Sunday, 10 May 2015

InMyOpinion Fashion Forward or Fashion Flop? UK ASOS New In.

Hey Guys,

Me again, with a new little feature called Fashion Forward or Fashion Flop. All opinions are my own, based on my taste. All images are courtesy of ASOS.

Let's get started shall we?

1. I love this dip hem dress from Religion. I always like Religion's stuff as it is so easy to wear but at the same time it doesn't wear you! Also what a fabulous excuse to wear your favourite ankle boots in summertime. I think this could easily be dressed up with some statement accessories but also it's fab for looking cool/casual when you need something quick to throw on. This dress comes in at £65 which I think is a bit pricey but it's too nice to miss.

2. You will find this dress on ASOS under 'prom dress'. Don't let that put you off, I think this is a beautiful example of timeless summer occasion wear. This dress is perfect for all the summer weddings i'm sure you'll be attending. The floral print is non offensive and yet the monochrome striped trim gives this piece an edgy look. Paired with pumps or heels you'll be the belle of that summer garden party. Coming in at £75 I think is quite reasonable as i'm sure you could wear this for a good few summers yet.

3. I love this piece, it's cute, girly, elegant and not showing too much skin if your confidence isn't on point that day. I think this is such an easy wear to be paired with all your dainty little accessories. The fact that is block black is so useful and lends you the ability to add your own flare. Silver, gold, anything goes. I think this would be super cute paired with some pretty pumps and a chilled messy hairdo, perfect for those sunny pub afternoons or picnics in the park. Pricing at £45 I think this is a summer essential.


1. This part is going to make it seem like I am against jumpsuits, not in the slightest. The problem I have with pieces like this is the lack of shape. I think i'd feel like a bag of potatoes in this outfit (and the colour doesn't help that either). I definitely think you could make it wearable but for most small towns in the UK it's kind of out there and you'd need to have your confidence on to pull this bad boy off. I just don't think this outfit would make you feel good. I would say though the vertical stripes are slimming. Coming in at £45 it's not a cheap risk.

2. Now i don't have a problem with era fashions, but some things should be left in their decades. I really like the print of this as maybe a top but not this much! I think it would be hard to pair with makeup, accessories and I think it would end up wearing you. Also the ankle length is tricky, you would have to wear this with heels and personally I like to have a choice when it comes to these things. Coming in at £65, I wouldn't spend my hard earned cash on it.

3. This dress by Shakuhachi epitomises one of my pet peeves, well two actually one of them is organza. The issue I have with this, is that just because you're known as high end or edgy doesn't mean this passes as acceptable. If any high street shop put this piece out with such a terrible shape looking as if it had literally been screwn up and thrown at you from the 80's, they would get hell. The fabric isn't nice, the fit is awful and it's £170. No thank you sir, I'll pass.

So that's it! Volume 1 done and I hope I haven't offended anyone. Let me know what you think of these pieces. Let's get a discussion going. X


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