Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Beauty Advice to my Younger Self TAG!

Hey my lovely!

I haven't seen this done anywhere else so I thought it would be fun to create a tag game and revealed our funniest beauty flops, because trust me, we all have them!

1. Don't wear makeup if you don't have to! I wish that I have avoided foundation for as long as possible. Maybe my skin would be clearer now.

2. Remove your bloody makeup!! Obviously it's not good for your skin to leave you makeup on overnight, but it's also not good for your sheets!

3. Do not pluck your own eyebrows. Leave them alone!! They will take a long time to become overgrown and you will over pluck them and end up with uneven slithers of hair!
4. Do not dry shave your legs in a motor home with your best friend for the first time ever, using Bic disposable razors and then go swimming in the sea!!!! Okay, so this one is very accurate but do not dry shave your legs it burns, a lot. Trust me.

5. Do not bleach your own hair at 15. You won't do it right and you will need two packets or for your mum to be on call to get more hair dye!!

6. Don't fake tan without moisturising. You will end up looking as scaly as a Velociraptor and a kind of weird colour.

7. Calm it with the blusher. It's a nice colour in the packet, let's leave some there!

8. Do not pierce your own anything, even if your friends big sister did it and it was fine. Ice and a sewing needle is no way to go.

9. Don't bite your nails and the skin around it. Eventually they will invent a photo sharing platform which will bring shame upon your chewed up stumps. Damn Instagram.

10. If it doesn't want out accept that. Don't squeeze your spots, they will scar, you will then pick it, it will bleed uncontrollably. If you pick your spots, you will get chlamydia and die, just don't do it, okay?

So I have once again internationally embarrassed myself, the things I do to entertain you. I am going to tag TheLavenderBarn, I can't wait to find out hers!!  

Peace and Love xx

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