Saturday, 24 October 2015

Grow Gorgeous...Overnight to Gorgeous Hair Masque.

This is Grow Gorgeous. First and foremost I have to say this is one of my favourite hair care packages ever! The writing is in rose gold, the outer slip is like a raw cardboard it has a real luxury, organic vibe going for it which I am all for!

When it comes to my hair I need all the help I can get, from colouring it from a young age and going all the way through the colour wheel and back on it my hair is dry, damaged and split. Therefore I am super into hair care products so when I got sent this I was overjoyed.

I'd never used a hair masque overnight before but I can definitely see why you would, for a start you don't have to go out with greasy, sticky hair or you don't have to spend all day inside because you need to deep condition.

I was worried at first about the state I would get the bed and the sheets into with this on because I tend to burrow like a mole when I sleep!! I put a hand towel on the pillow and it turned out fine, not much came off onto the towel at all. I think my hair needed the hydration so didn't let any of the masque go.

When applying the masque I had to use quite a lot because my hair is long and very thick, I think I can probably get 4 full uses out of this bottle. You have to completely saturate your hair with it so that took quite a long time but the consistency was unlike usual conditioner, it was silky as opposed to sticky and the scent was amazing. 

After looking at the website I realised the scent is there to help you drift off to sleep with the aroma notes of mountain woods. All I can say is it smelt luxurious and expensive, no false fruity fragrances here.

Washing it off the next day was quite tricky but that's because I only have a bath, I'm sure it's easier if you have a shower. So after some very hot water and a lot of rinsing I got it all out and styled my hair as usual. My ends looked less split and my fly-aways were tamed.

 When I blow-dried it, it came out sleek not frizzy. I think I still had some residue left in there because my hair felt slightly heavy but that came out with my next wash. I highly recommend this for anyone with damaged or dry hair. It left mine feeling so hydrated and sleek. I love it so much! To buy it direct from Grow Gorgeous click here! xx


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