Thursday, 19 November 2015

Blueberry Sports, protein made with love!

Hey guys,

A bit of a different post today but awesome none the less. I was approached recently by a lovely company called blueberry sports who asked me to review their new protein range. Considering I'm awful at eating regularly I do tend to replace meals with protein shakes so I thought this would be a great opportunity to tell you fabulous people about it. After all strong is the new skinny. 

So they sent me all 3 flavours; chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. Pretty simple flavours but I prefer distinctive flavours over say 'apple cinnamon swirl' where really you have no idea what it will taste like until it arrives. 

The shakes are packaged in their own little individual bottles and all you have to do is add water to the marked line (I suppose you can use milk too. I tried both). The fact that they're in their own bottles is so useful if you're on the go. You can pop one in your gym bag and it takes up no space or weight at all. Awesome.

The flavour and consistency of the shakes is lush. So yummy and creamy and that's with water. For me I put a little less water in because I like it thicker but that's all preference. The only one downfall I would say is that sometimes you can't get all the powder from the bottom of the bottle but that can be easily rectified with a straw. 

The nutritional side of these shakes make for really interesting reading. The formula is almost perfect in my opinion. They are low carb but they contain more protein than your average 'just add water' shake. The calories correlate with the protein so a little higher than most but the benefit of higher protein is well worth a raise in calories. 

I would highly recommend these to all my gym buds. I love them. If you are a meal skipper like me you will massively benefit from these as well. I couldn't rate them any higher. They're yummy, handy and awesome nutritionally. No wonder Amy Childs in an ambassador. 

You can get a pack of 12 for £24.99 or buy individually at £2.49 each. Follow the link to buy and check out their other great products! Buy here!

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