Thursday, 23 July 2015

Uni 2015... My Top University Must Haves!

University is a time of discovery. It is also a time where you can buy whatever homewares you want and no one can question you about them! So I've been scouring FireBox for practical must have that your digs will thank you for!

Maybe you touched your genitals, anti-bacterial gel. Because you know, boys. Ewwww. £6.99.

The pub-nub. You will be drinking, you will most likely be cycling. So why not pimp your ride with a bottle opener on the handbars?! £14.99

You will have to make food for yourself, and fending for yourself is not easy. Let's make it easier by making panda sandwiches, you will be the envy of every sandwich connoisseur around! £12.99.

What?! As a grown-up I still have to clean my teeth everyday? Ughhh, you're ruining my life!! Tell your parents that you have Colgate and that you floss daily and just use this every morning. You will want to clean those nashers. Mmmm cupcakes £6.99.

We've all seen that KFC advert, those thieving bastards stealing from roomies for a gnarly bit of chicken. Well ain't nobody got time for that! People will think you're super mature and you wear sunscreen when you need it when really you're hiding your millions from everyone! You genius! £6.99.

Okay look it's time to buckle down, no really, get some bloody work done! Stay motivated by putting the crazy cat lady on your desk as a harsh reminder of what you will become if you fail!!! £14.99

It is universally known that in Uni people have sex. Lots of sex, simple as that. Keep one of these adorable STD's on your bed so even if you come back blind drunk you will remember to use protection. They cute on your bed but not swimming around near your junk! £8.99.

This is perfect for the passive aggressive side of you! People will initially think "wow, she bought art to brighten up the place." But you and I will both know this is a subtle reminder for them to sort their shit out! £39.99.

And last but not least, a guide book. Uni is a time for experimenting but hey no one needs regrets. Check this handy book before you're hands go-a-wandering. £7.99.

So there you have it! There are so many more awesome things to make your new digs your own at FireBox. Click here to see more!


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