Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Seventeen Mega Matte Lipstick NEW RELEASE


I have to admit to you that today's blog has had me incredibly over excited for a while now. I love Seventeen, I love new releases and I love matte. So if you love all these things too (who doesn't?!) then you are in for a treat.

Introducing the new matte lipstick range from Seventeen, Mega Matte. This range is too cool! The range of colours is vast with 12 shades to choose from and there's a reason. They've already matched the perfect colours to your skin tone, amazing right? It's all well and fine swatching in the store but you never really know what suits until you get it home. Not this time around, choose your skin tone and then see what shades are made for you!

Now I am so pale I am almost transparent so I went with 2 of the fair shades and 1 medium/fair (for darker foundation days). When these came through the post I was really impressed with the quality of the packaging, the case is matte with gloss chevrons on it, so cute! It also has a strong satisfying click when you shut it (for those of you as ocd as me!)

The formula for these lipsticks is just spot on for me, they're not at all drying, they actually feel really soft and slide on your lips. It's a really creamy formula with such a great pigment for the price. My advice when using these (and any other liquid matte lipstick for that matter) is exfoliate your lips first so they make a smooth base. Always blot the excess and then reapply for more colour, this will keep the lipstick last longer and avoid bleeding.

Nude News...

This is such a great everyday colour, it is subtle and just completes a look perfectly. It's a great nude tone with a red/orange blush that gives a really healthy look. I love this shade, especially with a tan!

I Lilac it A Lot...

This is downright my new favourite shade of lipstick. I have to say I've never tried a lilac before and I wish I had sooner. It suits pale skin so well and gives off a subtle but edgy vibe. It doesn't wash you out like the bold darker shades but you still look awesome. The pastel lilac is so cute and it's my new unicorn lipstick!!

Pinking Out Loud...

This shade makes me so happy it's stupid, when I wear it I always end up checking myself out in the mirror. In the tube it looks like a really strong Barbie pink (which I'm not against, but I'm equally not brave) but when applied it tones down on the Barbie and again is a really nice pastel pink shade which you can build up to amp up your level of Barbie doll. I love this so much!

These lipsticks are seriously awesome and for the price you could buy the whole range!! If you wanted to of course :) You can get them from Boots-here for only £3.49 each!

What are your fave matte lipsticks? I wanna know!! xxx


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