First and I £11.00, Pencil Skirt Lipsy £18.00, White Fur Coat SoulCal £35.00.

Sunglasses Rock and Rags £4.00, NY Tee Rock and Rags £14.99, Depresso Tee David and Goliath £9.00, Triple Bangle USC £2.50.

Everything on there is literally a steal and  was so shocked at how much nice stuff they had. I doubt many people see Sports Direct as the fashion capital of the high street but lookout TopShop you've got some stiff competition.

After seeing this, would you buy from Sports Direct? What's you're favourite pick? xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

MUST HAVE Primark Makeup


Why I nearly got caught out by a scam modelling agency.

Hi Guys,

Sorry I've been so totally absent, I have created a clothing brand and my focus kind of switched. I'm back now though.

So odd title I suppose. I had a situation on Twitter last week, well it wasn't so much a situation but I still thought I would tell you about it.

I was approached via Twitter DM by a modelling company, saying they want to represent me. Well let me put this straight early on. I have never wanted to become a model, I've never really thought about it but when I was approached I thought it would go great alongside the blog. I would see all the newest trends and be representing the companies I've always wanted to work with.

So yeah great, I responded. I was asked to fill in an application form, I'd like to add I was digging very deep but getting no catch from the guy so I thought I would carry on. So form filled out, whatever. Next day I got a call which I missed (I never answer my phone, like ever) so I got a text, it read

 "Hi Hollee, It is imperative that you call this number within the next 24 hours to secure your position, and to avoid being removed from the selection process. Best Regards, Office Manager"

 I wasn't going to call back in all honesty, the next 24 hours were manic but I found 5 minutes and thought I may as well.

So I rang the mobile number, yes mobile, alarm bells anyone? And the guy answered like it was his personal mobile, I persevered. I told him my name etc etc he then said he wanted to ask me a few questions to ensure I am right for the agency, fine I thought. The questions were along the lines of "do you think companies would like you?" and "height, weight etc". He told me they don't have a height or weight limit which I thought was really good. Anyway he carried on, telling me he's working with MTV and had worked with The Fast and Furious franchise for extras, this is when the cracks started to show. He said he'd worked for the BBC and said that if I were to represent myself I wouldn't get anyway with a modelling career (don't underestimate me! but anyway.)

We then got into the crux of the deal. I would have to go to a test shoot, they would then offer me a full contract where they pay for everything (remember this we'll be coming back to it) a semi financed contract or no contract at all. Fine.

There was a £50 deposit for the day ALARM BELLS. If you were signed they kept it, if not you got it back. So I carried on he asked me when I could come for the test shoot, he wanted me literally a couple of days after the phone call, it all fell a bit too eager so we arranged and day and he instantly asked me for the money. I wasn't going to go so I told him I didn't have it at the moment, he kept pressing for it, I told him i could get it to him the next day "what time, what time?" Oh christ. I said early afternoon so he gave me their bank details to do a direct BACS payment, he recommended I speak to other models they had signed to get a feel for what it's like, so I did.

Straight off the phone I jumped on Twitter and started digging, I came across a couple of people that I asked to DM me. One girl came back first, she was from Birmingham and was signed with a full contract after the test shoot, yes, she paid for the privilege to go all the way to London! 

We got chatting and I was asking her whether they were legit, she told me that she got the full contract but she can't go forward until she pays for her portfolio. Pays for it? I thought a full contract meant it was all paid for you. I said that to her and she said she didn't know why but it was going to cost her £2000! TWO GRAND?! This was simply for photos. I would want my face carved into diamond for that money. We got to talking and she decided to ask another of the models. She had only questioned whether it was right or not when the other girl blocked her and reported her to the modelling agency, who then told her that her contract was suspended until she rang them.

I'm not being funny but that to me is seriously fishy. For a start when I googled the company I couldn't find anything apart from their own website. No reviews, no nothing. This is a company that apparently works in the USA massively. I found no proof of that. They had no testimonials on their website which I thought odd seeing as MTV and huge movie companies had used them.

I came to the conclusion this was a scam. What really upsets me about it is women are so insecure now that the idea they could become a model surely makes them feel accepted and good about themselves. The girl that I spoke to said in her own words that she was riding on that opportunity to get her life on track and yet she very nearly paid out £2000 for it.

It's disgusting when people tale advantage of insecurities, especially when it comes to women and the society we live in. Please if ever you get one of these opportunities think, if they want me I shouldn't have to pay. In a world that wants to screw you over at every turn, knowing your worth is the most valuable tool you can possess. 
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