Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Plus Size Problems: Boobs, Breasticles & Fun Bags.

Good day to you.

As a lady a little on the larger side, I won't beat around it I'm chubby AF. I struggle with high street clothing rails on a regular basis. If you see a stylish plus size lady, man, is she a genius! It's a nightmare even thinking about shopping when you're bigger but there are some things that no matter how inclusive they may be, don't make sense to me about the plus size fashion world.

Today we're talking titties, ta ta's and tatty bojangles. We all have 'em, but controlling them is a totally different ball game. I myself am rocking a pair of DD's. Let me be straight, those bad boys are hefty. They go where they want and are not allowed in public unharnessed. 

So, having supplied you with plenty more information than you were hoping for; explain to me, how am I meant to wear this?!
Bearing in mind, that slinky bodysuit goes way past a size 22. I really do appreciate how inclusive the fashion scene is becoming but it would be wonderful if lingerie caught up. There is no way you can wear anything that would give you an ounce of support with that outfit. I mean gaffa tape sure but really?

Also, whether or not I want to wear it, would you really want to be seeing that?! Probably not. With boobs this size and an outfit like that, if I ran for a train I would get directly slapped in the face, numerous times with nipple imprints on my cheeks. I'm sure I'd look great!!

The problem I find is the inclusivity is almost too inclusive (I know, I'm never happy). What I'm saying is, clothes like this become fashionable and it seems like that is all you can bloody buy! I mean sure, for a night out this is a good look but for sitting at my desk opposite my 70 year old accounts lady I don't fully think it's appropriate.

Whether it be strapless, backless, spaghetti or super low cut, I don't feel like I could or should rock it.

The plus size market is still a minefield and I think it will continue for a good few years to come. If it's not super low cut and strappy outfits it's heavy lace, full cup, thick strap bra's that are essentially tit scaffolding.

When it comes to owning them, bigger isn't always better. Someone please invent a solution!!! xx


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