Sunday, 24 May 2015

Food Faves: Ice Breakers Sours!!

Hey Guys,

Here is my first edition of food faves, in these blogs I will let you know of new food, sweets, drinks I have discovered of recent. Because, well why not?

So today's fave was courtesy of Tesco and they are Ice Breakers Sours. Now I am crazy about the taste of Watermelon so this was right up my street. I was unsure about Tangerine (orange sweets normally suck) but oh my lord, so yummy! I like the Apple too but it's my least favourite of the three.

If you haven't tried these bad boys before they are a hard candy, kind of like a mint. They aren't that sour (I don't think the US has the same threshold for sour things as we do in the UK) but they are PACKED full of flavour and make your mouth water. Kind of like the old thirst quenchers, remember those?

You get a very generous pack for your money, there's loads in there. Maybe because you only need one to satisfy a sweet tooth. I am sugar crazy (unfortunately) but these are super sweet and sugar free which is awesome and at only £1.50 from Tesco I think they're worth it. Normally American sweets cost loads so I think that's pretty reasonable.

Are there any food faves you've discovered lately? Comment below!

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