Sunday, 12 July 2015

NIOD Photography Fluid. The primer no one wants you to know about!

Welcome to the future of primers. I had to tell you about this because it's selling out fast!

This primer is as technical as it looks and my lord does it pay off. The packaging is a matte black and the bottle is a brown glass pipette style bottle, it looks very pharmaceutical and scientific and I love it!

This product essentially claims to balance out uneven skin tone and blurs visible lines and wrinkles instantly!

These are very strong claims, unbelievable you may say, and I thought the same. Well guess what folks, we were both wrong.
Upon opening the bottle you will discover a thick serum-like liquid that has a pearlescent sheen to it, at first I thought this will never blend in! The directions state you can use this alone or underneath foundation so I tried both. 

The first time I used it just on my face I applied it to naked skin with my fingers (not recommended!) You have to be careful when applying this and do it in stages, it dries very quickly and then becomes cakey, therefore I would recommend using a little and blending until your face is covered.

Now I get dark under eye circles and I have uneven red skin tone underneath my nostrils. When I applied this, you literally would not have known. It seemed to balance all of that instantly as well as balancing redness around any spots I had, I was extremely impressed. It has a gold tone to it which seems to give you instant radiance and a real glow.

The second time I tried it I decided to apply foundation over, I used NARS sheer matte to see if it still looked radiant with a matte effect over it. It made my foundation look exceptional, not only did it stop me reapplying my foundation to get an even skin tone but my pores looked all but gone. It was like having an airbrush effect without the effort! 

The camera test? Well of course I had to try it. Due to the 'Nano-Prismatic Yellow-Red Hue Corrector' my face looked brighter, clearer and I wasn't questioning what post-selfie filter I would have to use. It is very slight in terms of other people knowing that you have something a lil extra on but the impact is insane. I really can understand why it is selling out so fast. 

The NIOD website has a lot more information in terms of the scientific side of things but I like to write to you guys in terms that I understand and I hope that I've given you a good insight! 

You can buy this primer HERE and I could not recommend it more, it is one of the best products I have tried in a LONG time.

This post includes press samples.


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