Saturday, 16 May 2015

When I Was Your Age...90's Kids!

Hey Guys!

I know loads of people do these posts but I think different people remember different things so it's fun to look at all of them, these are my memories of childhood. Comment what stuff you remember :)


This place was our Mecca, so many colours!!!

and these guys were our friends, our mums fought to get them in Toys R Us.

You would buy any magazine that had these in for free. They would never stay stuck and you would find them EVERYWHERE.

You felt like a giant wearing these and sounded like a donkey but it sucked when they eventually cracked.

You felt like an absolute legend when your teacher gave you one of these and you wore that bad boy with pride.

THIS is where you rented you're videos and got a cheeky packet of monster munch for the drive home.

It was a damn good day if you got one of these and the blue raspberry was the best flavour.

You wished you could climb inside your Mimi and the GooGoos fun park, alas, you could not.

As you got a bit older, you had to make your own lipgloss duhhh. Thanks Barbie.

This was the best piece of technology ever, instant photos? No more long waits for snappy snaps to call.

This movie was considered scary.

This was considered a planet, and no one argued about it.

and finally...
This didn't exist. Think about it.



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