Friday, 14 August 2015

Throw the Ultimate A-Level Celebration Party with NotOnTheHighstreet!!

A-levels are over! Woohoo, now it's time to throw an awesome "We Did It" girls night! You've been working hard for a long time and now you can really chill, so this is a selection of products from Not On The High Street to throw your ultimate girls night in party!

£7.50 Giant Balloons!

A celebration is not a celebration with out balloons. These picture perfect pastel balloons are ace for decorating you lounge and they are so instagram ready!

Frozen Cosmopolitans £7.99 for 2

Get in the summer mood with some cheeky frozen cocktails, everyone will love these and they're a classy yet fun way to start a party!

Cocktail Pastilles 12 for £16.95

Sweets or booze, hmmm tricky. Why bother deciding when Smith and Sinclair make both! Perfect for indulging on during a movie or as an alternative to drinks on a girls night. Surprise the ladies when they realise these have alcohol in them!!

Personalised Marshmallows £9.99

There is no better way to display all your college memories than to print them on yummy marshmallows, eat all your embarrassing moments. Shame can be delicious!

Shot jars £2.15 each

Get really messy when you get the shots out, these jars are super cute. They can be prepared in advance and given as party favours or you can keep them and take them off to uni with you, you'll be needing them!

I also recommend cracking out the ol' laptop and going through all the funny memories you and your girls made together. It's the end of an era ladies but let it go out in style.

Oh and by the way... congratulations! You did it! xxx 


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