Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Choccywoccydoodah. A Sweet Addiction!

This week I have been a very lucky girl! If it's not already fabulous receiving lovely beauty bits in the post I received this!

Two boxes of beautiful truffles from Choccywoccydoodah. If you haven't heard of these guys you may have been living under a rock, because what started as a small chocolatiers' shop within the Brighton Lanes has expanded into a luxury laden empire!! The Choccy's have their own TV show and have make bespoke cakes for the likes of Richard Branson, Whoopie Goldberg and Wesley Snipes!! 

They have not too long ago opened a shop in Carnaby Street in London. You must remember though that Brighton is the birth place of this eccentric, marvelous, indulgent manifesto of chocolate. 

There is something about choccy, be it people taking photographs of the windows, the huge effort that goes into every season or the lovely people who work there, you have a feeling of family. Mumma Christine looking over Dave and the gang and you really do feel like they have the best jobs in the world.   

The truffles I received thanks to the other Christine are so divine! I got them delivered before 11am and couldn't stop my self having one! I was sent the Marc de Champagne collection and the Cocktail Cabinet box too!

As the days in the South here have ended up rainy I couldn't help having some posh chocs. Especially boozy ones, this has started that festive feeling in my tummy already!! I think these are a fantastic edition to any girls night in or to be displayed at the end of a dinner party with coffee, best hostess ever!

The packaging is in true Choccy style and totally gorgeous with big bold stripes and their signature emblem, you know when you've been to this gorgeous little place. They each have their own little casings so look adorable on a plate and very Parisienne and you can tell they're handmade with their little chocolate swirls, just exceptional. I do have to say I have one problem with these chocolates (sorry Christine's!) They're too gorgeous, I opened the second layer on my Marc de Champagne box to see a pink, pearlescent little square of beauty. Too pretty to eat! But really, these chocolates are divine and I could not recommend this company to you anymore. Beautiful people, beautiful products, what more could a girl wish for? 


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