Monday, 27 July 2015

Crazy Expensive Beauty Products.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but by the looks of these products it could kill your bank balance! I am one of those people that believes the more expensive the item, the higher the quality. However, there is no way on Gods sweet earth would you catch me buying any of these items, no matter how rich I may one day be. I'll stick to my Imperial Leather £1 shower gel thanks!

ROJA perfume, 100ml £1250. Now I should probably have reminded you earlier to BREATHE. Let's also point out this is simply a liquid that smells nice.
H&H rose gold nail £82. Yes, one nail. Which does have to be attached using a glue. Glue?! glue?! I'd araldite that bastard on, ain't no £82 of mine will be falling off my nail in a taxi!!
Estee Lauder Renutriv Recreation face cream 50ml £630. Now, I have to be fair, this is the fanciest name I think I came across. Is a name worth £630, I think not.
BYREDO bal d'afrique bath oil £88. So if you don't know what a bath oil is, it is essentially a body wash. That price only gets you 250 ml as well, just saying.
Suqqu Face Brush £168. Don't get me wrong, I love my face but my face is not worth that much money. There was me thinking MAC brushes were dear.
I need to warn you now to not have a panic attack when I tell you the price of this, in fact go and get a paper bag to breathe into please. Creme de la mer moisturising face cream £1340. Look, I warned you. That is a fair amount of dosh for what is essentially a fragranced tub of grease.
Giorgio Armani tinted moisturiser 50 ml £145. It's not even a foundation!!! Oh dear lord.

Just in case I didn't shock you enough, I totted it all up. That's £3703 of your well earned money on 7 products and there's not even a bag included to carry it all in. Sigh.


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