Tuesday, 9 August 2016

How To Have White Teeth, Without 'Teeth Whitening'

Aloha Folks,

Now, every since I quit smoking (gross I know) I have been obsessive about my teeth. If I was going to get one benefit out of quitting my favourite bad habit is was going to be a Hollywood smile. I'm going to give you my natural tips and tricks to have great teeth without the peroxide.

Initially, one month after quitting on Christmas my mum bought me an electric toothbrush. I'm pretty sure the last one we had was from 2002 so it wasn't great and I went back to manual but now they're mega. If you really want a clean teeth feeling I highly recommend an electric tooth brush. I've never looked back.

The next must is a good toothpaste, a great one is Oral-B pro expert and it comes with whitening properties. It's quite grainy but it really get's the job done. For any surface stains I would recommend a tooth powder, you can find some for cheap in all good drug stores.

The one thing I always struggled with was the stains in between my teeth. I could not shake them for the life of me and I ended up making my gums sore trying. Recently I came across this miracle in the form of tooth harps.

They're from DenTek and are amazing, they have a minty taste and a flouride whitening coating on the ribbon to get rid of the trickiest stains. These have literally been my life saver and I use them all the time now. The ribbon is super strong so won't snap between tight teeth and super smooth. They also make a great bathroom freshen up on the go. You can grab a pack of 75 at Boots-here.

As obvious as these tips seem they've helped me so much and have meant avoiding the hygienist for an oral attack! What are your top tips for pearly whites? Let me know below! xx



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