Wednesday, 10 February 2016

How to have the BEST Valentine's Day ALONE!

Hey Beautiful,

So Valentine's Day is fast approaching and some of you are single. No big deal. Trust me, it's okay. Now I want to point this out as a disclaimer before we begin. I am not single, I'm in a very happy relationship but, I have had my fair share of lonely nights in and to be honest I don't see much difference.

So, yes, it's Valentines Day. Love is all around but you are the loneliest pickle left in the jar. So let's not get sucked into a ball of couple hating misery let's love ourselves (not in that way, unless you deem it appropriate). Now Valentine's Day is on a Sunday this year so there's more time to think therefore you need to keep busy. I recommend taking yourself on a nice shopping trip to buy all the essentials you will need for tonight.

What we are aiming for is the ultimate evening of relaxation and bliss, the plan is a bath, then snuggled up on the couch with a movie. But with a bit of a luxurious twist.

The first thing I recommend you do is tidy up. You want to be able to relax in a tidy cosy surrounding so if you've been a mucky pup then clear up, if not skip this step and pat yourself on the back.

So the place is tidy great, now have a bath! You want to have a bath for relaxation not for cleanliness as such so avoid the razor! Don't get into shaving your legs and being all practical just chill. Take your makeup off first and get your cleanest cosiest pj's prepared for when you get out. Put on an awesome Spotify playlist that makes you feel good, not all mopey. Run a hot bath, now I would say you want either a bath bomb or some bath oils or bubble bath. If you're super lonely and fragile do all three.

For your bath and PJ's I recommend...

Bath time is over, get dry and throw on your PJ's and don't forget the slippers, maybe a dressing gown. It's your night so do it your way.

Next we want to prepare for our evening so to the kitchen! I think it's always super nice when you're chilling and watching a movie to have all your favourite snacks around you but instead of cooking, why not make yourself a personal afternoon tea. Sounds a bit much but it's super easy. Go to somewhere like M&S and grab some nice sandwiches that you can cut into fingers, some yummy cupcakes, some scones, maybe even some macaroons. It's up to you. Present them nicely, I know it's only you eating them but when the prep is done and you're cosied up you will enjoy it and hey, whatever makes a good instagram pic right? I also recommend making a pot of tea, this way you don't have to keep getting up and tea's nicer when it's done properly.

Now to the living room, bunch together some of your favourite candles and light them. Make the room really cosy, low lights, candles flickering and a blanket. A blanket is a must have!

For candles try these...

Time to choose your movie, at this point avoid the rom-coms they'll make you feel worse instead watch a Disney film or some kind of comedy. Or failing that put on your favourite box set.

So there we are we're in our PJ's with a side table full of our favourite foods, sniggled under a blanket to candle light watching the Lion King. Literally what could be better?

I think sometimes you should really make evenings alone an occasion, I love spending time alone now and I make it an event because it happens so little. If you were in a relationship you'd make a ton of effort for your loved one, so why not do it for yourself and plus it's always better when it's done by you because you know exactly how you like things.

Happy Valentines my friends. Enjoy it!


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