Thursday, 11 August 2016

How To Fight Acne with Sebamed.

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Since getting acne at the age of 23 (not fair!!) My own skin has become my absolute nemesis. I am fighting on the daily to keep my pimples at bay and the blackheads away. There are so many products on the market that claim the world but with skin that is so sensitive you have to be really careful what you put on it for fear of creating a huge breakout! I then came across Sebamed. Sebamed is a ph balanced skincare range targeted at acne prone skin. For the sake of everyone's skin, I have tried 3 products from the range to see what Sebamed can do.

Clear Face Cleansing Bar

This soap free cleansing bar is used like you would use any ordinary cleanser but in a bar form. I find that due to it being in a bar it lasts a lot longer than ordinary cleansers. The scent is really fresh and clean and leaves your skin feeling purified and fresh. The cleansing bar is formulated for mild acne and combats acne causing bacteria with a PH of 5.5. It reduces excess sebum and contains vitamins, amino acids and lecithin to rebalance stressed skin and moistuise. I really like this cleanser and it's perfect for travel.

Clear Face Care Gel

This gel can do some amazing stuff. It contains no oils, perfumes or colourants and has a PH of 5.5 so it's really kind to skin. This gel will not only smoothe scaly skin using Allantoin but it increases the moisturising capacity of the skin thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid. What I found incredible about this gel is how it really helped to heal my acne cuts and made my skin far less irritated thanks to Panthenol and Aloe. 

Clear Face Deep Cleansing Facial Toner

This toner is an all in one product but has one very important effect for me. Firstly the toner contains alot of the ingredients above which helps healing lesions, removing excess oil and sebum, disinfects with alcohol, soothes and moisturises with cucumber. The one factor that really makes this my go to toner is the witch hazel that not only soothes the skin from irritation but it also contains an astringent effect that contracts pores to give them a smaller appearance. Awesome.

I love this skin care. It is so well developed and geared towards acne prone skin that I can trust it for daily use. If you have mild acne, dry flakey skin and over production of oil, this range is perfect for you. You can find the entire Sebamed Clear Face range at Feel Unique-here

What do you use to control your acne, I'd love to know what other products I should try. Let me know below xx


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