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Getting Rescue Cats: Tips from my own experience!!

Hi Guys,

So recently I have 2 new additions to the family (don't worry) as the title suggests, they are cats. Cute balls of fluff. We have one Maine Coon (the cat on the o2 advert) named Mika and one Turkish Angora named Ice.

Both of the cats are in full health and were sent to the rescue because their owner had personal difficulties and could no longer take care of them. She loved them very much! So since we have had our two 4 legged felines for exactly a fortnight today I thought I would share with you all my experience!!!

1. Make sure you have a room ready! Try and make sure the room is not too big other wise they won't feel secure and ensure it's a room that's not accessed often just to give them some space to settle in.

2. Ensure there are safe hiding places...We put the carriers we bought them home into the spare room so they had a little place to hide if it all felt too much.

3. Ask the rescue center for their blankets. Most places will give you the blankets they came with but if not ask for one, if the cats have the scent of something they are used to the experience won't be as daunting.

4. Don't panic! You need to remember that your new friends have no idea what's going on. Imagine being put in a box by strangers and taken to a new place, I doubt you would feel too comfortable. If they aren't cuddly or affectionate on the first day or sometimes week it is no reflection on how the cat's will be once they're settled.

5. Be patient! I cannot stress this enough, if they are hiding and they don't want to come out you need to allow that. Don't force yourselves onto them, if cats want affection they will come to you. They are not dogs!

6. Make sure they have everything they need. But don't be shocked if they don't use some of it for a while. They may not eat on their first day with you because they are still building trust and again may not want to come back. This is fine, they will not starve just don't force anything on them to cause them more stress.

7. Enjoy the experience!! You have your cats, that's fantastic! Don't waste the first few days in a state of worry, they will settle and they will be so funny when they do!!

So that is a list of some tips, now that my babies are settled their little quirks are starting to appear and they're adorable these are some of the funny things I have noticed already.

Ice: Ice is deaf but that does not in anyway stop her! She creeps over the windowsills thinking she is stealthy and silent, she isn't! She'll be knocking picture frames off and pushing chairs over but carries on as if she's a spy, it's hilarious. She dribbles so much when she is being stroked. If she doesn't think something should be on the table she will happily knock it off and at night time she sits up at the closed window and paws the window trying to catch the moths that land outside!!

Mika: She is a bit older so a little more chilled but she still has her fun! She is very possessive over toys, once she has finished playing with a toy she will lay on it so no one else can have it. Mika talks constantly you couldn't lose her for the amount she meows and she gets so confused when you meow back. She's a flirt, if you say hello and go to stroke her she will let you and then do a little roll over as if to say "I'm still here, love me!"

They're fab! I'm just going to list below things to be aware of when adopting...

1. It is not cheap. There are adoption fees, if you don't have a high income please do your calculations before you adopt any cat with ongoing medical issues. Even if they don't make sure you can afford the insurance or vet fees, it all adds up!

2. Make sure you adopt from somewhere reputable, some places can be dubious and if you have any concerns about the care or safety of an animal please contact the rspca or your countries equivalent.

3. Ask to see medical records. When I was researching cats I found out they can have their own version of HIV called FIV, you need to know their medical history prior so you can ensure you can fully take care of this cat.

4. Consider all other pets and children you may have. How will they feel? Are the children responsible and respectful towards animals? Will my new cat get on with dogs, children etc.

5. Consider where you live, do you require an indoor cat because you are on a busy road?

6. Expect a home check, during a home check they do not mind how tidy your home is (as long as it's not like an episode of hoarders next door). They are simply coming to see if the size of house is suitable, if it is clean and sanitary for a cat to live in and to ask you questions based on your experience with animals, how you will look after them, how much time you will have for them and so on.

Getting my cats is one of the best things that has ever happened to me and even in the first two weeks has enriched my life greatly. They both seem so happy and settled and I strive for their happiness daily.

I really hope these tips have helped some of you.

I adopted my cats from Strawberry Persians and Pedigree Rescue, if you would like more information on them or finding out ways to donate please click the link below....



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