Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipstick NEW RELEASE


I have to admit to you that today's blog has had me incredibly over excited for a while now. I love Seventeen, I love new releases and I love matte. So if you love all these things too (who doesn't?!) then you are in for a treat.

Introducing the new matte lipstick range from Seventeen, Mega Matte. This range is too cool! The range of colours is vast with 12 shades to choose from and there's a reason. They've already matched the perfect colours to your skin tone, amazing right? It's all well and fine swatching in the store but you never really know what suits until you get it home. Not this time around, choose your skin tone and then see what shades are made for you!

Now I am so pale I am almost transparent so I went with 2 of the fair shades and 1 medium/fair (for darker foundation days). When these came through the post I was really impressed with the quality of the packaging, the case is matte with gloss chevrons on it, so cute! It also has a strong satisfying click when you shut it (for those of you as ocd as me!)

The formula for these lipsticks is just spot on for me, they're not at all drying, they actually feel really soft and slide on your lips. It's a really creamy formula with such a great pigment for the price. My advice when using these (and any other liquid matte lipstick for that matter) is exfoliate your lips first so they make a smooth base. Always blot the excess and then reapply for more colour, this will keep the lipstick last longer and avoid bleeding.

Nude News...

This is such a great everyday colour, it is subtle and just completes a look perfectly. It's a great nude tone with a red/orange blush that gives a really healthy look. I love this shade, especially with a tan!

I Lilac it A Lot...

This is downright my new favourite shade of lipstick. I have to say I've never tried a lilac before and I wish I had sooner. It suits pale skin so well and gives off a subtle but edgy vibe. It doesn't wash you out like the bold darker shades but you still look awesome. The pastel lilac is so cute and it's my new unicorn lipstick!!

Pinking Out Loud...

This shade makes me so happy it's stupid, when I wear it I always end up checking myself out in the mirror. In the tube it looks like a really strong Barbie pink (which I'm not against, but I'm equally not brave) but when applied it tones down on the Barbie and again is a really nice pastel pink shade which you can build up to amp up your level of Barbie doll. I love this so much!

These lipsticks are seriously awesome and for the price you could buy the whole range!! If you wanted to of course :) You can get them from Boots-here for only £3.49 each!

What are your fave matte lipsticks? I wanna know!! xxx


Monday, 22 August 2016

Tweezers, What Are They All For?!

Hey Lovely,

I have to say, the journey to instabrows for me was a long and complex one. There is so much to plucking and shaping brows, that knowing what I know now I feel comfortable enough to tell you some advice.

Tweezers have been used since 3000 BC, which is great and all but what are they all for? Check out this infographic below for everything you need to know about tweezers, including what they're for and dispelling some of the plucking myths you may have heard! 

I really hope these facts have helped you figure out what you're doing when you take those tweezers to your face, for more information check out https://moo.review/tweezers/ for some incredible tips and tricks on taming those brows!

What's your best brow tip? Let me know in the comments! xx


Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Laura Geller Baked Gelato Swirl Illuminator Review.

Well hello there!

I love a good highlighter, and who doesn't? Makeup staples have increased tenfold in the last few years and now I doubt you'd find a makeup bag without a cheeky highlighter hanging out in there. My favourite highlighters have been from the lovely Laura Geller for a while now. I have 2 new shades that I had to show you, so shall we?

Charming Pink

This pink is absolutely stunning and the shimmer is beautiful, this highlighter gives such a princessy, romantic glow which I love. The highlighters have a really nice amount of pigment and are easily blendable and buildable. This shade is perfect for a softer, summer date night look and looks subtle and natural.

Peach Glow

Peach Glow really lives up to it's name, the shimmer it creates is stunning. The shade is a beautiful peach shade that gives of a beautiful champagne shimmer. I think this shade is perfect for absolutely any skin tone. Who doesn't suit champagne? The texture is a sheer powder but feels like a cream when applied and has incredible staying power.

If you want to look like a beautiful shimmery goddess then Laura Geller is for you. After using these highlighters you will never look back, everyone I've recommended them to absolutely love them. You can get yourself these makeup bag staples from Cult Beauty-here.


Thursday, 11 August 2016

How To Fight Acne with Sebamed.

Hey Sweetpea,

Since getting acne at the age of 23 (not fair!!) My own skin has become my absolute nemesis. I am fighting on the daily to keep my pimples at bay and the blackheads away. There are so many products on the market that claim the world but with skin that is so sensitive you have to be really careful what you put on it for fear of creating a huge breakout! I then came across Sebamed. Sebamed is a ph balanced skincare range targeted at acne prone skin. For the sake of everyone's skin, I have tried 3 products from the range to see what Sebamed can do.

Clear Face Cleansing Bar

This soap free cleansing bar is used like you would use any ordinary cleanser but in a bar form. I find that due to it being in a bar it lasts a lot longer than ordinary cleansers. The scent is really fresh and clean and leaves your skin feeling purified and fresh. The cleansing bar is formulated for mild acne and combats acne causing bacteria with a PH of 5.5. It reduces excess sebum and contains vitamins, amino acids and lecithin to rebalance stressed skin and moistuise. I really like this cleanser and it's perfect for travel.

Clear Face Care Gel

This gel can do some amazing stuff. It contains no oils, perfumes or colourants and has a PH of 5.5 so it's really kind to skin. This gel will not only smoothe scaly skin using Allantoin but it increases the moisturising capacity of the skin thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid. What I found incredible about this gel is how it really helped to heal my acne cuts and made my skin far less irritated thanks to Panthenol and Aloe. 

Clear Face Deep Cleansing Facial Toner

This toner is an all in one product but has one very important effect for me. Firstly the toner contains alot of the ingredients above which helps healing lesions, removing excess oil and sebum, disinfects with alcohol, soothes and moisturises with cucumber. The one factor that really makes this my go to toner is the witch hazel that not only soothes the skin from irritation but it also contains an astringent effect that contracts pores to give them a smaller appearance. Awesome.

I love this skin care. It is so well developed and geared towards acne prone skin that I can trust it for daily use. If you have mild acne, dry flakey skin and over production of oil, this range is perfect for you. You can find the entire Sebamed Clear Face range at Feel Unique-here

What do you use to control your acne, I'd love to know what other products I should try. Let me know below xx


Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Sonic Chic Urban, The Only Toothbrush You Need!

Hello Gorgeous,

As we all know already electric toothbrushes are better for you than manual. Dentists have said it, it's a fact. There is such a wide variety of brushes now that really, I don't know where to start when looking for one. They can range from £10 to over £100. Some are too clunky, some are too small, some are downright ugly (I know it's only a toothbrush but I like cute things!) It really can be a minefield, just to keep your teeth clean?

Last week I was sent this gorgeous piece of kit which I believe is the only toothbrush you need.

This is the Sonic Chic Urban electric toothbrush. It is so damn cute that shoving it in my mouth feels like a crime! Haha. But really it is so pretty and comes in a huge variety of designs to match your preference.

The toothbrush is absolutely perfect for travelling and will be coming with me wherever I go. It is small enough to go in a handbag or even in your clutch if you think you might get lucky on a night out! It had a safety cap on it that protects any part that may come in contact with your mouth. What I really like about this toothbrush is that it's battery powered with removable AAA batteries. Which is great because you don't have to take another charger away on holiday with you.

The power of the brush is, in my opinion, really good for it's size. It works at 22,000 strokes per minute so you're guaranteed a good clean. When I first used it I was surprised at how smooth it had made the surface of my teeth especially for the price.

Sonic Chic are very generous when it comes to what they put in the box. Not only do you get the brush unit (the motor and the cap) they also supply two brush heads so you have a spare or one for your partner. It comes with the AAA battery you need to get started (praise to this company for that!) and an instruction leaflet. 

You can also buy replacement heads for the Sonic Chic which are far cheaper than alternative brands I've seen. I would highly recommend this brush, it's so cute, so portable, gives a good clean and is a fabulous price.

The Sonic Chic is currently on sale at Boots-here. Usually £20 now £10.


Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Hylamide Photography Foundation Review

Well Hello!

I am so excited to tell you about this product today. It is a literal revolution in a bottle and if you're an Instagram freak like I am then it is PERFECT for you!

Essentially this product from Hylamide will repair any of your camera woes. It's for all those days when your selfies just don't reflect what's in the mirror, because the camera can be very harsh sometimes!

This transparent foundation has been made to make skin look better on camera and to blur imperfections in real life. So how does it do it?

- Using nano fractions of silica based prisms create light confusion which reduced the appearance of fine lines and pores immediately.
- The Prismatic Gold Technology adds a sheer golden glow for instantly brighter looking skin and a clearer more balanced complexion.
- The ultra advanced super hue correctors black out unwanted and uneven skin tones in real life while adding angular shadows for more definition on film.
- The Oil-Free Bio-Sugar complex is perfect for acne prone skin and offers immediate comfortable hydration which lasts up to 48 hours.

This foundation can be worn alone, under makeup or mixed with foundation. It doesn't have the same feel as traditional foundation and is far lighter for longer wear while adding a cinematic look in photographs. This is a fabulous addition to your makeup bag for days where you know the camera will be out, going clubbing and other events in general. You will no longer have camera f.o.m.o! 

You can grab Hylamide Photography Foundation from Look Fantastic-here

What do you use to improve your appearance in photos? Let me know below! xx


How To Have White Teeth, Without 'Teeth Whitening'

Aloha Folks,

Now, every since I quit smoking (gross I know) I have been obsessive about my teeth. If I was going to get one benefit out of quitting my favourite bad habit is was going to be a Hollywood smile. I'm going to give you my natural tips and tricks to have great teeth without the peroxide.

Initially, one month after quitting on Christmas my mum bought me an electric toothbrush. I'm pretty sure the last one we had was from 2002 so it wasn't great and I went back to manual but now they're mega. If you really want a clean teeth feeling I highly recommend an electric tooth brush. I've never looked back.

The next must is a good toothpaste, a great one is Oral-B pro expert and it comes with whitening properties. It's quite grainy but it really get's the job done. For any surface stains I would recommend a tooth powder, you can find some for cheap in all good drug stores.

The one thing I always struggled with was the stains in between my teeth. I could not shake them for the life of me and I ended up making my gums sore trying. Recently I came across this miracle in the form of tooth harps.

They're from DenTek and are amazing, they have a minty taste and a flouride whitening coating on the ribbon to get rid of the trickiest stains. These have literally been my life saver and I use them all the time now. The ribbon is super strong so won't snap between tight teeth and super smooth. They also make a great bathroom freshen up on the go. You can grab a pack of 75 at Boots-here.

As obvious as these tips seem they've helped me so much and have meant avoiding the hygienist for an oral attack! What are your top tips for pearly whites? Let me know below! xx


Saturday, 6 August 2016

Dermalogica Clay Mask Review

Hello Beautiful,

Since being formally diagnosed with adult acne last year, I've always been very careful with what I put on my skin. A lot of my face masks have found their way to the back and beyond of my cupboards but I think this one will be a keeper for sure, and by this one I'm talking about Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque.

This mask contains activated charcoal powder which when used in a face mask will bind to and help pull out the dirt and excess oil in your pores making them less visible (because it's the dirt and oil that makes pores appear bigger). So as an acne sufferer this is like a miracle. The texture of this mask also helps exfoliate the skin and absorbs oil and toxins on and below the skin. Making your skin appear clearer and making it feel noticeable smoother and cleaner.

I've been using this mask over a couple of weeks and it has made a noticeable difference to my skin. My whiteheads are near enough gone and blackheads are a thing of the past. My skin used to become extremely dry because of my acne cream, which made it look dull and tired. Now I find if I need a bit of a pick me up, I reach for this mask to brighten my skin, it makes it look really fresh and incredibly smooth.

The texture of the mask is slighty 'gritty', due to the charcoal powder. Which is fine by me because it exfoliates so well. The mask dries well within around 10 minutes and washes off without a problem. The mask has an earthy smell to it but not unpleasant. Anything highly perfumed can irritate the skin on the face so I quite like the natural scent of this mask.

If you are an acne sufferer or suffer with excema or generally dry skin I would highly recommend this mask to you. It has boosted my confidence not having to worry as much about the appearance of my acne. Although this is not the cheapest product it is worth every penny and gets the job done exceptionally well. You can get it for yourself from Look Fantastic- here. 

What do you use to help your acne? I'd love to know in the comments below xx


Friday, 5 August 2016

July Beauty Favourites including Evolve Organic, Sleek, Hylamide & English Soap Co.

Hey there gorgeous!

July is over, but no fear because July was a month of beauty discoveries for me. I had such a great month finding little items to cheer myself up that I've managed to get myself a mini haul really, so let me tell you all about them!

Evolve Organic Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Polish.

I've not tried anything from Evolve before and the idea that I've been missing out all my life makes me sad. This brand is exceptional, not only is the packaging super chic but the products are incredible. When this pot of joy came through the post I was so intrigued I wanted to use it immediately, luckily I got a picture first! When you open the jar you are faced with the most beautiful summery scent that just makes me think of holidays and shimmery golden skin. When you use it, the polish become a rich creamy milk texture that smoothes skin beyond belief, my legs have never felt so smooth. A little goes a long way with this sugar scrub that I can see this pot lasting me a while. You can grab yourself a pot from Evolve Beauty- here.

The English Soap Company Luxury Guest Soaps.

When I saw these, I literally couldn't resist. At the end of the day they are little heart soaps. Now I know a lot of beauty bods out there that will say soap is not a beauty product but I disagree. I like nothing better than having beautifully scented, clean hands, especially when I'm going to bed. My acne does not need dirty hands all over it when I am sleeping thank you. These soaps not only look adorable but they smell incredibly, the scent fills my bathroom and makes me feel happy. I personally think these are too nice for guests and you should keep them all to yourself, my favourite scents are English Lavender and Jasmine & Sandalwood and their only £2.95 for 3. You can pick some up from the English Soap Co- here.

Hylamide Photography Foundation.

I will only be giving you a short intro here because I want to tell you everything about this product in another blog post, but let me say it is a miracle in a bottle. If you love a good selfie (and don't we all) you will love this product. It is specially formulated to look great in real life and incredible on camera. It's like a filter in a bottle. It has a colour correcter that evens skin tone and on camera enhances the look of shadows for definition, as well as a golden glow that gives you the vintage cinema screen look and it's oil free so it's great for anyone with acne. It comes in 3 shades, transparent (which I have), golden and dark. You can grab it from Look Fantastic- here.

Sleek Garden of Eden Eyeshadow Palette.

I am very much one for sticking to my usual shades of light browns, golds and dusty pinks but when I saw this palette I had to give it a go. The shades are incredible (my photography does not do them any justice). They literally pop from the palette. The 12 colours are all highly pigmented and compliment each other perfectly, you can create so many looks with this palette, it's endless. The colours are also perfect for any skin tone and the pigment shows up on all skin types. My favourite colours are tree of life, fauna, eve's kiss and gates of eden. With the mix of shades and shimmers and mattes this palette is perfect for day to night and summer to winter. It's a must have and you can get it at Superdrug-here.

So that's it guys, my favourites for July. What have you been loving or newly discovered this July? Let me know in the comments below! xx


Thursday, 4 August 2016

Beautiful Roses Delivered to Your Door from OK Bouquet

 Hello my Femme de Fleurs!

I have to say, I felt like the most special girl in the world this week. After a knock on my door I opened to an incredibly large box. Little did I know, it contained 12 of the most stunning roses I have ever seen.

I must have got my flower obsession from my mum who insisted on a bunch in the house all the time but never in my life have I seen a bouquet quite like this one. Filled with gypsophela and the most romantic blush pink avalanche roses, I was in heaven.

The rose heads are so large that I didn't have a vase that would fit them all, which now means I have two vases of these gorgeous roses in my living room.

When I received the parcel from OK Bouquet I assumed they would have cost hundreds, I mean this is a luxury bunch of flowers right? Well curiosity killed the cat so I looked on the website, one dozen avalanche roses for £35. This is mad.

They don't just have roses either, they create the most stunning bouquets with seasonal flowers and amazing complementing colours and textures. The flowers come so well packaged and safe, there is no way you will get anything from perfection.

I have already hinted at my other half that this is what I now expect for every occasion, if you want to do the same or just have a look and lust over them go over to OK Bouquet-here.

What's the most beautiful bunch of flowers you've ever had? And what's your favourite flower? Let me know in the comments below xx


Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Put your Best Face Forward with Seventeen This Summer

Hey Lovely!

I do hope you're already sunkissed and feeling vitamin D enriched! If you're not quite there yet then I have the perfect selection for you this Summer. Get ready for a LOT of pictures of some awesome new products from Seventeen. 

Seventeen is a brand I think a lot of us grew up with, but it's not just for the young us anymore. I have found in recent years that Seventeen is growing up with me and I don't ever cast it off. Everyone can use Seventeen, and everyone should.
I want to show you some incredible products that young or old you will love, because beautiful makeup doesn't have to cost the Earth!

The Lips:

During Summer, I find it so hard to stick to one shade. Sometimes I want a romantic pink blush, other times I want a bold lip that pops and just once in a while I want something dark and edgy! These colour cravings can all happen within the space of one holiday, nightmare. That is why I LOVE this lip palette! With a beautiful range of colours that will suit ALL of your moods, this palette is small enough to fly away with you and keep you looking up to date all holiday. The pigments and texture of the formula are amazing, they leave your lips feeling smooth not sticky and the colour really lasts. As well as colours, you get a beautiful pearlescent, shimmery gloss that works perfectly as a contour but there's more about that in the tips they include in the palette! 

If you're the matte kind of girl, and I feel you sister, then Seventeen has you catered for as well! This incredible lip crayon has an amazing pop of colour that can be built up for more oomph! Despite it's matte label, the formula is super hydrating and does not leave you with cracks or flakes. It's the perfect thing to take away with you to a festival or on holiday, this orange tone is so on trend and suits any skin tone. It's the one stop shop for Insta-ready lips!

The Face:

Getting your glow on, on holiday is pretty much compulsory. With the sun bouncing off your skin that shimmer will make you look like a mermaid goddess (who doesn't want that?) Luckily Seventeen's contour kit is packed with shimmer and shade (the 2016 salt n peppa?) This little kit packs a punch, the powder blends beautifully, lasts well and if you're a newbie, it comes with a full guide to contouring like Kim, if not better!

This is fantastic for on the go due to the built in mirror, which so many products lack now. And your little guide fits right inside the compact so you know what to put where even if you're stuck in the desert! 

The Brows:

Now then, they'll be no looking fleeky if your brows are out of line. We can't be having that now can we? This compact is the ultimate must have for anyone on the go or anyone who likes to travel light. There is literally everything you need in this kit (apart from the lady that threads your brows, she wouldn't fit in there). You have 2 different colour powders that suit pretty much everyone so your friends will love you when they inevitably forget theirs, as well as a brow bone highlighter to really sharpen the look and raise the brow AND a pencil for getting that real hair look. Oh, but how will you apply it and see properly when doing so? No worries, it's got a brush and mirror. Right?! It has a tips guide which is so on point, you basically have your own makeup artist in the cutest kit ever. It's not about wanting anymore, you need this!

All of these products are available right now at Boots-here. Every product is under £10 and is equally as good as any high end products. This stuff is mega.


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