Sunday, 19 July 2015

I have a secret!!! My weird crushes!!!

So here it is! It's amazing what a blogger will tell you when they have writers block haha! Oh god don't judge me, I'm strange, I know!!!

1. Bill Nighy.

I'm starting with the most normal of the lot, so if you are concerned stop reading now! I adore Bill Nighy but people keep saying he's too old for me?!?! He is a suave, stylish human being and is my all time silver fox. I love him in The Best Marigold Hotel, Love Actually but I think most of all in The Boat That Rocked. SWOOOOON!

2. Tim Burton.

Next up of course is the master that is Tim Burton. I would love to tap into that mind of his and find out exactly how he is so creative. Director of my beloved Nightmare Before Christmas and many many more. He can be the Jack to my Sally any day!

3. Alan Rickman.

Last but certainly not last is Snape himself. I am deeply in love with this mans voice and too be frank I don't think I am the only one! As awesome as Harry Potter and Die Hard may be I fall for the sweet man in Snow Cake, a Film4 production that if you haven't already, you really must see!

I have written this so quickly that I make sure I go through with it! Leave your weird crushes in the comments so I don't feel so alone!!! xxx


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