Saturday, 8 August 2015

Subtle Ways To Introduce Cats Into Your Decor, Thanks To ModCloth!

Thanks to ModCloth, it is now even easier to fill your home with feline flair! I have found my favourite pieces and they ship to the UK (praise the cat gods!) Click here to see for yourself. It's a puurrfect example of a crazy cat woman's dream!!! 

Cat Mugs, Cat Measuring Cups, Cat Bum Magnets and Cat Wine Glass Charms. There is no way to avoid the beautiful kitchen cat-astrophe you will create!

Invite guests into your hairy home with this wonderful selection of coffee table books. Informative and evocative of your passions, let visitors indulge!

Make your life easier and far more comfortable with these little gems. A phone stand which is great for when you need two hands to give your feline friend attention. A cosy cushion for when you settle down and dream of the fun you and your cat will have tomorrow and a pussy bank, perfect for saving the pennies to buy Mr.Whiskerson more treaty weaty's!!

And if you didn't make your obsession clear enough to everyone around you, don your cat mask to greet the postman and slip into your sweater when people visit but don't ask how Fluffy is getting on!


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