Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Don't Cast It Off. Sports Direct Edition.

Hi Guys,

Now I don't know about you but I search to the ends of the internet to find awesome fashion pieces and if I can get them at a low price then all the better. I've decided to share with you some weird places you've probably never thought to look for fashion but can really pay off.

This edition is Sports Direct. I can't exactly say the clue is in the name here because it really isn't. Although despite what the name says Sports Direct can offer some awesome clothes, shoes and accessories that you often don't sell anywhere else. Let's call it a diamond in the rough! So here are my picks.

Sunglasses SoulCal £4.00, Kardashian Necklace £3.99, Fur snood SoulCal £9.99, Jumpsuit Rocks and Rags £13.00.

Tartan Coat Firetrap £30.00, Shift Dress Firetrap £7.49, Pleat Skirt First and I £11.00, Pencil Skirt Lipsy £18.00, White Fur Coat SoulCal £35.00.

Sunglasses Rock and Rags £4.00, NY Tee Rock and Rags £14.99, Depresso Tee David and Goliath £9.00, Triple Bangle USC £2.50.

Everything on there is literally a steal and  was so shocked at how much nice stuff they had. I doubt many people see Sports Direct as the fashion capital of the high street but lookout TopShop you've got some stiff competition.

After seeing this, would you buy from Sports Direct? What's you're favourite pick? xx

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