Friday, 24 July 2015

Feeling All a Flutter with Kiss Lashes!

Ever get lash envy? I know I do, I am constantly on the hunt for good, believable falsies! So far I haven't done too well, from expensive high street lashes to shipping in from Japan! They always seem to look too plastic, too shiny and blunt. Like I've never found a set that blend in with my natural lashes they always seem to sit on top no matter how much mascara I apply.

I think summer is the best time to wear lashes, be it if you are a falsie virgin or a connoisseur of the lash summer means staying power! In winter your eyes water causing loose ends and it's dark so no one is really going to see your flirty fluttering peepers. Lashes just add that je ne sais qoui to your make up look, they can so easily be transformed from day to night, they can look dramatic or romantic you have so much choice!

So that brings me to Kiss. Kiss lashes started in the USA and now they have landed here! They are lashes like no others I have tried (and trust me I've tried a lot!) They're made with human hair, yep that's right just like your hair extensions! This makes them softer, less shiny and far more convincing. The best part about these lashes is that they have tapered ends (they go to a point) like your natural lashes do, most other lashes have blunt ends.

What does this mean for me? Well the joy of this technology is that with the tapered ends they blend so well into your natural lashes you wouldn't know they weren't use. They can be used with or without mascara and there are so many looks you can go for.

You could go fluttery and flirtatious with Posh or you could go super volume, glamour with Ritzy and if you're feeling subtle yet seriously sophisticated then you better grab Chic!

These lashes really are the perfect way to frame your eyes and complete your look. You've done us proud Kiss, don't stop doing you! xx

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