Wednesday, 23 September 2015

#makeitright with Three Rescue Festival Pack!!

Hey guys!
I wanted to give you a quick shout today about something that is a bit more lifestyle based but is relevant to ALL of us. Not long ago the lovely people at Three Mobile sent me a Festival Pack in the hopes that I could keep my phone safe and sound this festival season.

The pack was totally amazing so I do want to tell you what was inside! A huge bag arrived at my door and it felt like Christmas had come early, I used to work in the mobile phone industry so this kind of thing excites me far more than it should!

The #makeitright campaign is all about taking a stand against everything that sucks about the mobile phone industry. So Three have created their very own Three Rescue insurance which is fabulous because unlike a lot of other providers they pledge to protect existing phones and replace broken or missing handsets within 24 hours. We all know what a saving grace that is, I cannot tell you how many times I've broken my phone and waited weeks and weeks to get it back, I can't have that, my phone is my lifeline!!

As well as the insurance the #makeitright campaign includes loads of awesome stuff that Three have put together to make your mobile work to it's best. My faves include free 0800 calls, your Three phone is always unlocked and Feel at Home which means you can use your data in over 18 destinations. 

Pop over to Three Rescue or now to find out more and don't forget... when stuff sucks #makeitright :)


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