Thursday, 21 January 2016

How to REALLY get Kylie Jenner lips with Juvederm.

Hello Lovely!!

Wondering how KJ did it? Sick of over lining your lips to end up still disappointed? That was me to!

Recently I was extremely lucky to be presented with an opportunity I couldn't turn down. Lip fillers. Now this isn't something I've ever thought about before but after the Kylie Jenner phenomenon, I just had to see what all the fuss was about. 

Luckily I was invited to the beautiful Epsom Skin Clinics to give it a try. I must say I was so nervous, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. 

As with all terrifying situations I left wondering what all the fuss was about. It was a breeze. If anything kind of relaxing.  I've had a load of piercings and stuff before but the idea of injections floored me. So let me tell you exactly how it goes. 

I went up to the waiting room after getting to the clinic and was presented with an array of hot drinks and pastries (thanks Epsom Skin Clinics!) Unfortunately what with my stomach doing cartwheels and the fear of 'pastry face' I just had a drink. Someone came out about ten minutes before my appointment and took my makeup off around my mouth area and then applied numbing cream!! Yes numbing cream (piercing people take note), just like the magic cream they gave you as a kid. The relief rushed over me like a wave as I slowly stopped feeling my lips! Soon enough my lips had gone completely numb and I went in. 

It was a lovely room with a really calming atmosphere and the doctor asked what I was looking for. Lips only I asked and not huge, I would like them fuller and more defined. Luckily I think he'd heard this sentence before and assured me it could be done. He started off my measured my lips. Apparently they already had rather good proportions. Then began the injections. Now I recommend closing your eyes at this point, I didn't and I don't like needles. So with eyes closed he began. It was the weirdest feeling, first and foremost I felt no pain. It was like someone was playing with my lips really. Which is weird.

So he started on the top and I had two injections on the lip line of my top lip. Then the same on the bottom on the same side. After that he popped one into my top lip vertical from my Cupid's bow but more almost on the inside on off the lip for fullness. He then did the same on the bottom and put a little in the corner of my mouth to give my lips more of an upturn. I thanked him for this on account of my bitchy resting face. After he did the right side he did the exact same thing on the left. He then ran some from the tip of my Cupid's bow up the line that joins to your nose. He did this on both lines. Now this was the bit that was a little sore. I think this was only because they didn't numb to my nose. So the higher the needle went the more I could feel it. It was a little uncomfortable but nothing to write home about. 

After a quick clean with an alcohol wipe he was done. I was shocked. It didn't take anymore than ten minutes and the results were instant and amazing. I was so happy with the way my lips looked!!

After it was done it was a little tender and I drank a coffee through a straw before heading home. After around and hour and a half the numbing wore off and I could feel my face again. But again it didn't hurt very much. Day two was when it became really quite sore. I drank through a straw took some pain killers and by day three I was back to normal. 

Although it was something I never considered before I would definitely have it again. It's hardly invasive and the results speak for themselves. 

Just for information in case any of you wanted to try it, I went to the Epsom Skin Clinic and had Juvederm fillers. For anti-aging they also use the Vycross range which is made up of Volbella, Voluma, and Volift. 

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