Sunday, 12 January 2014

My Everyday Look...

My everyday look tends to be quite understated. 40's, Zooey Deschanel-esque chic. I love winged eyeliner not over dramatic, not too much black. Just enough to accentuate my lashes. I like to have full lashes and I find that using non waterproof mascara is kinder on my eyes and gives more volume as it's less claggy. 

In terms of my skin, initially I will moisturise, then prime. From there I go to town! Applying my concealer usually under my eyes, in the crease of my nostrils and down my nose, then any imperfections (which on some days can take a while!)

We then contour! This is the fun bit, I use a very simple contouring technique which comprises of: highlight under eyes, along the length of my nose, my chin and my jaw line. I would do my forehead but due to my fringe I don't. Once your highlighting is complete we now contour with our bronzer. I work in a motion of 3, starting at my temples I run the brush in a 3 shape. So 1.Temples. 2. Dips of cheeks (after sucking them in like a fishy!) 3. Under the jaw line. Remember to blend!!!

I then use a pinky blush for the apples of my cheek for a cold bitten look.

Eyebrows next, using a powder and a sharp edged brush, fill those bad boys in! I find powder far easier you have more application control and more control when removing if a mistake is made.

On my lips I like to use something moisturising and often with a pop of colour. Like a clinique chubby stick. Or for ultra moisture use a lip primer then a high pigmented lipstick.

To finish off my makeup and so I don't have to worry I always finish with a setting spray.

With my hair I like my fringe to be full but to look a little "undone". I want to look pretty yet effortless, so I sweep it to the side slightly. Then for my signature "messy bun" I put my hair into a pony tail first and pull it out slightly so the hair is slightly fallen before putting it into its bun.

And voila my everyday look, perfectly teamed with a collared blouse, skater skirt, faux fur cape and ankle boots. Feel like a million dollars (because you are!)


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