Tuesday, 14 July 2015

HolleeDaze LOVES Graze!!

I received my very first Graze box today and if you are anything like me you will understand this... It is so cute!!! I know that sounds silly but it really perked up my day, the box is super adorable with a big fig picture on the inside and the little boxes filled with amazing goodies are just awesome.

In my box I received Tutti Frutti which is a pouch with dried fruit containing pineapple, cherry raisins, blueberry cranberries and raisins (which to me is fabulous because I adore dried fruit!) I also got Bonnie Wee Oatbakes with a caramelised onion marmalade which is just so cute, Moroccan Harissa pitted beldi olives (I'm so happy I got Olives! I'm an olive nut) and the cutest of all a little Carrot Cake with an afternoon infusion Tea bag.
The tea and cake to me is adorable and the thought of during a hard day behind a screen knowing I have a special little cup of tea and cake to look forward to when I'm seriously lagging fills me with warm comfort and excitement!

In my next box I would love to try the Summer Berry Flapjack and Super Kale and Edamame (I love edamame beans!) Graze to do many snacks and I love the fact that they do Miso soups! They also do Breakfast and Kids boxes, so exciting!!!

I have to admit I was dubious abut Graze when they started because of the price but it's not a daily box (it can be if you have the money to do so). You can choose when you get them, you can choose what you get in them and you can choose where they post them!!

I think the breakfast box is a fabulous idea because a lot of us don't have time for breakfast before we run to the office, let's be honest having your eyebrows on fleek is definitely a priority over brekkie!

And the kids box, oh my lord. If I was a kid and I got one of these once a week as like a treat on a Friday I'd have been super happy and the fact that all the stuff is natural it's great. I think if you're a busy mum and you can order one of these you can send the kids off to school with a guilt free conscious knowing that they will be having a fun, filling lunch without you compromising on flavour, variety and ingredients.

You are busy working hard all day, what's £3.99 to give yourself a pick up in the day? Treat yourself!

To start brightening up your day with some delicious treats and snacks click here pssst! You get your first box free!


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