Monday, 22 August 2016

Tweezers, What Are They All For?!

Hey Lovely,

I have to say, the journey to instabrows for me was a long and complex one. There is so much to plucking and shaping brows, that knowing what I know now I feel comfortable enough to tell you some advice.

Tweezers have been used since 3000 BC, which is great and all but what are they all for? Check out this infographic below for everything you need to know about tweezers, including what they're for and dispelling some of the plucking myths you may have heard! 

I really hope these facts have helped you figure out what you're doing when you take those tweezers to your face, for more information check out for some incredible tips and tricks on taming those brows!

What's your best brow tip? Let me know in the comments! xx


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