Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Sinivalia Skincare, the natural way.

This range is such a great alternative if you are leaning more towards a pure and natural skincare line. It is as effective as an chemical based product, here's my view on each product.

Rose Cleanser £10.99

I would definitely buy again. I think the packaging could do with a redesign and possibly be recyclable following the natural theme. If you like the smell of rose you will love this. It's really refreshing on your face and makes your skin feel really clean and refreshed. I would recommend you use the face oil afterwards for a real treat. I would buy again.

Face Oil £14.99

I received this item today and couldn't wait to crack it open. The packaging leaves a little to be desired and I think could do with a redesign but the oil is lovely. I used half a pipette which I think was too much and just sat on my skin. I dabbed the excess off with a towel and it made my skin feel super soft. I'm not a fan of the scent but to be honest I can get over that for how amazing it made my skin feel. I used this after the rose cleanser and I genuinely feel like I've been to the spa.

Aloe Vera Body Butter £10.99

This was a whole new experience for me. The smell leaves a lot to be desired. I understand it is natural but I do think some essential oil could be added to make it smell nice. The texture is almost gritty. It's not hard or anything but a bit lumpy. It melts extremely quickly so leave in a cool area. The packaging on this product was my favourite. When I used the product it is super hydrating and as I shaved yesterday my skin doesn't tend to agree with being moisturised and stings when applied but this didn't at all which I love!! I would recommend to my hard core natural friends because they can accept the scent. I think if the scent was altered I would buy again.

Bentonite Clay Mask £10.99

I've never used a powdered mask before and it is a little bit of a chore. If you're having a pamper evening and you want to do it properly then this is great but for a quick mask having to mix it is a bit of a pest. It applies nicely once you get the mixture right. It is quite drying (it being clay) but once you moisturise you feel really refreshed. I'm unsure if I would buy again due to the work involved. The packaging is my least favourite in the range.


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