Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Plus Size Problems: Boobs, Breasticles & Fun Bags.

Good day to you.

As a lady a little on the larger side, I won't beat around it I'm chubby AF. I struggle with high street clothing rails on a regular basis. If you see a stylish plus size lady, man, is she a genius! It's a nightmare even thinking about shopping when you're bigger but there are some things that no matter how inclusive they may be, don't make sense to me about the plus size fashion world.

Today we're talking titties, ta ta's and tatty bojangles. We all have 'em, but controlling them is a totally different ball game. I myself am rocking a pair of DD's. Let me be straight, those bad boys are hefty. They go where they want and are not allowed in public unharnessed. 

So, having supplied you with plenty more information than you were hoping for; explain to me, how am I meant to wear this?!
Bearing in mind, that slinky bodysuit goes way past a size 22. I really do appreciate how inclusive the fashion scene is becoming but it would be wonderful if lingerie caught up. There is no way you can wear anything that would give you an ounce of support with that outfit. I mean gaffa tape sure but really?

Also, whether or not I want to wear it, would you really want to be seeing that?! Probably not. With boobs this size and an outfit like that, if I ran for a train I would get directly slapped in the face, numerous times with nipple imprints on my cheeks. I'm sure I'd look great!!

The problem I find is the inclusivity is almost too inclusive (I know, I'm never happy). What I'm saying is, clothes like this become fashionable and it seems like that is all you can bloody buy! I mean sure, for a night out this is a good look but for sitting at my desk opposite my 70 year old accounts lady I don't fully think it's appropriate.

Whether it be strapless, backless, spaghetti or super low cut, I don't feel like I could or should rock it.

The plus size market is still a minefield and I think it will continue for a good few years to come. If it's not super low cut and strappy outfits it's heavy lace, full cup, thick strap bra's that are essentially tit scaffolding.

When it comes to owning them, bigger isn't always better. Someone please invent a solution!!! xx


32 Thoughts everyone has when using Tinder…

Hey Lovely Face,

If you've ever used Tinder you may be well acquainted with the thoughts that run through your head as you less than enthusiastically swipe through old school friends and weirdo's in your local area, if not I may be able to enlighten you. Read on if you dare.

  1. So, it’s come to this.
  2. C’est la vie, let’s go man shopping.
  3. No
  4. No
  5. No
  6. Oh god no!
  7. Ooo puppy, but no.
  8. Seriously, is there something in the water round here?
  9. No
  10. Oh hello!
  11. Wait, doesn’t like cats? No.
  12. Okay, let’s change the search area. Maybe another 2km? Fuck it, let’s make it 37km.
  13. Am I willing to drive 37km? HA no. Meh, they’ll have to come to me.
  14. Topless pictures are not impressive.
  15. Eyes too close together.
  16. Which one are you?! I can’t be arsed to work this out, no.
  17. Oh here we go ***** he’s a lovely boy - mum. How original?!
  18. What would my mum say? Must like slipper socks and naps. About right.
  19. Oh great, another Dom with a leather laden photo looking for women to torture. NEXT!
  20. Nice smile, seems funny, nice cat! Hey baby!
  21. Please match, please match, please match!
  22. Screw you.
  23. Nope, nope, nope.
  24. No bio, ughh I hate that. I’ve never found mutes particularly attractive.
  25. People have weird faces.
  26. I’m hungry.
  27. Oooo someone super liked me! Oh, damn gurl super no.
  28. ‘NSA fun’ sounds like an insurance scheme.
  29. Casual fun however, sounds like a really slow water slide, where you’re holding a mojito.
  30. Picking my clothes up off a stranger's floor at 5am wrapped in the sheet of shame, sounds neither casual, nor fun.
  31. Practising satanist? Wonderful! Can’t wait for Christmas with you!
  32. Fuck this, I’m becoming celibate. If it’s good enough for the nuns.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Competition Time! 2.5K Celebration!

Hi Lovely!

It's time to celebrate here at HolleeDaze as we've hit 2500 followers on Twitter!! I have 10 MUA Cosmetics Nail Varnishes giveaway to one lucky winner! They're perfect for Spring 2017!!

The colours include: Pistachio Ice Cream, Lavender, Bold Blue, Amaretto Crush, Frozen Yoghurt, Ocean Blue, Posy, Sweet Peach, Whitewash and a Clear Top Coat I personally love the formulas of these nail varnishes and have included white and a top coat for perfect nail art!

In order to win the competition you MUST be a UK resident (sorry, if you're not!) and to enter you have to FOLLOW and RT the pinned tweet on my Twitter page here.

The winner will be picked at random and told via DM in 2 weeks from today (27/03/17).

Good luck everyone! xx


Friday, 10 March 2017

Weight Loss: The Illusive Epiphany

Hey Gurl,

Like many, I once again have found myself taking the first step onto a weight loss journey. Previous 'journeys' have been pretty short to say the least. I mean a few were probably equal to a journey on an escalator. Oops. Regardless I persevere.

Now I'm sure I'm not the only person who has sat watching 'Obese, a year to save my life' (or other such weight loss programme) with a bar of chocolate in one hand and a long list of excuses coming out of my mouth as the chocolate went in. It's so easy to make excuses; 'I can't afford a personal trainer', 'I don't have the time', 'Mmm, but chocolate?'. I do it all the time! I am a human excuse mill and trust me, I can get creative with them.

But! In every bloody programme these people always seem to have this 'turning point' some ethereal happening that turns their brain from fat brain to thin brain. That one thing that kicks them into gear and they 'never look back'. Does this epiphany actually exist?!

I've struggled with my weight from around 11 years old. Up until that point I was a healthy weight. My mum always made sure our diets were balanced and we ate healthily. Unfortunately spending more time at friends' houses, having sleepovers etc led to a change of taste somewhat.

I've been aware of my weight since that age. Which, is sad really. I've almost always hated my body, there's always been something not right and I've struggled with my weight since. Maybe though, I don't hate it enough? What makes that person click and not look back? I can't help but wonder if it's even a thing or whether hindsight has a part to play.

Currently I'm attempting to de-flab but only because it's probably best. There is no part of me that WANTS to choose an apple over a packet of crisps, it's more that I know I should. The only WANT I have is to be thinner, none of the in between. I don't think they'll ever be a part of me that feels more satisfied with a satsuma at the end of a working day over a bowl of chips. Does anyone?!

Losing weight in my opinion is a minefield. It's a corporate fuelled, overly complicated feat that can make you feel like you've failed before you've even begun. I can personally say giving up smoking is easier than losing weight. Weight loss comes with a mass of opinions and studies and products that leads us to either feel hopeless or simply confused.

I have faced a huge amount of challenges in the last few months which is one of the biggest reasons that I am trying to lose weight now. If I have faced them, why can't I face this? I'm not following any certain diet, simply limiting my calorie intake and by no means am I exercising. Going from sluggish junk food fiend to Olympic, clean eating athlete is far too much pressure in one go.

Essentially I'm consuming less, the weight is currently dropping off. In order for me to make sense of weight loss I've had to abandon the idea of 'sense' altogether. I'm not going to follow a complex diet of measurements and points. I'm not going to weigh myself (and haven't). I am my measure.

If we are to measure ourselves on others we will miss our own successes. If we throw ourselves into the lions den of over complicating weight loss, we will be eaten. Fuck it. Maybe I am my epiphany. We are our own epiphanies. It doesn't feel as sparkly as I expected but it is what is is.

After everything that has been thrown at me recently I have come to one realisation; I and only I am responsible for my happiness, my health, my choices, my failures and my successes. If I don't do it, no one is going to do it for me.

What do you think? xx


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Tinder trauma; Why hoes are ruining bros.


So this isn’t necessarily a story, more of an off hand rant at the sake of the ‘looser’ women among us. Having been single now for 5 or so months, I decided it may be time to dip my toe back into the cesspool of deceit that is ‘men’ (no, really, I’m totally over it.) So in all seriousness, I joined Tinder. Now if you are on the hunt for prince charming, I recommend dusting off those disney VHS tapes and doing your thing because honey, you will NOT find him here.

I can obviously only speak from my own female perspective and god only knows what it’s like for the testosteronies out there.
It’s a minefield of fuckboys, one after the other. Now, I am not arrogant, in the slightest but I get a good few matches (yeah, I was shocked too) but really in percentage terms you’ll maybe get 20% who will actually message. Out of that 20%, at least 70% of them are letting their penises loose with their phones to type all kinds of crass meanderings all willy nilly (see what I did there?).

I feel I need to give some examples to emphasize my point here. Please note I am not endorsing this behaviour and much of it made my skin crawl. “You look like a fun-ghi!”-me (given, worst line ever but if they can’t deal with that opener they can’t deal with me, in enters fuck boy) “Do you want to suck on my mushroom then?” Umm no, no I don’t. I might be naive but I was in no way opening up a conversation about your bellend, you’re making yourself prey to mycophiles with reference books. If your ‘mushroom’ is anything like your respect for women, I’ll leave it thanks, it’s clearly poisonous.

“I’ll pay you £5000 to have sex with a dog and let me watch”. 1. NO 2. A simple hello would have worked so much better 3. By the looks of your pictures, you’ve never seen that kind of money in your life.

“I’d like to see you bounce on my dick” and I’d like to see you alight, in a suit, made of paper.

I honestly don’t know if I am different to all other girls in the world but this doesn’t attract me. Nor does a dick pic, my god guys, your genitals are unattractive. Our genitals are unattractive. What you have in between your legs is not a Monet! It’s an ORGAN. I wouldn’t send you a picture of my lung, don’t send me one of your knob.

I feel like media portrayal of the 20 somethings of today (see: Geordie Shore, Jersey Shore, or any other brain cell damaging faux encapsulation of the young and beautiful) makes us all out to be sex mad, crotch picture snapping, ravaging animals. I know I’m not. Life isn’t an episode of Skins, thank Christ.

The minority of women will fuck it up for the rest of us. That’s how it works, they’ll be the girls that have no shame about their sexcapades, they’ll play up to the vulgar approaches of neanderthal men and send pictures of themselves and they’ll brag about the extent in which they're willing to push the limits of ‘vanilla’. I don’t want to be one of those girls, I’m not one of those girls. It seems like a lot of men are now programmed to think we’re all those girls.

At the end of the day, sex is sex, it’s happened since the beginning of time. Your nan did it (sorry, but she did). There’s nothing you can do that hasn’t been done. It doesn’t make you sexy or impressive, it makes you look like a bike. My withering hopes are that by continuing to act respectful of myself, one day I will find someone who is respectful to me.

Boys; would you say it to your mother?

Girls; would you want your mother to know?

Simply put, I’d rather be a #lady than #relatable.


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Since I've Been Gone. A little update.

Hey Beautiful!

Long time no see right? I know, I've been awful and the guilt has caught up with me! I am not one to normally write personal posts but i feel the last few months require a little explaining as a lot has gone on.

Let's start with what's changed; I am now happily single after a split in my 7 year relationship, I am now working full time within social media (so bear with me on new posts!), I am living alone and I finally have a diagnosis for my mental health!!

I will start with mental health, let's get that awkward subject out of the way. I have previously written about my mental health on the blog. I've found writing about it helps me make sense of it myself. Since I was 13 I have suffered with mental health issues and for 10 years it was put under the umbrella of 'depression'. About 5 years ago anxiety got thrown into the mix. I had been on all the tablets and seen counsellors etc etc. It wasn't until I was referred to CAMHS in October of last year that I spoke to one person and they immediately diagnosed me with BPD (borderline personality disorder) AKA emotionally unstable personality disorder. It sounds scarier than it is, don't worry!! Knowing that I have something specific has given me so much more hope, I feel a lot less lost and now have certain treatments to work on in order to handle life a bit better. I will never not have BPD but I now know that I can have a life separate from it, which is great. I was always very sceptical in regards to mental health treatment etc but I really do recommend taking any treatment offered because it may just give you your answer.

The split. I was with my ex from the age of 16, we'd grown up together. Whilst learning more about me and my mental disorder, it became apparent to me that we had grown apart. I was living with a roommate not a boyfriend. The break up was amicable and I think he felt the same but was scared to say it so as not to hurt me. At the moment I am glad it happened. At the time I was broken into a million tiny pieces. I'd never really had a breakup before and to split with someone you think you will be spending your dying days with takes so much strength I didn't know I had. I now live alone and had amazing support form my mum around that time, for which I will thank her for eternally. If you are going through something like this, all I can say is; you will cry and it will hurt and you think you will never be okay ever again. You will. One day you'll wake up and it won't hurt as much as yesterday. Give it time.

Living alone and working full time. The thought of living alone used to fill me with an irrational sense of dread. What if someone broke in? What is that noise in the middle of the night? It took some getting used to but now I strut round the place all 'Come at me bro!'. I honestly love living alone, the cats seem pretty happy too. You might be seeing a few more interior based blogs in the future! I am going to make my flat my very own Barbie dream house!! Obviously in order to afford rent in the south of England I had to get a job, so I did and I love where I work. I get to work on social media which I have a passion for and it's a real challenge and project for me. J'adore!

All in all it's been a tough few months but I've learnt that I can not only survive but thrive! Everything happens for a reason and I'm glad i went through all the pain to finally learn that I am a tough little cookie at the end of the day!

You may be seeing a little more of HolleeDaze from here on in :) xx

Monday, 6 March 2017

Fountain Energy Molecule Review

Hey my lethargic friend,

If you are anything like me you are tired all the time. You go to bed early and then can't sleep, so you go to bed late and find yourself yawning all day as well as hearing a few disgruntled "am I boring you?" To which you want to reply "yes." but alas, you are too tired. Sucks right?

Luckily, the wonderful, creative, crazy people at Fountain have created The Energy Molecule. PRAISE!

Fountain have created many a molecule and Energy is perfect for anyone as sleepy as us souls. This beautiful bottle of rich orange liquid gives you sustainable lasting energy. All you need is to take one 5ml teaspoon either direct or mixed in with water or your favourite juice. I drink mine with cold green tea and it's lovely as it's already orange flavour.

The technical bit. This liquid gold contains Creatine, Vitamin B12 and Hyaluronic Acid. The combination of these three ingredients created a catatonic energy boost WITHOUT the Caffeine! The energy that you get from taking this once daily is sustainable without crashes. It lasts all day without any harmful end of the day lows and headaches.

This product has helped me hugely, I feel like I can get through a day without even thinking of napping and I only drink coffee for enjoyment as opposed to necessity when I've taken this. I feel like I can concentrate better and I am far more productive with the nasty crash. This is fabulous for anyone who get's the 3 o'clock tiredness, it will for sure help you pull through the rest of the work day and still be able to enjoy the evening.

You can buy The Energy Molecule and the other products in The Molecule range from Cult Beauty-here.

What are your tips for an energy boost, and do you crash mid afternoon like me? Let me know below! xx

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