Saturday, 30 April 2016

The OUAI Forward. Review.

Hi there beautiful,

Now, I don't know if you've heard the news through the haircare grapevine but there is some seriously delectable new products coming our way. I would like to formally introduce you to OUAI. You're welcome.

OUAI is a new haircare range from celebrity stylist Jen Atkin. Some clients include Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Emma Stone and of course the name on everyone's lips, Kim Kardashian. I don't want to focus on the Kim K thing too much because this product and Jen herself are incredible in their own right, I just think Kim is a cheeky bonus.

Jen is a highly attributed stylist and this is what she's said about her new range; 'With OUAI, I wanted to create a “breath of fresh hair”—a line for real life, for real women. Luxury products that are simple, affordable, and classic in a world full of loud noise.'

I have to say she has achieved her goal and more. I am not long out the shower from having my first use of OUAI repair and it was beautiful. A real spa experience which, a girl like me, always appreciates. I have incredibly damaged, thick, rather long hair, which tends to be a feat for most luxury haircare to contend with. 

Normally the shampoo's don't get through my hair fully and leave it feeling heavy and flat. Whereas OUAI slipped through like a charm, the lather it created was luxurious and I ended up shampooing far longer than normal creating a meringue style bouffant that would make any baked Alaska envious.

The conditioner was thick, creamy and silky. Not too thick to make it difficult but thick enough to know it's good quality (I cannot abide a thin conditioner). My hair, being a tangly mess is usually a nightmare to condition but OUAI seemed to melt the knots away. So much so, straight after application I could comb my fingers through my hair to get a really nice coverage. When I washed the conditioner out my hair felt like silk in the water and I knew it was going to be good when dry.

One thing I have to mention as a special point is the smell. This has to be one of the best smelling conditioners I have ever used. It has a beautiful fresh yet floral scent that fills the bathroom and stays on your hair when dry. I have looked at the entire range and the one thing I would add if I were Jen Atkin would be a hair perfume. If this smell was a perfume, I'd bathe in it. It's beautiful.

All in all this collection made my hair soft, hydrated, shiny and tangle free. I would recommend it to everyone, especially due to the compliments you will get from the boyfriend when he smells you step out the shower!

OUAI is exclusive to Selfridges in the UK, you can find it and buy online HERE. Enjoy! x

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Friday, 29 April 2016

Swarovski Filled Makeup Brushes!

Hey you!

So I don't know about you but I am one of those people who collects makeup, I'm proud of my makeup and I love seeing it. Unfortunately some packaging can be best hidden in my bureau then on display. Until I came across these brushes, possibly the MOST beautiful brushes I have ever seen.

Filled to the brim with genuine Swarovski crystals that glisten almost as much as my eye's when I look at them! Not only are these brushes beautiful but they are good, a combination seldom found nowadays. The bristles are soft and supple and there is absolutely no fall out.

When I was tested them, they packed on so much more product than some of my other brushes and the pay off in using them was phenomenal! Despite their appearance, they are not delicate. They are hardy, solid, well made brushes that make you feel so special when you use them.

Washing these brushes is a dream. Due to the soft bristles with a little bit of brush cleaner, any excess product just slides away and they are left looking brand spanking new.

Unfortunately at this time, these brushes aren't available in the UK but don't fear. The website is under construction and should be finished soon so here's the link for your diary and if you really feel you cannot wait, email Thomas he may be able to ship some to you earlier

If by any distant chance you will be going to Austria anytime soon, they are available at Swarovski Austria in Crystalworld, Innsbruck and Vienna. I would highly recommend getting them and early if you can because I think these are going to sell out the second they hit the UK!

What are the most beautiful makeup products you own? Share in the comments below! X

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My Must Know Summer Style Tips!

Hello my sun soaking friend,

Summer is coming and there is no time like the present to update your summer wardrobe. It sounds so easy but in my opinion there are some tried and tested tips to keep you looking and feeling your breezy best. Follow these few tips and I assure you will be rocking summer '16 at your finest!

1. Keep it loose!
Anything tight and clingy will make you feel sticky and flustered. Although that cami seems like a good idea now, the tightness will have the last laugh. Go for loose, breezy fitting pieces that not only let the cool air in but will set that sweaty heat free!
Left to right: £27.50, £19, £29 All JD Williams

2. Go natural!
Natural fabrics not only feel fresher on a hot day they will actually keep you fresher for longer. Synthetic fabrics can actually make you sweat more and keep that nastiness trapped for longer. Opt instead for cotton or linen which isn't only breathable but will make any sweat dry quicker.
100% Cotton Dresses. Left to right: £35, £30, £35 All JD Williams.

3. Embellish clothes not your body!
Don't become a sticky entangled mess this year by dropping the jewellery. Contrary to popular swimwear ads all those jewels will increase the temp! Not only will they stick to your skin, the metal elements will heat up and make you do so as well. Also avoid covering your wrists with bracelets, as your wrists are a major cooling point on your body!
Left to right: £75, £120, £165 All JD Williams.

4. Throw shade!
Don't be afraid to cover up in summer. Not only will direct sunlight heat you up, it can damage your skin as well. Try coupling sleeves with some cooling accessories like hats and scarves for your shoulders (on the days you really couldn't resist going strappy!)
Left to right: £35, £50, £52 All JD Williams

5. Lighten up!
This is a tip that could save your life! Wearing light colours reflects light and keeps you so much cooler, whereas those dark colours absorb all the heat onto you. Now we can't have that can we?
Left to right: £30, £45, £47 All JD Williams

So there you have it my lovely ladies, some simple tricks to stay cool and fresh all summer long. Have any tips of your own? Share them in the comments below! X

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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Give yourself a Beauty Lift with DHC's new range!

Alright Pickle?

So a couple of weeks ago I was very lucky and I was invited to a very swanky event in London. It was super cool and Japanese! The cocktails were flowing and there was sushi everywhere! Seriously cool, although my palette isn't grown up enough for sushi, I ate lots of Edamame beans. Mmmmm.

Anyway... The reason I was there was for the skincare. You know me, always on a mission for more. Well lucky for us Japan have decided to bring us more than Kawaii and Hello Kitty. May I introduce you to DHC, now you may have heard of them before but essentially DHC are a Japanese beauty brand that have launched into the UK with a beautiful bang! 

They have some serious stats when it comes to the Beauty industry so I wanted to show you Beauty Lift their new range of skincare that offers a whole lot!

I love this range so much and have been rigorously testing it on my chops for the last few weeks. So let me show you the range!

Disclaimer: Now these are anti-aging products so I can't explain to you the full effects that can offer as I'm still a spring chicken, but for anyone around the age of 20+ I do recommend using anti-age as prevention is better than a cure! To read about the anti aging effects click here to read The Lavender Barn's perspective.

Beauty Lift Cream Moisturiser...
This moisturiser is one of the most hydrating I have EVER used. I have insanely dry skin on my nose and this sorted it with ease! My skin felt so nourished and noticeably brighter.

Beauty Lift Lotion...
This incredible toner is a total must have. As a stage one moisturiser and toner this Lotion gave my skin a noticeable lift and left it feeling super soft.

Beauty Lift Essence...
This serum is beautiful, lightly fragranced it again is really hydrating and feels light on the skin. It absorbs really well without leaving a sticky residue.

Beauty Lift Milk...
The Beauty Lift Milk is another moisturiser but it's incredibly light so great for day time wear. I often use this under my makeup and it gives my skin a great finish and barrier to apply foundation onto.

The Sciency Bit...
The entire range has Mevalonolactone which helps hold onto hydration, Pentapeptide-18 which improves elasticity and help minimize expression lines, Ceramide-3 which promotes barrier strength and Oat Kernel Extract which creates a lifting veil of moisture.

All in all it's a fabulous range which has left my skin more moisturised than it has ever felt before. I really would recommend to everyone! 

Grab some for yourself here... 

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