Tuesday, 31 December 2013

I just received my GoSmile Smile Whitening system!

I have been so excited about receiving this cheeky package, I have read such awesome reviews about this stuff and I've wanted to whiten my teeth for so long but I found it such a grey area trying to find something that 1. works and 2. won't leave me in agonising pain! My teeth are sensitive already so I searched long and hard for a system that won't make them unbearably worse! I wanted to try home whitening first as I think the dentist is so expensive and if I can do it at home it saves the waiting room nerves and the smell of latex gloves (Yum!)

The Go Smile whitening system comes with 14 ampoules. It is a weeks course and you use 2 a day one in the morning, one in the evening after brushing and flossing. The packaging tells you exactly what to do and it says to avoid your gums to avoid sensitivity.

I tried my first one this morning and I have to say it is an odd experience, not bad, just odd. You flip the capsule so the cotton sponge end is showing, you then pop the capsule and the serum with dampen the sponge ready for application. You have to rub it on in a circular motion. 

How does it feel?

Weird. It's cold for a start (I sound like a child applying savlon!) once you get over the cold, which ends up being quite refreshing, it starts tingling! It feels like you're putting plumping lip gloss on your teeth. Once capsule has enough serum to cover all your teeth and (although I wouldn't have it for breakfast) it doesn't taste too bad, it's minty. Once applied I kept my mouth open for a couple of minutes so it dries, it goes a bit sticky but not unpleasant you just have to make sure you don't dribble!!

You can't eat or drink (or probably smoke etc) for 20 minutes after application and you don't have to rinse it which is handy, it slowly dissolved throughout the day.

After my first application I can actually see a hugely noticeable difference! Either this means my teeth were really gross or this stuff is awesome! (I hope it's the latter)

I'll keep you updated on how it goes and photograph the finished results but for now here's the box...


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