Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hand Chemistry Retin-Oil, Pure Liquid Brilliance!

Introducing Retin-Oil, this oil is quickly becoming my BFF. 

Retin-Oil is a body and face oil that claims to reduce wrinkles and pores. It is used for stretch marks and uneven skin tone as well as ageing dehydrated skin. It claims a lot I know.

First of all I want to discuss the packaging, follow the usual Hand Chemistry theme the packaging is clean and stylish as well as being simple to understand (I love this packaging). The bottle inside isn't huge, 100 ml to be precise but due to it being an oil it goes a really long way.

I have always had large pores and uneven skin tone but this has genuinely minimised those problems a lot. The burst capillaries around my nose are so much less red than they used to be which for me is amazing! 

I am also super pale so if I get the odd stretch mark (we all have 'em) they tend to come up really red against my skin tone which is just awful but having used this oil for a good few months now they have toned down quite dramatically, I think this stuff is better than Bio-oil for that actually.

If your skin is dry, like mine often is, it soaks in super quick and doesn't leave you feeling sticky. The smell is beautiful, it's got a slight citrus-floral scent which I really enjoy. 

It clears up dry skin really quickly and one application makes you feel 100% more hydrated. Hand Chemistry have actually made this product with the most effective Retinoid complex on the market without a prescription. It also includes Vitamin C which is key to helping collagen reproduction and improves the damage of sun induced ageing. 

Now being 22 I don't feel I have the experience to comment on the anti-ageing, wrinkle claims of this product but what I do know is it is well worth the money and I will be buying again once I run out!


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