Tuesday, 11 August 2015

What I See on Graphic T's (forever21)

All can be found at Forever21 (if this post doesn't put you off!)
Limited Edition T £15
"Yeah, right, that's why there were more than 20 in stock right?"

YOLO T £11.50

"You only live once, so buy better T-Shirts."

What I Love T £12

"I love T's without pretentious french writing and lists"

I Do Not Care T £7

"No, of course you don't care. You care so little that you bought a T-shirt about it."

I had to do this because I find Graphic T's so funny. They say things about the person wearing them. I just thought I'd put these opinionated bits of fabric in their place! 

disclaimer: I have nothing against Forever21, I quite like them. They just have a large range of graphic t's!

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