Thursday, 7 May 2015

Random Review! Jam Plus Wireless Speaker.

Hi Guys!

I am so sorry it has been so long since I spoke to you, I've been having technical issues that have meant it has been near on impossible to blog! Total nightmare, anyway I am back now and I gots a review for you!

I know that the Jam Plus speakers aren't new in the slightest but I ended up buying one because the speaker on my Iphone broke and it seemed like a really viable option. So I have had mine for a good few months now and it is SO CUTE. I had to get the one in metallic pink (I never said I was classy!) I've found it such a joy to use and a total life saver.

The biggest benefit of it in my opinion is the fantastic battery life. I mean this bad boy lasts me so long I get confused when it runs out of battery mid podcast! The charger is comes with is just a basic micro usb cable which is fabulous because everyone has a few of those knocking about or if you don't they are so cheap on Amazon.

Now I am by no means a techy person and I am always concerned that these kind of things will be so fiddly and confusing that I never end up using them. Hallelujah! This is so simple! There's a big on and off button at the bottom, the blue light flashes quickly when it is searching for a bluetooth connection. If you've already paired it will pair immediately, for me this is heaven. It's simple, easy and pretty much automatic. Also the range of bluetooth is something like 10 metres so you can take your phone round the house and leave your speaker in one room.

I have to be honest for the price I wasn't expecting much in sound quality or volume. Boy, was I surprised! They have clearly considered the clarity of the sound that this speaker produces because it is crisp. If you are someone like me who puts music on so loud it drowns things out then you will like this. I mean let's be fair it is not a sound system set for your sweet sixteen but if you're in a small room and want to rock out to some loud beats, this will not disappoint. Oh and did I mention it still plays when charging, there is no need for your personal party to end!

I will also mention these points if you like a more in depth look into things, I have personally found these features awesome too. It has an auxiliary port which for me is great because I am still repping the Ipod classic (no bluetooth). So I can still listen to my huge music collection that is stored on there. You can also have a stereo option, if you have two speakers. There is a switch on the bottom to do this, they pair together automatically so you only pair one thing to your device and the sound becomes really incredible when you go stereo.

I really don't have any negatives about this speaker, it has served me well so far and I've had way more enjoyment out of it that I expected when I bought it. Below is a link to where I bought mine.

Thanks for reading, comment below if you have one already! X

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