Friday, 29 July 2016

NOW CLOSED--- #NationalLipstickDay Giveaway! Win 4 MUA Whipped Velvet Liquid Lipsticks.

Hi Lovely!

If ever I needed to have an excuse to run a giveaway, National Lipstick Day is it! I have four MUA Cosmetics, Whipped Velvet Liquid Lipsticks to giveaway to one lucky winner.
The colours include: Chi Chi, Rococo, Majestic & Hedonic. I personally love the formulas of these lipsticks and they're not drying on the lips. They look beautiful on and are really nice to use.

In order to win the competition you MUST be a UK resident (sorry, if you're not!) and to enter you have to FOLLOW and RT the pinned tweet on my Twitter page here.

The winner will be picked at random and told via DM in 2 weeks from today (12/08/16).

Good luck everyone! xx


Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Three Ways to Make Your Style Unique!

I like to think that my style is pretty unique. I love fashion, but I don’t like to go down the standard catwalk route. I certainly don’t opt for the high-street must-haves that all the glossy magazines say you should be buying. Instead, I prefer to make my wardrobe a little quirkier and pack some personality into it!

If you’re reading this post, then chances are you’re looking to do just the same for your own wardrobe. Whether you want to know how to express your style more, or you’re just looking for some cool fashion tips, I hope you enjoy my top three ways to make your look more unique.

1. Go for novelty rather than normal!
There are so many cool novelty items out there at the minute, and depending on what it is you love, you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your style. Do you love going to the cinema? How about pairing an all-black outfit with a peanut-bag inspired drawstring handbag next time you go? They look just like the old-fashioned movie bags of peanuts from vintage theatres.

Whether it’s a clutch bag shaped like a telephone or a pair of earrings that are music notes to express your artistic side, there are plenty of ways to express your quirky side through novelty items.

2. Customise your clothes!
Customisation is my favourite way of adding something a little different to my style. First and foremost, I’m the one making the changes, so no one in the world will have another top, skirt or jacket like mine. This form of up-cycling clothing is the latest fashion trend, lending itself well to the way our nans used to ‘make do and mend’ across the country.

Instead of doing it out of necessity though, people are doing it to make something new out of a drab old wardrobe. If one of your tops has lost its lustre, add some sew-on sequins or studs to give it new life. Add a black fur collar to an old washed denim waistcoat, or tailor a skirt that’s lost its shape. There’s no end to what you can do!

3. Try boho for beginners!
There are a lot of boho-chic accessories and clothing lines out there that can help give your wardrobe that hippie-twist. On the one hand, you could go for a piece of statement handmade jewellery at ChloBo; they specialise in high-quality jewellery and have a whole new range out in boho-luxe. Think of moon symbols, rose gold and grey agate, but in an understated way that will make sure you keep your elegance.
On the other hand, you could opt for some espadrilles in a bold pattern and contrast it with an equally bold skater skirt and crop top. Or, go for a nature-inspired headpiece and make yourself a boho fishtail plait.

What did you think of these style tips? How do you make your style more unique? Don’t forget to leave a comment. Xx


Sunday, 24 July 2016

LOLA By Perse Review & Swatches.

Hey Gorgeous,

I have a fun one for you today. It's all about make-up and a beautiful brand called LOLA by Perse which has recently launched in the UK and is taking social media by storm. Stocked currently exclusively in Marks and Spencers, you really need to get your hands on it!

I was sent four beautiful eyeshadows, a super pretty blush and a smudging brush. All the products are really high quality with a silky matte texture (easy to clean!)

The eyeshadows are stunning, they are highly pigmented with a soft consistency which is great for grabbing as much as you need. They blend really easily and have a good staying power. The colours have a beautiful subtle shimmer, almost like a frost which keeps the shadows perfect for day or night. I would highly recommend these. You can pick them up for £10 at Marks and Spencers- here.
I was sent (from top to bottom) Satin 024, Satin 015, Satin 036 and Satin 001

The blusher is so beautiful with such a natural pinched cheek pink, it would look fabulous on all skin tones. Again the formula is highly pigmented and soft so you can grab as much as you need. The blushes has a tiny hint of shimmer in it which I love for days when I can't be bothered with highlighter this works really well. This has now become one of my favourite blushers and will look beautiful on holiday for a good glow! You can pick them up for £14 at Marks and Spencers- here.
The colour I received was 006.

 All in all I love this brand, they have an extensive range online at Marks and Spencers and all the products are such high quality. I will for sure be buying more! xx


Monday, 18 July 2016

Sun Care Tips for Pale Skin

Hello you fair beauty,

Being pale is unfair (no pun intended). We get a pretty bad rap when it comes to summer and it always feels like our enjoyment is limited to how long it takes for us to either become lobsters or for our skin to fall off altogether. I've been there, my boyfriend has nicknamed me "new born fish" due to the fact that I am so pale I am almost see through. There is nothing more most pale girls want in summer than to be a golden glistening goddess but to achieve that, we need to go about it the right way.

First thing I am going to talk about is sun screen, sun cream, sun block, whatever you call it, you need SPF baby! I am a nightmare when it comes to sun cream. I hate the sticky residue it leaves, I hate feeling greasy and I hate my sweat becoming more obvious as it turns milky white. Alas, I have found an alternative, Delph was sent to my blogger mail and I thought I'd give it a go.

First things first you need at least factor 30, no arguments. If you choose to go higher, which I recommend then brownie points to you. The Delph I have is in factor 30 and as well as being a sun cream it is also a moisturiser so it soaks in. Beautiful.

If you are going to tan please either do it before 10am or after 4pm, the sun is it's least aggressive at these times, start with 10-15 minutes proper tanning time and gradually increase by a few minutes a day until you reach a maximum of 30 minutes.

You are not immune to the sun if you are in water. In fact it makes it worse because the rays reflect off of the water. I recommend Delph in water, you don't end up feeling like a slippery seal and you won't get a milky cloud surrounding you. Don't forget to reapply after you get out.

When your day is done, use aftersun. After sun is not just for burns, it will cool and soothe your skin. At the end of the day you are cooking yourself so the Aloe Vera in the Delph aftersun will help repair any damage that you may have got and the vitamin E will moisturise and soothe.

 It is so important to keep reapplying your sun cream and use after sun if you want a long lasting tan that doesn't peel. You can grab Delph at most good pharmacies. If you are going away make sure you have enough sun protection and be careful in the sun. Follow these tips and you'll be a bronzed goddess in no time!


Thursday, 14 July 2016

The Best No Plug Air Freshener for Summer!

Yo yo,

Now I don't know about you but I am obsessed with home scents. I can't have a smelly home, I just won't allow it. Plug-in's are fine and I use them a lot but it seems the scent will only stick around as long as it's plugged in.

I've also tried Aroma Diffusers, again, fantastic but I always forget to refill the water. Essentially I am an idiot. I was lucky enough to get a ceramic burner for wax melts. I've never tried something like this before but I though I'd give it a good go. The brand is Bolsius Aromatic and the burner is a part of their creations range.

The ceramic burner itself comes with a bunch of wax melts for you to start off with and then you can buy more online. The concept behind the different wax melts is for you to create your scents, you can have anything from sugary sweet scents to earthy woody scents. It's entirely up to you. I personally love it because my tastes change with my mood. Sometimes I want to feel like I'm in a beautifully crisp hotel and other times I want to feel like i'm snuggling up in a woodland cabin so it's perfect for me.

To use the burner you just place a tealight inside and crack off the scents you want to mix, place in the top of the burner and allow to melt. The scent lasts between 4 and 6 hours concentrated but the scent fills the room so well that it's in the air a lot longer.

I wouldn't recommend using this product with children or pets unsupervised. No one wants wax on their carpet, or on their children for that matter.

If you are mad about your home and your scents you should definitely grab one of these, it's fab. You can grab one from Amazon here, it's only £12.99 for the full starter kit!


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How To Remove Puffiness From Your Eyes With DHC Rich Eye Zone Treatment.

Aloha Pickle,

I have to say, what a week! It has been non stop back and forth to the city this week, I love being busy but I must admit, the tiredness caught up with me. Friday night was a prosecco laden event and after the two hour travel home I realised I looked a state! My eyes needed help.

I was sent this pack in my blogger mail and hadn't got round to trying it out so I thought this was the perfect excuse. The DHC Eye Zone Treatment came in a cute sealed pouch and inside a little container with the eye masks keeping fresh inside. I whipped them out and popped them on my eyes. Instantly they were cooling and the cream mask felt rich and intense.

I decided to lay back with a cuppa and let them do their work. They claim to have a visible effect on fine lines but I have to say I'm not the best judge on anything anti-ageing so you'll have to go to my mums blog for that (TheLavenderBarn) and that they will calm puffiness and increase elasticity. I took them off after 10 minutes, rubbed in the remaining cream and fell asleep. Oops.

When I woke up though I looked (although didn't feel!) so refreshed! There were no signs of redness or soreness from my eyes and you would never know I had a heavy one the night before.

So personally, I love these. They keep you looking fresh faced and are perfect after a large night on the town, I also think they'd do pretty well if you've had a bit of a cry (we all do it) or a bad hayfever day.

You can grab a pack from DHC - here. They come in a pack with 6 applications so should last a while.

What are your tricks for puffy eyes? xx


Thursday, 7 July 2016

Frizz Free, Anti Humidity Hair with Schwarzkopf Got2B All Star & Oil-licious

Hello Sweetpea,

If you are reading this blog you probably have the same hair trauma that I cope with on the daily! If my hair has any reason to be unruly it will be. Either it's so frizzy that I look like a spaniel or the humidity get's to it so badly I look like Bob Ross. 

The problem I've always found is that there are a million products that deal with individual struggles but surely I can't put them ALL in my hair?!

Luckily this week in the blogger mail I was sent some awesome looking Schwarzkopf products. Now I will be honest, I can be a bit of a snob when it comes to hair products and high street brands have often let me down so I was dubious. Surprise surprise, I was wrong again! 

Schwarzkopf Got2B All Star 10 in 1 claims to deliver shine, fullness, strength, thickness, smoothness, suppleness, protection, anti-frizz, anti-humidity and shape. So did it deliver? I used it on clean, towel dried hair. I used 2 pumps as directed and evenly ran it through my hair and then blow dried as normal. Usually after blow drying I have to straighten to smooth and flatten my hair or just put it up to make it presentable.

This time though it was really silky soft, it had lift which wasn't caused by frizz and it was really smooth. Due to the weather we have been experiencing recently it was really muggy outside so it was the best time to be out and see how it fared. My hair actually stayed smooth and still looked done by the time I got in. I was really shocked it was so good! I would highly recommend this to anyone who has troublesome hair and it's so cheap. You can pick it up for £4.19 at Boots- here.

I also tried Oil-licious. It is an Argan oil infused styling hair oil. I used it as a pre wash, so applied it to dry hair overnight before washing in the morning to find non greasy, deep conditioning shine. I really enjoyed this and again you can get it for £4.19 at Boots- here.

I think both these products are great I will definitely be buying them again when they run out. What is your favourite high street hair care product, let me know! xx


Wednesday, 6 July 2016

The Best Glitter Lips, How To & Review.

Hello Gorgeous,

I have found THE best way to get glittery lips, forget all those YouTube tutorials which need constant reapplication. In my blogger mail, glistening in the light was this amazing product which gives multi-dimensional real glitter lips, that not only look stunning, but stay for up to 8 hours!

So the colour I have is called 'Diamond in the Buff' which is a glittery nude, it's incredible. It has this faint natural pink which I think is just stunning and the glitter reflects so well!

Inside the box you get, the pot of glitter, a tube of their special gloss which has a doe foot applicator and a glitter applicator brush which has a sponge tip one end and a small dusting brush the other. The brush actually feels really well made and the bristles are super soft.

When applying, follow the instructions the first couple of times and then you can probably do it by memory but it goes a little like this. Apply the gloss being neat at the edges, doing it one lip at a time helps. Let it dry to clear and keep lips open, then dampen the sponge tip and dab into the glitter. Then apply straight to the lips, I find dabbing it on is better than sweeping. Check any areas that are sticky are coated with glitter then use the brush to sweep off the excess and your done.

This product really does last a good 8 hours but avoid eating anything oily as oil breaks down the glue, use oil to remove easily though!

You can get Glitter Lips here, they come in 17 different shades and are stunning! xxx


Monday, 4 July 2016

Epsom Salts, The True Benefits.

Hey Lovely!

I hope you're all safe considering the flooding!! So recently in my blogger mail I received a rather heavy bag of Epsom salts. I've used bath salts before and have obviously heard of Epsom salts here there and everywhere. They do originate from my home county of Surrey. I was looking forward to giving these a try but more importantly I wanted to know what it's all about.

So considering these salty bad boys will cut my bath time down to 20 minutes max I wanted to find out what the benefits were. Obviously we all know of the benefits as a muscle relaxant but I wanted to find other uses.

They make a great exfoliator, by rubbing gently directly on the legs you can remove dead skin cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite due to the magnesium.
I also found out that it can be a hangover cure, which to me sounds amazing. Basically when you are hungover a toxic reaction of the alcohol breaking down occurs which can lead to dehydration luckily Epsom salts draw out the toxins and help tired muscles!
It can improve the look of legs by using a cold compress, soak a flannel in a mix of cold water and Epsom salts and apply it to the legs to reduce the look of bruises!
And according to the likes of Victoria Beckham and Gwyneth Paltrow they can also help create a flat tummy by bathing in a tub with 2 cups of Epsom salt it can draw out impurities and toxins, reduce puffiness (due to water retention) and can help your tummy look flatter.

Sounds pretty good to me, luckily for us not on the A-List, Epsom salts are super cheap too. You can get the salts that I am using (Westlab Epsom Salts) from Westlab directly here. What are your cheap beauty hacks? Let me know in the comments! xx

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