Tuesday, 20 June 2017

10 Reasons Living Alone Is Best.

Ciao Bella,

As some of you may or may not know since January this year I have lived alone. I'd never lived alone before, I moved out with my then boyfriend and prior to that I lived at home. Home sick at even the thought of being away a week.

At the time, knowing I was going to be alone, I was terrified. I didn't want to live alone but I had no choice. Now I've kind of realised, I wouldn't have it any other way. Here are 10 reasons why...

1. Decor.
I'm sure a lot of you guys out there will agree with me, our generation is BIG on decor. Be it from Tumblr, Pinterest, Youtube or other bloggers inspiring us, millennials are interiors obsessed. And honey, I am no different!
I never really got to have my space the way I wanted it, at home I had posters and pushed the limits and drew on my wall (sorry mum) but it was never like the bedrooms I'd dream of like on Nickelodeon! Then when I moved out, I was with someone so it was always shared decisions, for example I wasn't allowed pink! Bitch please!
When my ex did move out, I vowed to myself (and audibly to many others) that I wanted my home to look like the inside of a uterus, undeniable girly!! It's a work in progress but I have to say, thanks to fluffy pink pillows and sheepskins rugs, I'm certainly getting there!

2. You answer to no one!
Okay, your landlord, maybe at a push. And sometimes still your mum. But really, in the grand scheme of things you are in control. You're like Kevin in Home Alone and yes, you can have ice cream for breakfast!! There's no 'What shall we have for dinner?' or 'Do you need to pee before I go in the bath?' Right now, there is no one in my bath (I hope), I'll have what I want for dinner and if that's a salad or a pint of Ben and Jerry's it doesn't matter because it's up to me!

3. Judgement? What judgement?
Be honest, we all have those days where we wanna lay around in our pyjamas, or we snooze for longer than 15 minutes on a work day. There's no one telling you to 'Get up now'. Sometimes I wanna walk around my house smothered in fake tan, rocking a pore strip with a teeth whitening strip on. No longer am I confined to my tiny bathroom for such moments, instead I can frolick about dancing to taylor swift with a glass of wine in tow. Hello? Freedom much?!

4. Bedtime.
That one evening, every couple of weeks when you take the physical and mental effort to put on clean sheets. I don't think I've ever met anyone who enjoys doing it, but I've also never met anyone who doesn't like sliding into them when it's done. It's bliss, we all know it, it's a truth universally acknowledged. Clean sheets are life. Yet, somehow, some way, every time those clean sheets went on, you can bet your bottom dollar that someone (you know who) always slides in before you! At that point onwards, they become simply, sheets. When you live alone my friend, those sheets stay there, crisp and cool just ready for you to leap in and sprawl to your hearts content. My life has literally become a Lenor advert.

5. The snacks.
You know, the snacks? The one's we keep for the most desperate of times. The miniature saviours in our cupboards, our fridges. The one's that give us hope when Auntie Flo comes to call. Yeah, those. They're mine, and do you know what else? I don't have to hide them. They won't go missing, they won't be munched down under the pretence of 'what's mine is yours'. Ooooh no, they stay there and wait for me after a particularly hard day in the office. I plan when I eat them, I get all excited and indulge with my favourite programmes. Yes my friends, those snacks are staying put.

6. Visitors.
NO MORE MOTHER IN LAW! Ahem, sorry, but you get my gist.

7. Cleaning.
There are no gripes about mess anymore, nope, not one. Okay maybe sometimes, with me, in the mirror, questioning myself as to why I can't put things away when I'm done with them like my mum used to. Only sometimes though, I'm pretty well trained. One less person making mess is just one less person to moan about making a mess. How efficient?

8. Duvets, Sofas, Beds, Rooms, SPACE.
I don't have halves anymore, nuh uh, I have wholes. If I want to get into bed of an evening and roll myself up like a dead person in a rug, I can and will do so. I always get to lay on the couch, every room is my room, for my crap! No awkwardness or discomfort or feet on me (eughh). Just me, my couch and I. We've formed quite a bond.

9. Temperature.
For some such reason, hot people win. Always. Never have I been around a hot person when I was cold and won the war to put the heating on. Never. Hot people get windows and doors and fans and air con. Cold people get 'put your jumper/cardigan/coat/socks/wolf spirit fleece/blanket on'. If i'm cold, that heating is on because I pay the bill and one thing I will not be cheap about is being warm enough to be scantily clad in my home at all times. Seriously, ask my neighbours, poor folks.

10. You can be selfish.
Yes, I am an advocate for selfishness (when you're alone anyway). There aren't many opportunities and times in life where you, are your one and only. It ends when you are in a relationship or you have kids. There's always someone above you, or to compromise with but when you live alone you are queen. You do what you want, when you want and you bloody deserve to! Keeping a home, by yourself, in this day and age is a mammoth task. It's often not even viable. But if you are doing it, well done! Be selfish and enjoy this time!

Let me know what you love about living alone in the comments below! I'd love to hear your guilty pleasures! xx

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