Thursday, 2 July 2015

Coming up!

Hey gorgeous!

I wanted to drop a quick post about some exciting things happening. First and foremost sorry for not being too active here but I have had quite a few emails with some quite exciting news.

Coming up in the next few weeks you can expect quite a few reviews, a new campaign and possibly a video. If you're getting Hollee withdrawal symptoms (this can happen! it's very normal) you can always find me on periscope doing my daily stuff (which is generally quite dull haha!) To find me on periscope just look for HolleeDaze.

I am looking to do some YouTube videos as you guys have helped me raise my confidence so comment below if you would like to see that, it would be nice if you popped over to my YouTube page and clicked subscribe to show your support too! Subscribe here!

The support and happiness this blog gives me is enormous so I am going to carry on trying to bring you the best posts possible.

Love you!


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