Tuesday, 21 July 2015

When the YouTubers have to get normal jobs!!

It is weird to imagine that once upon a time being a YouTuber didn't exist, it wasn't a job and it wasn't paid. Imagine if that happened again... I did. I've worked out some careers our beloved YouTubers could take up if times got tough!!

1. Zoe Suggulents

Zoe loves succulents and her name just works too well for it to not be her next career move!

 2. Alfie Deyes-to-a-page Diary's.
Strange you may think, but if Alfie were to have a diary he might remember to learn how to drive!!

3. Louis Cole-Slaw
This will be a natural move for Louis, from food to fun when the YouTube dream ends he can brand his own Slaw.

4. Marcus' Carcus'
Controversial I know. But you have to admit it has a ring to it. Marcus will be done with the high life and will be dishing out pork cutlets in his very own butchers.

5. Tanya Burritos!
Tanya will decide to settle down with Jim and ensure a steady income from a fast food Burrito chain. She will add glamour to those spicy tortillas!

6. Louise's Tentland
A country girl at heart, Louise won't tire of the muddy life and instead embrace it with a tent superstore and her very own range!

I hope you had as much fun reading this as I did with making it. I have more ideas so keep an eye out!


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