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Youtubers Style: Then and Now ft. Myharto, Zoella, Tyler Oakley and SprinkleofGlitter.

Hey favourites,

I was having a little mooch about on Youtube and suddenly noticed how much all of our favourite Youtubers have changed in the last 6 years! It's really crazy so I thought I'd do a little post on it! These are a small few of my faves but if there is someone here you want to see in this feature, leave a comment :) x

Let's go!!!

1. Hannah Hart (MyHarto)

Author of My Drunk Kitchen, Hannah joined Youtube in 2009 and has had a special place in our Harts (get it?) ever since. Hannah has always had a unique style of her very own but since 2009 it has come a long way. Check this out...

Image courtesy of Pinterest

Here we have '09 Hannah, rocking her natural hair and a cute plaid shirt which ironically is so in right now. I believe Hannah now sports contact lenses swapping them for her thin frames. She was plain back in 2009, plain beautiful!

Image courtesy of Aceshowbiz

And now? Well platinum hair eat your Hart out (I'll stop). Hannah has really come into her own, awesome hair and I have to say I've never seen a woman rock a trouser suit better. She's so damn cool!!

2. Louise Pentland (SprinkleofGlitter)

We all love Louise, who doesn't? She came on our Youtube radar back in 2010. So a bit more recent but boy, has she changed in those 5 years. Not only did she become a baby mumma to the gorgeous Darcy but she has totally come into her own style wise. Let's have a look!

Image courtesy of Sprinkleofglitter

Back in 2010 Louise was rocking the look that I think we all were then. Hair bows, Icy eye makeup and Pearls (I think we can thank New Look for that one). Louise was a lot plainer then and not as daring as now but she has always been beautiful and a support of confidence for girls everywhere.

Image courtesy of Sprinkleofglitter

Oh my gosh, right? I had to include Darcy, she's too cute to leave out. So here we have the beauty that is Louise today. With her signature pink dip dye, which I personally adore. Cobalt maxi skirt and a fitted top. Louise is like ballerina chic. I have taken a lot of style inspiration from her. I think with a lot of the beauty bloggers their makeup improves over time due to working with it all the time. Louise you're our Elsa :) 

3. Tyler Oakley

Back to the states for this one. Tyler graced our screens in 2007 and we all said "woof!" Back in the day when he was only in college Tyler rose to fame but what rose more was his sense of style!

Image courtesy of Raannt

This is our Queen of hearts in 2007, pretty plain glasses and hair. Still a really good sense of style but again pretty plain and nowhere near how awesome he looks now. This transformation is huge, he's like a different person...

Image courtesy of Pinterest

YAY! There's our Tyler. What with the signature "Geek Chic" glasses and scraped back hair, this guy should inspire men everywhere. This is how you do it. Tyler today changes his hair all the time but is currently sporting platinum blonde which looks awesome. I love the fact that he stuck with glasses because they suit him so well. How can I forget the button down shirts? In all patterns and colours, Tyler rocks a short sleeve button down like no one else we know.

4. Zoe Sugg (Zoella)

Girlie screams bursting eardrums. Yes Zoella opened her account in 2007 after blogging for a long time we got to see her in video during a Primark haul and let me tell you, their profits have risen since!

Image courtesy of Zoella

Back in the day Zoe was incredibly experimental with her style. Her hairstyle changing all the time. A running theme with Zoe was almost that she had a little bit of Scene Girl running in her veins with her heavy fringes. Her makeup quite similar to Louise of the time, was often blue and icy but she changed that up quite regularly. She's always known how to dress, her style has just flourished. So now?

Image courtesy of Glamour Magazine
English rose! Zoe's style is so classic yet modern. She recently cut her hair to past shoulder length and she looks amazing. Her makeup looks are never too heavy or dark, I feel she epitomizes femininity. Her signature disco leggings and cute tops have taught us all how to dress up the simplest of staples. England's fave girl, she's done so well.

So that's it I suppose, what is your fave transformation? xx 


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