Thursday, 1 October 2015

From Couch to Couture with Cari's Closet!

Bonjour my lovely!

I am just home from a bit of shopping, when I say shopping I do not mean Oxford Street or Bluewater. I went to a garden center near where I live. Exciting I know. But they did have all of their Christmas decorations up, you may think it's too soon but it got me thinking soon it is party season and two months isn't really enough to save up for the dress of the year. So onto the internet I went and found an awesome website.

Now dress hire is really popular in the US but I haven't seen it too much in the UK until I came across Cari's Closet. They have beautiful couture dresses to hire out for a certain amount of days for a certain price and low and behold they have 11 pages to choose from. It's awesome, styles for any body shape and style.

I've already chosen my Christmas dress...

This is a beautiful Forever Unique Una dress in Mink and I love it. At £140 for 3 days you could look amazing without the extreme price tag. This dress will usually cost around £400 to buy and at half the price to borrow you also won't be brandished an outfit repeater!!

Not only does Cari's Closet rent dresses but they also have an awesome range of clothes for sale and they ship WORLDWIDE!!!

Check out Cari's Closet Instagram to grab some Autumn inspiration and buy the looks at


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