Friday, 12 June 2015

InMyOpinion Fashion Forward or Fashion Flop? UK MISSGUIDED New In.

Hey Guys,

I'm back! After some technical difficulties I am back on track. Today's post is Volume 2 of Fashion Forward or Fashion Flop. Yaaay. I have been scouring MissGuided's new in this week and I have found some treasures and some tragedies.

So let's do this thang byotch!!!

Floppy flop flops...

1. Lime Green cycle shorts £12

I know right WTF. I am sorry if you own these but Owwhh Hell NO. I think these are totally unflattering, stupid, some kind of sick 80's throw back and pure wrong. I don't even know what you would wear this monstrosity with, hopefully a maxi dress!! NO GO.

2. Lace Bell sleeve Crop £12

Yeah okay don't get me wrong when I was 10 I thought Anastacia was cool, we all did. Regardless this garment should not be worn ever. This is a throw back to be thrown back, don't even get me started on the velvet bell bottoms this is twinned with. In the words of the lady herself, 'I'm outta love!'

3. I don't know what to call this but it's £15.

This is some Fresh Prince, Aunt Viv kinda shit. Just don't do it people. Tiger stripes: not classy, Cerise pink tiger stripes: hell fire!!! I could think of a million better ways to spend £15, I'm sure you can too. You know everyone on holiday say's "I don't care what these people think, I'm never going to see them again." I'd normally agree but no one should have to end their holiday because you brought on post traumatic stress disorder.

Forward, let's perk this post up!!

1. Dusty pink satin dress £35

With wedding season upon us, having an easy staple to pull out the wardrobe is a life saver. This is such a fab colour for any skin tone and so easily accessorized. Strappy heels, statement wedge, glitter clutch, clear clutch, so many options! And at £35 this is a steal!!!

2. Navy stripe skater dress £12

Hallelujah! A £12 missguided garment that won't cause anxiety attacks!! This is a super cute dress, perfect for chilled out days paired with plimsoles but also great as a beach cover up, rolled into you beach bag, shove this bad boy on a grab a cocktail, still looking effortlessly chic!

3. Tie Dye dress £25

I try and put something a bit "out there" in my forwards and I am all over tie dye at the moment (I know a lot of people aren't) I just think this dress has such cute colours and you could have so much fun accessorizing this bad boy. This again could also be good as a beach dress, especially if you are like me and you burn like a bacon frazzle. This is a bit on the pricey side for what it is but I do think it's cute.

There you have it! Let me know what you think! x


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